These Are the Strangest Roadside Attractions in America

Seeing unusual roadside sites is the nicest part of any road trip, aside from spending time with loved ones! It’s all about the voyage rather than the final destination. Occasionally, while traversing through a state, an odd billboard, sign, or statue can catch your eye enough to cause you to raise an eyebrow and stop for further explanation. Here are a few of those items! Find out where to find some of the most bizarre roadside attractions in America by reading on.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs

Envision driving by towering dinosaur statues as they approach! In Cabazon, California, there is a roadside attraction called the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Before, they were referred to as Claude Bell’s Dinosaurs.

This unusual roadside attraction was designed by Claude K. Bell with the intention of drawing attention to his Wheel Inn restaurant, which was operating in the vicinity. In 1964, he began sculpting Mr. Rex and Dinny the Dinosaur, two enormous dinosaurs. Decades passed. In 1975, Dinny the Dinosaur was finished. The height of the first dinosaur is 150 feet. Not long after finishing the first dinosaur, Claude started building Mr. Rex, a 65-foot T-rex. Before he could complete this vision, Claude died in 1988. He had intended to construct more sculptures and even turn the property into an amusement park.

Herkimer, the World’s Largest Beetle

Would you like to witness the biggest bug in the world? The World’s Largest Beetle, Herkimer, is located in Colorado’s Rock Creek Park. It was refurbished in the spring of 2022 and is a fun place to stop while travelling through the Southwest.

What is the history of this enormous bug, then? In front of the John May Museum Centre, a bug museum featuring over 7,000 insects, is the World’s Largest Beetle Statue. Dynastes Hercules, one of the biggest beetles in the world, is modelled after the beetle statue. Remarkably, this statue was formerly a part of the travelling May Tropical Exhibition, despite having been in Rock Creek Park since the 1950s.

Old Salem Coffee Pot

The Old Salem Coffee Pot in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is the next oddball roadside item on our list of the most bizarre in America. Another name for it is the Mickey Coffee Pot. The history of this unusual building spans more than 150 years.

This big coffee pot was made of tin by Julius and Samuel Mickey in 1858. It was a way for them to advertise their tin shop. It’s interesting to note, though, that because to its risk and 1920 automobile damage, this massive advertisement was almost taken down from its location.

It’s a really impressive pot. It is roughly seven feet and three inches tall. It is 740 gallons in volume.

Lenny, The Chocolate Moose

Who wouldn’t want to see a realistic chocolate moose? Lenny, The Chocolate Moose is a must-see roadside attraction for certain individuals. It is housed inside the Len Libby confectionery store and is situated in Maine. You should put this on your list if you want to view the only life-size chocolate moose, even though you won’t be able to see it while driving.

In the confectionery business, an astounding 1,700 pounds of the best milk chocolate were used to carefully shape it. It was finished in four weeks. You must enter the confectionery store during its opening hours in order to see this exquisite and distinctive sculpture. Standing in a pool of white chocolate with a blue tint is Lenny, The Chocolate Moose.

Jolly Green Giant

Next on our list of the most bizarre roadside sights in the United States is the enormous Jolly Green Giant statue located in Minnesota. This is a big, colourful statue that you have to truly enjoy green peas to want to see. It’s in the park known as Green Giant Statue.

The statue of the jolly green giant is 55.5 feet tall. There is a play area, gift shop, and educational canning company museum within Green Giant State Park.

Cadillac Ranch

Who hasn’t heard about Amarillo, Texas’s bizarre and perplexing Cadillac Ranch? It’s difficult to ignore this stunning art installation. It’s strange to find this art work in the middle of a tranquil field, especially if you’re on a long road trip and aren’t expecting it.

This artwork was made in 1974 by Doug Michels, Hudson Marquez, and Chip Lord. Ten Cadillacs from different years are buried nose-first in the earth. They face the same direction as the Giza pyramids and are embellished with vivid patterns and colours.

Abita Mystery House

A buried treasure in Abita Springs, Louisiana, is the Abita Mystery House. It’s a quirky roadside attraction full of personality and charm. There are thousands of items in the Abita Mystery House. Gazing at the relics, which include the House of Shards and Darrel the Dogigator, might occupy hours in this place. The state’s oddest museum is this one. If you are unable to visit this unusual mystery house, you can begin your virtual tour at the museum’s retro petrol station entrance.

World’s Largest Pistachio

You may have observed that big monuments and record-breaking items like the World’s Largest Pistachio are among the oddest roadside attractions found in the United States. New Mexico is home to the World’s Largest Pistachio. This statue has a lot of significance despite its ridiculous appearance. This pistachio symbolises a father’s affection and respect given by a loving son. Tim McGinn erected this unusual monument in remembrance of his father, Tom McGinn. Built as recently as 2007, it has appeared in numerous books, movies, and other media.

Grotto of the Redemption

Do you know anything about the Grotto of the Redemption? Photographs really don’t do this unusual side trip justice. In West Bend, Iowa, there is a man-made grotto called the Grotto of the Redemption. The incidents from Jesus Christ’s life are portrayed in this elaborate and ornate shrine. Starting in 1912, the construction of this beautiful grotto lasted for forty years. You can enjoy a virtual tour of this fascinating site if you are unable to visit in person.

Skunk Ape Research Center

When visiting the Everglades, be sure to include a stop at the Skunk Ape Research Centre if you have an interest in Florida’s cryptozoology. The Skunk Ape Research Headquarters is another term for the Skunk Ape Research Centre. It tells the story of the Florida Skunk Ape legend in full. You can view possible photos of the cryptid, footprints, and audio recordings while you’re at the museum. Ochopee is home to this strange attraction, which also features some animal exhibits. You may encounter reptiles, snakes, and alligators there.

Jeremy “Boo” Rochman Memorial Park

This final odd roadside attraction is both terrible and endearing. There is more than one name for Jeremy “Boo” Rochman Memorial Park. Another name for it is Boo Castle Park. It is located in Carbondale, Illinois, and is accessible to the public for free from 9 a.m. to dusk.

What, therefore, distinguishes this park? That’s because it’s full with dragons, mythical animals, and castles! In honour of Jeremy “Boo” Rochman, who died in a vehicle accident in 1993 at the age of 19, this ethereal park was established. Jeremy had an enormous passion for Dungeons & Dragons. He also enjoyed painting the wizard miniatures that are displayed throughout the park, some of which are larger.