The Top 10 Wealthiest Counties in Mississippi (and Who Lives There)

Over time, the disparity in wealth has grown increasingly noticeable in recent times. The richest counties in Mississippi are outpacing the bottom 20% of earners by nearly 14 times as much as their earnings are rising. Over the course of the last fifty years, this inequality has allowed the wealthiest to earn up to fourteen times as much as the poor, while also causing difficulties in some communities. Here are a few of the wealthiest counties and a glimpse into the residents’ lives.

What Is the Wealth Index?

You must first comprehend what the wealth index is in order to comprehend the significance of wealth in these rankings. This indicator shows how the average household’s cost of living is rising. It makes use of information about resources and building materials for houses in the area. Taking into account all of these variables, ten Mississippi counties appear to have the highest wealth index.

Wealthiest Counties Of Mississippi
Madison County

Madison County has the highest wealth index of any county in Mississippi, with over 42,000 families. There are 109,813 people living there, including a few well-known citizens. Tate Ellington and Sonny Landreth are among the well-known residents of this prosperous county. This county is also home to Parys Haralson, Candice Patton, and Cat Cora. To boost the local economy, a large number of locals work in the medical industry, earning up to $283,000.

Lafayette County

There are 18,702 households in Lafayette County, with an average of two to three persons living in each. There are 56,884 people living there in total, including Shepherd Smith, Archie Manning, Jennifer Gillon, and Larry Brown. This county is well-known for its mouthwatering Cajun cuisine and culture, which can be found in all of the cities’ fine dining establishments.

DeSoto County

With 188,633 residents, DeSoto County has a somewhat median income for single people. There are 64,424 homes in the county. Several well-known individuals, like Olivia Hold, John Grisham, Luther Dickinson, Kenny Brown, and others, lived in the county at some point throughout their illustrious careers. The golf courses and exquisite restaurants in DeSoto County are the main draws despite its abundance.

Lamar County

In the 2020 Census, Lamar County had 64,223 residents living in over 25,000 homes. Renowned actors Lacey Chabert, Howard Philips Smith, Johnny Rawls, and Lillian McMurry are among the most well-known residents. The county’s main industries are dairy and cattle farming, which are quite profitable for one of the richest counties in Mississippi. The state’s reputation also comes from forestry operations, even though very few bodies of water are used specifically for commercial fishing. In Lamar County, the typical home’s worth is $275,000.

Rankin County

158,096 people live in Rankin County, which is home to about 60,000 homes, as per the most recent census. This rapidly expanding county is located directly beneath Jackson County. Richland, Sandhill, Star, Pelahatchie, Puckett, Brandon, Florence, Flowood, and Pearl are among them. Numerous well-known people have resided here, such as Brett Favre, Tori Bowie, Alfred Latell, Freeman King, and Winson Hudson. The median listing price of a home in Rankin County as of December 2023 was around $269,000.

Hancock County

The towns that make up Hancock County have a mean household income of $58,196, which is nearly 20,000 households. This county has a low unemployment rate of less than 3% and a wealth base that extends back several centuries. In the early 1800s, when a local doctor sold a large portion of the property at a great price, it was the best location for aspiring farmers. Famous citizens of Hancock County over the years include Albert Reiker, Wendell Ladner, and Ripley A. Arnold.

Harrison County

The population of Harrison County is 209,396 and is distributed across Gulfport, Biloxi, D’lberville, Long Beach, and The Pass. With a mean household income of $55,211, this largely Republican city is highly concentrated in the healthcare and social assistance sectors. On the other hand, residents can find some of the highest-paying jobs in the mining and utility industries. Richie Brown, Hale Boggs, William Harris Hardy, and John C. Robinson are a few well-known individuals who have lived in Harrison County.

Oktibbeha County

With slightly more than 51,000 persons, Oktibbeha County’s mean household income is $42,953. Prominent citizens who have lived in this affluent county include Kirby Jackson, Kid Thomas, Anderson Boyds, and Big Joe Williams. With a $357,500 typical house listing price, many of the locals are employed in office/administrative, sales, or teaching positions.

Lee County

Lee County is home to more than 82,000 people, many of whom have made significant contributions over the years. Famous people who have lived there include Sam Gilliam, Hoyt Ming, Guy Hovis, and Jill Connor Browne. This county has over 32,000 households with a median property value of $150,100. The manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors employ the majority of people in Lee County.

Tate County

Why is Tate County one of the wealthiest counties in Mississippi although its typical household income is less than $60,000? Information technology, technical services, and wholesale trades are the highest-paying industries in this county, yet retail employs the most people. Nursing remains the most popular career path to take. Among the most well-known citizens of the county are Robert Quincey Lee, O. B. Clinton, James Earl Jones, and Matthew Maher.