The Top 7 Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma

Despite its remarkable contributions to the United States’ agriculture sector, Oklahoma is also home to a number of significant cities. In particular, Oklahoma City and Tulsa are sizable cities with thriving urban environments. Some of Oklahoma’s highest structures can be found in each of these cities. When you think of this state, you might not immediately picture skyscrapers, but now you will!

View this list of Oklahoma’s top seven tallest structures. Data like height, number of stories, year of construction, and location are all given. To view a list of Oklahoma’s top 10 tallest buildings, scroll all the way to the bottom.

7. First National Center

The First National Centre, a famous building in Oklahoma, is the state’s eighth highest structure. This famous 33-story skyscraper is situated in Oklahoma City. Having been constructed in 1931, it is among the most ancient structures on this list. For fifty years following its construction, the First National Centre, standing at 446 feet tall, held the title of highest structure in the state.

6. BancFirst Tower

The sixth-tallest structure in Oklahoma is the gleaming BancFirst Tower. Like several of the structures in the state’s top 10 tallest buildings, it is situated in Oklahoma City and soars to a height of precisely 500 feet. The building of the 36-story BancFirst Tower was finished in 1971. This edifice stood as the highest building in the state from 1971 to 1975 for a short while!

5. Mid-Continent Tower

With a vivid turquoise roof that makes it easy to notice, the stunning Mid-Continent Tower proudly sits along the Tulsa skyline. Built in 1984, it stands as Oklahoma’s fifth-tallest structure. Its distinctive and recognisable architecture, standing at a height of 513 feet and 36 stories, contribute significantly to Tulsa’s overall beauty. The structure was only 16 floors high when it was initially constructed in 1918. It became as tall as it is now in the 1980s when more storeys were added!

4. First Place Tower

Naturally, Tulsa is home to a large number of Oklahoma’s tallest structures. The First Place Tower is the fourth-tallest structure in the state. Standing at 516 feet tall and 41 storeys, this structure commands a commanding presence on the Tulsa skyline. Because the Cityplex Tower is located outside of the city centre, it is the second-tallest structure in Tulsa’s downtown.

3. Cityplex Tower

The stunning Cityplex Tower, which is the highest structure in Oklahoma, comes in third place. Three buildings make up the Cityplex Tower, with a tall, noticeable structure in the middle towering high above the other two. The middle tower, with its 60 storeys and 648-foot height, is the most frightening of the three structures. It was constructed in Tulsa in 1979.

2. BOK Tower

The BOK Tower in Tulsa is the second-tallest structure in the state of Oklahoma. After the BOK Tower’s construction was finished in 1976, it stood as Oklahoma’s tallest structure for more than thirty years. This 52-story structure soars to a height of 667 feet.

1. Devon Energy Center

And lastly, the Devon Energy Centre is the highest structure in the state of Oklahoma. Constructed in 2012, this contemporary structure beautifully embodies Oklahoma’s metropolitan landscape. Situated in Oklahoma City, it soars to an altitude of 844 feet. Corporate business offices span 50 storeys at the Devon Energy Centre.

An overview of Oklahoma’s tallest buildings

Even though we just looked at the top seven tallest structures in Oklahoma, let’s quickly review the top ten! Every building’s name, city, height, number of floors, year of construction, and, of course, rank are all listed.

Building City Height (feet) Stories Year Built
Devon Energy Center Oklahoma City 844 50 2012
BOK Tower Tulsa 667 52 1976
Cityplex Tower Tulsa 648 60 1979
First Place Tower Tulsa 516 41 1974
Mid-Continent Tower Tulsa 513 36 1984
BancFirst Tower Oklahoma City 500 36 1971
First National Center Oklahoma City 446 33 1931
BOK Park Plaza Oklahoma City 433 27 2018
Bank of America Center Tulsa 412 32 1967
Oklahoma Tower Oklahoma City 410 31 1982