This Country Has the World’s Worst Air Pollution

Air pollution is a global issue that should be taken seriously. The environment may be deeply impacted by the effects of poor air quality. For instance, when air pollution becomes severe in Beijing, people wear masks. Even when governments begin to combat the effects of climate change, more work needs to be done by some of them. The nations with the worst air pollution are dispersed throughout the globe. Bangladesh has the worst air pollution in the entire globe. Let’s examine this nation, which has the worst air pollution in the world. We will discuss the causes of the poor air quality, the consequences of the poor air quality, and Bangladesh’s efforts to combat the issue.

Regarding Bangladesh

With 170 million citizens, Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, is the seventh most populous in the world. Bangladesh had been a part of India during the British Raj, but after India gained independence in 1947, there was a partition and Bangladesh was added to Pakistan. Bangladesh eventually gained its independence in 1971. In all of South Asia, the nation’s economy is the second largest. It also boasts the world’s largest mangrove forest, yet the nation still faces a number of issues that need to be resolved, such as political corruption, population growth, severe air pollution, and climate vulnerability.

Worst Air Pollution in the World

Bangladesh has the worst air pollution in the world for a number of reasons. There are an incredible number of vehicles in the country, including cars, buses, lorries, and motorcycles, as a result of the overcrowding that has been an issue. The air is contaminated by the vehicles’ harmful emissions. The fact that industries burn fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil so frequently, which has a negative impact on the environment, is another reason for their guilt.

Effects of Bad Air

People as well as the environment are impacted by poor air quality. The life expectancy of Bangladeshi people is said to have decreased by seven years due to the poor air quality. The level of poor air quality is many times higher than what the WHO considers safe for human health. The fact that there are only 5.3 doctors for per 10,000 people in their terribly underfunded healthcare system does not help either. With 24 deaths for every 1,000 live births, infant and child mortality rates are quite high. Other than heart attacks and strokes, respiratory illnesses are the main causes of death in Bangladesh.

Fighting Air Pollution

The administration of Bangladesh is aware of how seriously polluted the country’s air is. They were an original member of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition because of this. They have been using green technologies to reduce their air pollution for more than ten years. The government wants to make sure that, compared to the past, the future appears more ecologically friendly and green.

In summary

That’s right, Bangladesh has the worst air pollution in the entire globe. The results have been disastrous. Their terrible health care system, which exacerbates the deaths, doesn’t help either. Pollution has a negative impact on people’s health and the environment. To guarantee that people’s health is improved generally, the government of Bangladesh and the major corporations operating there must fight poor air quality.