This Town Is Proudly Known as the ‘Bourbon Capital of the World`

Any American town or city has a claim to fame, regardless of where your travels take you. Every town has something unique to offer, whether it be in terms of cuisine, climate, wildlife, or history. The title of “Bourbon Capital of the World” is still proudly held by just one municipality.

Come explore Bardstown, Kentucky, the “Bourbon Capital of the World” with us if you enjoy travel and bourbon.

What is the “Bourbon Capital of the World?”

Barrington, Kentucky, is situated in Nelson County and is roughly one hour west of Lexington. It was founded in 1780 and now has a population of slightly less than 50,000. One of Kentucky’s oldest cities, Bardstown was settled by people coming west of the Appalachian Mountains following the Revolution. Today, Bardstown is a popular destination for tourists because of its bourbon, history, and small-town charm.

Kentucky has a lot of well-known festivals all year long, but many people appreciate the bourbon-related festivities that are held in Bardstown. The most well-known is the six-day September Kentucky Bourbon Festival, which takes place every year.

Why is Bardstown, KY the “Bourbon Capital of the World?”

For a long while, Bardstown, Kentucky, had more distilleries per resident than any other Kentucky city.It’s true that a large number of the distilleries that are still in operation today began in Bardstown before power or water were made available. Located in the center of Bardstown are some of the most well-known distilleries in the world today: Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill, Barton 1792, and Bardstown Bourbon Co. These dominant distilleries’ success contributed to Bardstown’s national recognition. Bardstown, Kentucky, has become a major player in the bourbon industry as a result of their success.

Currently, Bardstown offers visitors eleven distillery experiences, which is the highest number of distilleries in a Kentucky town. An important point of interest on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are the distilleries in Bardstown. Visitors swarm to Kentucky in order to sample and enjoy some of the world’s best bourbons. “Bardstown is where bourbon comes from,” locals are delighted to say.

Is Bardstown, KY, worth visiting?

You should definitely visit Bardstown, Kentucky, even if you’re not a bourbon enthusiast. In addition to being a popular destination for bourbon lovers, Bardstown draws tourists who appreciate small-town charm, local culture, and a historically significant downtown. It was named the “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” by USA Today.

Throughout your vacation, you can tour the many museums, art galleries, and charming boutiques in Bardstown. For those who enjoy exploring the culinary scene in search of the ideal bite, there is also a thriving scene. The next time you’re making travel plans, stop into Bardstown to sample some excellent bourbon and have some easy, family-friendly fun.