The Top 5 Reasons Belgian Malinois Are the Perfect Guard Dog

Territorial, devoted, and fierce dogs with enormous hearts are Belgian Malinois. Discover the top 5 reasons Belgian Malinois make the ideal security dogs by reading this article.

Belgian Malinois Origin

In the 19th century, the Belgian Malinois breed was developed in Malin, Belgium, from Shepherds. Although they were first used to herd cattle, they eventually developed into household companions.

These protective and compassionate canines reach a maximum length of 22 to 26 inches and a weight of 80 pounds.

If given the right nutrition, activity, and care, Belgian Malinois can live for up to 12 to 16 years.

They are a great option for law enforcement and the armed forces because of their unwavering work ethic. They are renowned for having an unbreakable bond with their owners and are also devoted companions to them.

To safeguard your house and cherish your family, you can think about adopting a Belgian Malinois if you’re searching for a canine companion who is both compassionate and a formidable guardian. Conversely, they do possess predatory instincts that are often triggered by moving objects and little children. Therefore, a Belgian Malinois might not be a good choice if you have younger children living at home.

Five Reasons Belgian Malinois Make the Ideal Security Dog

Do you want to know why Belgian Malinois make the ideal security dogs? These five are

They Are Territorial

Malinoises from Belgium defend their natural habitat. Basically, if you have kids, own a farm, or reside in a high-crime region, they will watch out for your house and keep you safe.

Aiming to Fulfill

Malinoises from Belgium are workaholics. As a result, they are arrogant and want to know if your training has met your expectations.

Belgian Malinois Are Smart

Unlike other breeds, which could take longer to learn, they are intelligent enough to pick up new cues, tricks, and training quickly. For example, because Belgian Malinois puppies are trainable to detect gas, drugs, and bombs, police officers frequently adopt them as pets.

Skilled Athletes

These powerful puppies have elegant, powerful physique. For instance, they’ll never refuse you if you ask for a workout partner! These dogs love playing soccer, running, and agility training!

These Pups are Great at Camouflage

Beautiful dogs with a broad variety of hues are Belgian Malinois. From earthy browns to deep blacks and reds, your dog will be able to blend in with its surroundings. For example, they can blend in with the surroundings and assist you in tracking down a fugitive.

Tips on Training Your Belgian Malinois

The fact that Belgian Malinois are eager to please their owners and keen to train is one benefit of owning one. Furthermore, these puppies are capable of sophisticated training that most basic dog training schools wouldn’t offer.

You could teach your dog to look for and save lives, for instance. In addition, they can be taught how to play hide-and-seek and compete in agility competitions to win blue ribbons. Lastly, they can be taught to communicate non-aggressively with both people and animals.

Know Their Needs

It’s crucial to understand what they need to be trained on before you begin. Do they have to learn how to greet guests in your house politely without going too far? Do they need to interact with other animals in order to avoid the possibility of an accident waiting to happen? Are you raising a puppy that just needs to learn some basic manners and commands? Being able to provide your dog the training it requires is the most crucial aspect of training.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Rewarding negativity simply serves to intimidate your Malinois. Negative reinforcement can also exacerbate aggressiveness and undesirable behaviors.

Positive reinforcement will reassure them and help them associate you with good things. Try rewarding them with praise or a treat and speaking enthusiastically. Furthermore, positive reinforcement can strengthen your dog’s sense of trust and connection with them.

Pay Attention to Their Communication

Recognize when the day’s training sessions for your dog are over. Not only may overexerting your Malinois lead to unneeded stress, but it can also make them reluctant to work with you. When they exhibit behaviors like growing, not paying attention, or raising their hackles, it’s likely that they have received enough instruction.

Be Patient

Any dog that you train may be incredibly gratifying, but also extremely difficult when they misbehave or won’t listen. Nonetheless, during the training process, it is imperative to maintain composure and patience. It’s best to stop training and take a break if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed than to press on and run the danger of snapping at your dog.

Start Training Young

At eight weeks old, your Belgian Malinois can start training. Since it will stick longer, it is actually preferable to start them early. Even so, if the Belgian Malinois you acquire is older than a puppy, they can still be trained.

Feed Them a High Protein Diet

A meal rich in protein is essential for the best possible health and muscular support in active dogs, including Belgian Malinois. feeding your dog high-protein foods like chicken, duck, and beef that are also good sources of protein. Eating a diet rich in protein can also help them get the nutrients and energy they need for both basic and more intense training, like search and rescue.

Training Is Not Enough as Exercise Alone

preparing by itself won’t provide your dog with enough exercise unless you’re preparing them for agility contests. Because they are active dogs, Belgian Malinois need to walk for at least forty minutes every day. Ensuring that they receive the recommended amount of exercise each day can not only enhance training sessions but also minimize the likelihood of negative behaviors like digging, aggression, and house destruction.

Be Consistent

It’s imperative that you train your Belgian Malinois consistently. Your dog will learn the training more quickly and easily if you do the lesson every day, at the same time of day, and for the same length of time each session. Last but not least, a regular schedule will give these puppies the cerebral exercise they require to stay out of mischief.

Never Leave a Child to Alone With Them

Watching them around kids is crucial throughout the training phase. This helps safeguard not just the child’s but also your dog’s wellbeing. Owing to their innate predatory tendencies, which are triggered by items in motion, they can interpret your child’s play as a danger.

How to Train Your Belgian Malinois to Search and Rescue

If you reside in a region where severe and erratic weather is common, training your Belgian Malinois can come in handy when someone goes missing as a result of damaging weather.

Engage Them in Hide and Seek

Start acquainting your dog with your home so they can find you there. Then go to a bedroom or closet and make a call for them to find you. When they do find you, be sure to give them lots of positive feedback.

After a month of doing this exercise three to five times a day, proceed to step two.

Move to Outdoors Using Objects

It’s time to take your dog outside once they’ve mastered the art of seeking you out within the house. Give them a toy they adore and let them smell it. After that, bury it outside and let them locate it.

Continue doing this for the same amount of time as in step one, and then proceed to step 3.

Join a SAR Class

Enroll your dog in a lesson if you want them to become a highly trained SAR (Search and Rescue) dog once they’ve mastered hide and seek. Ask your local vet for ideas if you are unsure about where to find a SAR class for your dog.

How to Train Your Dog to Improve Their Social Skills

The distinction between knowing when to protect you and guard the house and when to let people in will need to be taught to your Belgian Malinois. You can stop an accident from happening by teaching them the difference.

Take Your Dog to a Dog Park

The outside world must be introduced to your dog before you can start socializing them with other people and animals. You can begin by bringing them to a dog park and making sure they are kept well away from other dogs and people. Additionally, this will overwhelm your dog by allowing them to get acquainted with the world around them. Take them no more than once every 15 to 30 minutes.

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Slowly Introduce Them to Strangers and Pets

It’s a good idea to acclimate your dog to humans and other pets when they’re not on guard duty. Reward them with a reward or a pat on the back for a job well done, for instance, if a dog approaches them from a safe distance and they behave appropriately. They will eventually learn how to welcome visitors and other animals without immediately leaping to defend you.

It is preferable to speak with a qualified handler who can instruct you and your dog on how to train to become exceptional security dogs if you would like lessons on how to train your Belgian Malinois to be a guard dog.

Five Reasons Belgian Malinois Make Excellent Table Guard Dogs

Because of their athletic frame, boundless loyalty, and enthusiasm to learn, Belgian Malinois make excellent guard dogs. You will have the best guard dog possible if you continue to be persistent with training, giving praise, and getting regular exercise for your dog.

Reason Explanation
They’re Territorial One of their natural talents is to guard their home with ferocious power.
Athletic Belgian Malinois are super smart dogs that can sniff out bombs weapons, and even find missing people.
Eager to Please They will work all day and night to perfect whatever it is that you wish to teach them. Moreover, your approval is their highest priority.
Intelligence These obedient pups are masters at blending in with the environment, which makes them a powerful ally in catching criminals, or protecting your home.
Camouflage Masters These obedient pups are masters at blending in with the environment, which makes them a powerful ally in catching criminals or protecting your home.