The World’s Kindest Otter Helps a Janitor Clean Up

Whenever we consider acts of kindness, we frequently picture situations like the ones listed below. Something as basic as your child trying to make you pancakes for morning, or someone giving back in the Starbucks queue, or even a helpful family member helping with an overdue bill.

But kindness is not limited to people. Animals are also sentient beings with feelings and emotions. Oxford Academic states that “new multidisciplinary research offers convincing proof that many animals feel the same emotions as humans—joy, fear, love, despair, and grief—proving that we are not alone in this.” See below for the generosity this otter displayed to a janitor.

Otter Helps a Janitor Clean Otter Enclosure

We can see right away in the video that this is some kind of animal enclosure. The surrounds seem to point to a local zoo, which is our best bet. The janitor has entered the otter section and is currently tidying up.

Otters can be seen swimming in this pool. Additionally, there are floating traffic cones in the pool. most likely the playthings the trainers give the otters to play with. The otters carry in the traffic cones one by one and set them on the pool’s edge. They want to help since they are aware that cleanup is imminent!

As one witty TikTok user put it, “I love Otters, but they got a DARK SIDE.” Let’s find just how unruly these tiny guys can get!

Are Otters Aggressive?

Otters are frequently thought of as the cute tiny animals that they are. Who could resist a face like the one in the above image, after all? On the other hand, these mammals have retractable claws, 32 teeth, and a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Similar to other animals, they may exhibit violent behavior when they perceive a threat, when their territory is violated, or when their young are in jeopardy.

Even an instance where a river otter (Lontra canadensis) unprovokedly attacked a 52-year-old woman is documented by the National Library of Medicine. Before she could flee, the otter “began to aggressively pursue her, biting and scratching both of her legs.” The woman’s legs were covered with multiple severe, gaping cuts.

So, we can’t dispute that otters are adorable. They should be treated with respect because they are still wild animals. From a distance, either at the zoo or in the video at the top of TikTok, we can love and admire them!