The Top 8 Most Valuable Crops Harvested in Missouri

Missouri is undoubtedly in the running for one of the most influential states in American agriculture. There are many different kinds of crops grown in this midwestern state. With more than 90,000 farms, Missouri contributes significantly to American agriculture each year. Missouri has two thirds of its land used for farming.

The United States grows a wide variety of crops, and Missouri contributes significantly to the amount of the top agricultural goods produced in the country. Missouri’s crops, which include rice, soybeans, and hay, are valued at billions of dollars.

The US Department of Agriculture publishes data on the contributions made by each state to the nation’s agricultural sector once a year. Twenty-seven,500,000 acres of Missouri land were farmed in 2022. Although we’ll only be talking about plants in this article, Missouri is well-known for its livestock sector.

Continue reading to learn about the eight greatest crops in Missouri and their amazing value. Missouri’s agricultural output reached $4.19 billion in 2022. These are Missouri’s top eight most valuable crops!

1. Haylage

Haylage ranks as the ninth most valued crop in Missouri. Missouri produced haylage on 95,000 acres in 2022. Haylage, which is sometimes combined with hay, has a value that is not disclosed by the USDA; however, it ranks ninth on the Missouri yearly report. Hay and haylage growth are closely related. It is essentially young hay that has been chopped. Compared to fully matured hay, wilted hay has a higher moisture content. This product is incredibly nourishing for equines. Consuming haylage has many advantages for both young and elderly horses.

Missouri is home to almost 300,000 horses, who undoubtedly eat the haylage the state produces. Additionally, it’s possible that a sizable portion of the harvest is exported from the state to neighboring states or even outside. Since hay and haylage are frequently combined, it would not be shocking if haylage made up a portion of the total amount of hay shipped each year.

2. Oats

Oats rank sixth in Missouri’s crop value. Missouri harvested 8,000 acres of oats in 2022, generating slightly over $2 million in revenue. In 2023, more acres than ever before are anticipated to be planted in oats. Although oats rank seventh among Missouri’s most profitable crops, they account for a very small share of the state’s agricultural landscape.

The states in the Midwest that are a little bit further north are where oats are mainly farmed. The oat industry is dominated by North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.In 2022, Minnesota alone produced oats valued at than $38,000,000. In 2022, 140,000 acres of oats were harvested by the state. Thus, in comparison, Missouri is nothing like some of the major states that produce oats! Nonetheless, in Missouri’s agricultural sector, it remains a ranking crop.

3. Rice

Another important crop in Missouri’s agricultural landscape is rice! In 2022, the value of this crop produced was $191,678,000. This crop yielded approximately $200 million, whereas the seventh-most valued crop barely brought in $2 million! To achieve that value, 149,000 acres of rice were harvested in 2022. This crop is widely farmed throughout middle America and has a wide range of applications.

Arkansas, which borders Missouri to the south, is the nation’s biggest rice grower. In 2022, Arkansas harvested rice from one million acres and generated well over a billion dollars worth of rice. After Arkansas, of course, but also Louisiana, Mississippi, and California, Missouri is the nation’s fifth-largest producer of rice. The United States grows 20 billion pounds of the commodity annually. In 2022, Missouri contributed about 12 million tons to the total!

4. Wheat.

Wheat ranked as Missouri’s fifth-most valuable crop in 2022. 410,000 acres of the crop were harvested by the state, and over 200,000 more were planted. Missouri wheat yielded a value of more than $210 million. Despite its notable development, Missouri didn’t even place in the top ten states for wheat production in the United States, despite wheat being a major agricultural crop in the nation.

Kansas was the top producer of wheat in 2022. Kansas farmers gathered 6,600,000 acres of the crop, yielding a value of slightly over $2 billion. As the leaders of the American wheat business, Kansas was followed by North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Montana. In the US, 35.5 million acres are planted to wheat, yielding 1.65 billion bushels a year. The United States used to grow considerably more wheat than it does today! In terms of wheat production, the US set records in 1998 and 2008 with 2.5 billion bushels.

5. Cotton

Cotton is the fourth most valued commodity farmed in Missouri. Missouri produced 340,000 acres of upland cotton in 2022. The state received $297,605,000 in revenue from it. Despite generating an enormous amount of cotton, Missouri was not included in the top three states that produce the crop. Texas produced $1.3 billion worth of cotton in 2022! Mississippi and Georgia produce a lot of cotton as well.

Cotton has a wide range of applications. A significant portion of American cotton is shipped abroad for use as a raw material in textile production. A large portion of the material is sent to Asia, where the textile market is expanding. Then, the nations to which the United States formerly exported cotton now import apparel and completed textiles back! It’s a fascinating, cyclical industry that brings in more than $20 billion a year for the US economy.

6. Hay

Hay is the third most valued crop farmed in Missouri. Although haylage is ranked as Missouri’s eighth-most valuable commodity, the state produces a lot more hay! Missouri produced 3,180,000 acres of harvested hay in 2022. Although Missouri did grow 130,000 acres of alfalfa hay, the most of that was not alfalfa. The state received $737,882,000 in value from the 3 million acres of hay. Alfalfa hay accounted for almost $57 million of that total.

In the US, Missouri is the state that produces the most hay. Missouri doesn’t even rank in the top ten when alfalfa hay is the only factor taken into account; however, if alfalfa hay is not taken into account, Missouri ranks second. Texas was the only state to generate higher valuable hay in 2022. 4,190,000 acres of hay were harvested in 2022, yielding a value of more than $1 billion. The United States produces more than 250 billion pounds of hay annually. Texas and Missouri have a significant impact on that total!

7. Corn

Despite the fact that Missouri produces enormous amounts of hay every year, the state benefits even more from two other crops. Corn is the second-most valued commodity farmed in Missouri! 3,110,000 acres were planted to grain maize in 2022. 500 million bushels were raised on this 3 million acres, yielding a value of over $3.5 billion. A minor amount of silage corn was also planted in 2022 (150,000 acres), but the value of these acres was not measured by the USDA.

Missouri produced a lot of corn, but in 2022 it ranked ninth among the states that produce corn.Nebraska, Illinois, and Iowa produced the most grain corn, ranking first through third. In 2022, Iowa harvested more than 12 million acres of the crop, generating over $17 billion in revenue. With a multitude of uses, corn is the most significant crop in the American agricultural sector. Just 13% of the grain cultivated in America is exported; the remaining portion is fed to both people and animals!

8. Soybeans

Lastly, soybeans are the most valued commodity farmed in Missouri. One of the two most significant crops in the American agriculture sector is soybeans (second only to corn, naturally). The combined yearly value of the two crops is $150.9 billion, or more than half of the total value of the American agriculture sector. Missouri’s soybean industry generated little less than $4 billion in value in 2022. Missouri harvested more than 6 million acres in 2022.

Missouri’s soybean production in 2022 came in sixth place. Although $4 billion in worth should have been sufficient to move Missouri up the rankings, it ended up below Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Indiana. The value of soybeans produced in Illinois, the nation’s largest producer, was little under $8 billion. There were little less than 11 million acres of soybeans harvested. To be clear, Illinois doesn’t value soybeans as its most valued crop! In 2022, the state harvested grain corn valued at about $15 billion.

In brief

The agricultural scene in Missouri is particularly valuable overall. Because of its climate, the state’s farmers are able to cultivate many of the most valuable crops in America. Missouri is a major player in the nation’s farming sector and produces some outstanding agricultural goods, including corn and cotton.

Although the only crops discussed in this article are those that add value to the state, it’s vital to recognize that Missouri has a thriving livestock economy. Missouri is the third-largest beef cattle state in the United States, behind Oklahoma and Texas. Therefore, while comprehending the state’s valuable crops is essential to understanding Missouri’s agricultural landscape, it is not sufficient to accomplish so.