The Top 10 Countries With the Most National Parks (#1 Has 10x as Many as the U.S.)

Traveling to national parks is always enjoyable. In the end, it’s rather fun to explore them because they have so much history and intrigue. Every hiking park, whether you’re in the US or Australia, has something interesting that sets it apart from the others. Which nations, however, have the most national parks? You would be wrong if you assumed the United States. We’re going to list the top ten nations with the most national parks along with the number of parks in each one. Fun facts you may not be aware of can be found in our list of the top ten.

1. 48 in Russia

Russia has 48 national parks, ranking tenth on this list. Surprisingly, the nation is home to a large number of national parks, one of which is the rigorous nature reserve Katun Nature Reserve. Some parks, like the Krasnoyarsk Pillars, are accessible to the general public.

You can go mountain climbing at the Krasnoyarsk Pillars, as more than 200,000 climbers go there each year. Aperegrine falcons and golden eagles, among other birds, may be soaring over the landscape. Ruskeala Mountain Park and Sochi National Park are two more parks. In the end, Russia merits a place among the Top 10 nations with the greatest number of national parks.

2. 54 in Indonesia

We have Indonesia as the next nation on our list. There are numerous national parks in Indonesia that offer beautiful scenery and a tranquil setting. Of the 54 national parks in India, Mount Rinjani National Park is one. In the end, there are plenty of paths and waterfalls to explore within this national park.

Another well-known park with a diverse range of plants, animals, and wildlife is Kerinci Seblat National Park. You might also come upon a Sumatran Tiger or a Malaysian Sun Bear. There are 52 more national parks in Indonesia that are well worth visiting. As a result, Indonesia is ranked ninth out of the ten nations with the most national parks.

3. 60 in Colombia

Colombia boasts 60 national parks and an abundance of species. Among the 60 options around the nation, Tayrona National Park is noteworthy for being a nice park to visit. The Colombian coast is covered in the Tayrona Park. It’s amazing that you can unwind or explore the wilderness on at least six beaches. Numerous aquatic creatures and reptiles, such as the chicken snake, will be seen.

One option for exploring the Eastern Andes is to go to Chingaza National Natural Park. However, keep in mind that coats are necessary because the temperature might drop to as low as 4 degrees Celsius. There are sixty national parks to explore, including these two. They also come in at number eight on this list of the ten nations having the most national parks.

4. United States: 62

From the east coast to the Pacific Ocean, there are 62 national parks in the United States. Among the most visited national parks in the nation are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Zion National Park. There are many places to go in the United States, whether you are in Utah or Wyoming.

If you would need additional information about any of the tourist destinations in America, you should contact the National Park Service. However, there are six nations with more national parks than the United States, so it only ranks sixth on this list.

5. Mexico: 67

There are 67 national parks in the nation of Mexico. As a result, if you want to see the nation and all it has to offer, you have a lot of choices. The biggest national park in the nation is Arrecife Alacranes National Park, popularly referred to as Scorpion Reef. Amazingly, gorgeous frigatebirds can be seen circling the reef.

The government established Deseirto de Los Loines National Park in 1917, making it the oldest park in Mexico. It helps Mexico rank sixth out of the top ten nations with the most national parks, together with 65 other national parks.

6. Israel: 69

Israel has 69 national parks to explore, ranking fifth on this list. When searching for a national park in Israel, the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is among the greatest locations to go. In the end, it’s a location that provides hiking, wildlife viewing, and a tranquil setting.

There are 68 more national parks in Israel to discover. Importantly, each one offers a worthwhile experience. It also ranks fifth on our list of the top ten nations with the most national parks.

7. 72 in Brazil

When considering locations to explore in Brazil, the Amazon Rainforest comes to mind for many people. There are, however, 72 national parks in the nation to discover.The oldest national park in Brazil’s history is Itataia National Park. On June 14, 1937, President Getúlio Vargas established the national park. There are now 72 national parks in the nation since the establishment of that first one.

Trekking, animal observation, rock climbing, and mountain climbing are all permitted in the Italian National Park. Bird watchers may also witness a variety of hummingbird species soaring overhead. On our list of the ten nations with the most national parks, Brazil comes in at number four.

8. 116 in India

There are an astounding 116 national parks in India. But since tigers frequently inhabit the area, there are always safety measures to consider when investigating some of these. In actuality, there are nine national parks in India where one may perhaps spot tigers.

If tigers are not your thing, there are plenty of other national parks in India that provide hiking, climbing, and exploration opportunities. The nation is deserving of its place among the top ten nations with the greatest number of national parks.

9. 147 in Thailand

There are 147 national parks in Thailand. Surprisingly, there are a ton of possibilities for touring this country if you find yourself here. One choice is the Khao Sok National Park, which is located mostly in the country’s south. In the end, king cobras or leopards may be visible.

If you’d like to see more of Thailand, there are 146 additional possibilities. If a certain other country didn’t have more than four times as many national parks, it would be the one with the most.

10. 685 in Australia

That nation is Australia, which boasts an astounding 685 national parks. For some reason, Australia has ten times as many national parks as the US. One of Australia’s earliest parks, McDonnell Range National Park may have been established by Aboriginal people. In addition, explorers can locate little bathing holes or go on walks.

However, Australia has an abundance of stunning national parks to select from. Australia has the most national parks worldwide, so there will be enough to pick from, no matter which one you select.

Overview of the Top Ten Countries With the Most National Parks

Rank Country
1. Australia — 685
2. Thailand — 147
3. India — 116
4. Brazil — 72
5. Israel — 69
6. Mexico — 67
7. United States — 62
8. Colombia — 60
9. Indonesia — 54
10. Russia — 48