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Dear aspirants, here we publish the 10 best stories written by our readers PPDT Image Perception Test and TAT Thematic Discussion and perception Test a particular image. Floors below are numbered according to the rating but numbered according to the time that was posted on the blog. Read and choose the best down in history and say why you like.

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k 1.ajay
Rahul is a young lawyer who comes home late from his friend’s night. On his way to his house, heavy rain fell with great thunder and bolts of lightning. He ran under the construction of the village community shelter. He understands that rain is becoming worse and observed many people in cabins located inside and water
pour into his huts. He detects problems and ran with large leaves that are there, head to keep the sarpanch house. He town explained the sarpanch of the situation, took the keys to the building community, and help young people evacuated people in booths to rain the night building. That cyclone community and many huts were damaged. But all thanks Rahul for his timely action saved many lives.

2. Aravind Govindaraj
Mohan was a sarpanch city of Zaria. He went around the city to buy seeds. Returning to his hometown, there was a big storm and a heavy beam. Mohan tried to reach as quickly as possible to your home, but unfortunately, the rain started to find a shelter to rest. And some people are immune nearby Mohan also joined with them. Suddenly, a large tree fell in the middle of the road. At the time there was an ambulance with the emergency patient who must cross the road. Without evacuate the tree, the ambulance was not able to move so most Mohan asked for help to evacuate the tree on the side of the road. Finally, the tree removed from the side of the road and got an ambulance for a way to go to the hospital.

3. Praveen
Venkat was his last year of mechanical engineering at the University of Krishna came to his native technology. he semester holidays in July .it visited his relatives and friends in his home día. Mientras’ friends started to rain, he borrowed the umbrella of his friend and started walking to his home. while saw on the road near a refuge .he called him and shared his umbrella and took her home to his neighbor and went home…

4. kaprykon
Raj came home from work on a cold stormy evening. At first, felt he was going to go home before the weather worsened, but the rain did worst. He takes refuge in a whole tree. And there, he heard a call for help, rushed to the direction from where you heard the cry, and before he had seen the remains of a cabin destroyed due to storm.quickly he looked under the ruins only to find a little girl fight for life against the weight of debris. he quickly removed and asked if there were others are also at risk. She said no and that her parents worked outside of the camp in another city and had not returned yet. he wrapped with any material he could find, then carried her on his back, he ran as fast as his legs could take him to the nearest village for help. The village doctor saw him and gave him the necessary medicines and indicated that should get plenty of rest.

5. Rahul
Ramesh graduated BA from a small town in Uttar’s father was sarpanch of the village. Ramesh was preparing for IAS and every month starting in the weeks used to go to the store to buy the magazine because there was Pratiyogita Darpan Stock .it border was the monsoon season, he went to take Monday and book wen, who was on his way to his father called him and told him about women over wid sum, not small babies had cum on Becz dere research helps babies take polio drops Sunday Benz heavy rain. His father asked him to go to ad doctor and report on the situation. He was there, but the shop was completely filled with patients who asked the assistant to report the problem doctor. The doc could as she was busy to go to his people, and he gave instructions on how to give polio już tuk drops. He of small bottles and directed toward his people and gave drops for babies.

6. Khanduja Anupam
Atish pursuing graduation at the local university at the time village.That while returning home from the house of his friend after studying as I had an exam the next day.
But it started to rain and he left the shed next to the road in the rain for the average period stop. In received a call from the hospital on his mobile that the patient needs O +
the emergency blood due to a shortage of O +. As voluntarily donate some hospitals. He decided to go to the hospital in the rain to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. He also informed his mother that he might be late as he goes to the hospital to make donation blood. He went quickly and came to the hospital in time. It has donated blood to the patient. Until then, the rain also stopped while he was able to go home on time.

7. Band Aam
Naval was the director of the secondary school in the village. As it was in the walk through the fields in the village. But today, fresh air is not felt and did not cough due to air pollution. As he moved, he saw large flames on the ground. He ran on the field quickly and saw it was farmers burning waste after cultivating his crops, contaminating the fresh air in the morning. In the afternoon, Naval with the help of panchayat members spoke with farmers in the village and told them about the plans of the new government to control air pollution, that they can sell waste to fertilizer companies and should maintain a certain amount himself the fields, because it will provide nutrients to the soil for the next crop. In this way, Naval helps the cause of pollution in their village.

8. Kamal
Cambodia was a teacher at a primary school in the Mojang Uttrakhand region. One day, coming from school, there was a big storm and heavy rain. All the roads were blocked. He took refuge in a tree. After some time received a phone call from one of the students’ parents that your child has not returned home. Despite the storm returned to school. But he found no one. He returned to the school left and eventually found the boy trapped under a tree. He took him to the hospital for first aid and took him to his house.

9. Rajat
Ravi was a student living in a village. One day, while rainfall comes from the huge university began with a heavy thunderstorm. he shelters while turning because of the slippery mud that the road was not made. Ravi concrete quickly transported under agree with others standing there.suddenly an overturned jeep and instead turned the jeep with the help of other people. He held the driver and tied the handkerchief on hand as the blood flowed on it. He and two others put in the jeep and took him to the narrow hospital and informed his parents after his arrival Ravi was his home. The next day again visited the hospital and found that the driver’s condition has improved.

10. Amit Sharma
Kamal belong to a small town near the Kangra district and studied at last year MCA one day by going to the region, he saw a speeding car hit a man crossing a road that counts the number of the car immediately and saw a passing vehicle and took an elevator to admit to hospital after hospital admitting he was unhappy with the traffic regulations of the police and the behavior of the occasional police on duty after his arrival in your area to inform the representative of his people and went to the police station to report against this neglected duty by the traffic police that the driver of the car speed driving after drinking alcohol and this last visit to the hospital, and was very happy to know that this man is out of danger
All stories are judged on the basis of quality and subject, instead of words and grammatical forms thereof.

How to Make a desirable story in TAT and PPDT and how to write a story in TAT and PPDT. You can re-engage in the writing of history, see the sample table and please write your story in the comment box below.
About this photograph: You must have seen this picture in the SSB Interview psychology test, yes it is a maintenance PSC SSB TAT Original.
interesting point: Many candidates are able to identify the real object in front of the child, at first glance.

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