The Top 10 States that Produce the Most Wheat in the U.S.

The world’s oldest agricultural crop operations involves the states with the highest wheat production. For thousands of years, wheat has been the major crop and a global staple. Since the beginning of agriculture, billions have been fed by whole grain wheat.

Wheat is the main component of cereals, breads, pastas, flour, crackers, and many other foods. It also speeds up metabolism and increases energy levels. The United States is the only nation to cultivate all six varieties of wheat.

In 2022, 1,182,335,000 bushels of wheat will be produced in the top ten states on this list. Although it doesn’t produce the most wheat worldwide, the US is a significant exporter, sending half of the wheat grown there annually.

States with the Highest Wheat Production

Our top two states occasionally trade places with one another. We are utilizing the most recent year rather than an overall average for this list. To give you a rough idea of how much each state generates annually, 2021 is included for good measure. Wheat can be a difficult crop; some years can be extremely productive, while others can be almost completely destructive.

1. North Dakota

In terms of states that produce the most wheat in 2022, North Dakota surpassed Kansas to take the top rank. In 2021, Kansas topped the list by a wide margin. North Dakota is in charge of producing 320 million bushels of wheat year on average, using an average of 7.5 million acres exclusively for this purpose. In 2022, North Dakota produced 299,900,000 bushels.

2. Kansas

Kansas spends as much time in the top slot as North Dakota does and isn’t usually in second place. Due to the fertile soil and level terrain in both states, wheat is the best crop to grow and produces the greatest yields. In 2022, Kansas produced 244 million bushels; in 2021, it produced 364 million. As of this now, the state has 191 million bushels scheduled for 2023.

3. Washington

In 2022, Washington produced 144,020,000 bushels of wheat, whereas in 2021, it produced 87,180,000. Despite ranking highly among the states that produce the most wheat, Washington’s main crop output occurs elsewhere. More than anything else, the state is renowned for its fruits, particularly for its blueberries and luscious cherries. In addition, Washington is a major producer of pears, potatoes, apricots, and asparagus.

4. Montana

Montana and Washington alternate between third and fourth place for the states that produce the most wheat, just like Kansas and North Dakota do. 100,361,000 bushels of wheat were produced in Montana in 2021, compared to 139,300,000 bushels in 2022. Montana produces a great deal of apples, dry beans, mustard, squash, and field peas, but its main crop is wheat, even if it alternates between the third and fourth ranks.

5. Idaho

Potatoes are not the only product of Idaho. In 2022 and 2021, the state produced 93,515,000 and 76,534,000 bushels of wheat, respectively. Idaho consistently ranks among the states with the highest annual wheat production, but its most famous export is still potatoes. In actuality, Idaho uses just 300,000 acres to produce a third of all potatoes consumed in the United States.

6. Minnesota

Most people don’t equate Minnesota with wheat production, despite it being one of the states that produces the most of grain. Together with soybeans, corn, and sugar beets, the state is better renowned for its cattle. Although Minnesota produced 55,680,000 bushels of wheat in 2021, it also produced 73,810,000 bushels in 2022. Wheat is by no means a minor crop in the North Star State, as it ranks among the top 5 commodities exported from the state.

7. Oklahoma

In 2021, Oklahoma produced more wheat than any other state, including Washington, which comes in third on this list. But 2022 represents a significant regression from the peak of the previous year. Oklahoma produced a substantially higher 115,500,000 bushels of wheat in 2021 than it did in 2022 (68,600,000 bushels). Regardless of its ranking, Oklahoma is a corn state at its core.

8. Illinois

The next three states are considerably less productive than the top seven states in terms of average annual wheat production. The wheat production in Illinois was 44,240,000 bushels in 2022 and slightly higher at 48,190,000 in 2021. In the livestock sector of agriculture, Illinois leads the country in swine, corn, and soybeans. With 560,000 acres set aside for it, winter wheat is the state’s main crop.

9. Texas

Despite its size, Texas only ranks tenth among the states that produce the most wheat. In terms of animals and crops, Texas is primarily known for its horses and cotton. But the Lone Star State also produces a great deal of corn, rice, peanuts, and pecans. Texas produced 74 million bushels of wheat the year before, and 39,000,000 bushels in 2022.

10. Colorado

Not because it’s one of the states with the most wheat produced, but rather because of the Rockies. With 35,750,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and 69,560,000 bushels in 2021, it barely makes it into the tenth position. Numerous states on this list had significant improvements in 2021 over 2022. Many took the exact opposite action. Colorado only generated slightly more than half as much in 2022 as it did in 2021.

Which Of The 10 States Produces The Most Wheat Overall?

The difference between 2021 and 2022 shows that each season is up and down for the team. Kansas, though, is the most reliable state. North Dakota, the state that came in second, has 6.5 million acres dedicated to wheat, compared to the 7.3 million acres in the Sunflower State.

It’s interesting to note that, with 5.5 million acres set aside for wheat growing, Texas has the third-highest amount. The Lone Star State is tenth in spite of this. It turns out that wheat cultivation, harvesting, marketing, and exporting is not necessarily a cut-and-dry endeavor, with some states reporting varying degrees of annual success and failure.

Overview Of Top 10 States That Produce The Most Wheat In The U.S.

State Production in Bushels
North Dakota 299,900,000
Kansas 244,000,000
Washington 144,020,000
Montana 139,300,000
Idaho 93,515,000
Minnesota 73,810,000
Oklahoma 68,600,000
Illinois 44,240,000
Texas 39,000,000
Colorado 35,750,000