The Top 10 Countries That Grow the Most Avocados in the World

North, Central, and South America are the native home of the unusual and delectable avocado fruit. About 5,000 years ago, people in Mesoamerica began cultivating them. The top ten nations in the world for avocado production are examined in this article. Some of the nations on this list are quite far away, even though the majority are in the Americas. Let’s examine these ten nations and the enormous quantities of avocados they produce annually.

1. Mexico

Mexico produces over 45% of the world’s avocados each year, more than any other country. In 2021, the nation produced 2,442,945 metric tons of avocados, around 2.5 times the amount produced by Colombia, the next-largest producer. The tropical environment of southern Mexico is ideal for avocado growth. The Mexican state of Michoacán is the only location in the world where avocados may grow year-round, claims the Avocado Institute of Mexico. Its extremely favorable growing conditions—nutrient-rich volcanic soils and excellent natural irrigation—are the cause of this.

Thirty-odd inches of rain fall in Uruapan, the avocado capital of Michoacán. Rainfall nourishes rivers and lakes, which in turn irrigate avocado groves organically. Of the avocado plantations in Michoacán, 61% rely mostly on natural irrigation, while 36% employ drip irrigation.

2. Colombia

Colombia is a sizable nation in the continent’s north. It is the 25th largest country in the world in terms of area, measuring 440,831 square miles. In 2021, Colombia produced an incredible 979,618 metric tons of avocados. The production of avocados in Colombia has increased dramatically in the last few years, from 535,021 metric tons in 2019 to 829,147 metric tons in 2020. Because of this increase, Colombia surpassed Peru to become the world’s second-largest producer of avocados in 2020. Colombia is a major producer of coffee and palm oil worldwide in addition to avocados.

3. Peru

Peru is the 19th largest country in the world in terms of total size, at 496,224 square miles. In terms of the nations that grow the most avocados, Peru comes in third. In 2021, the nation produced 777,096 metric tons of avocados. Peru is a major producer of asparagus, artichokes, and blueberries in addition to avocados.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourteenth-largest country in the world by land area, covering 735,358 square miles. Indonesia is fourth among the nations that cultivate the most avocados, despite being in Asia rather than the Americas. Indonesia produced 669,260 metric tons of avocados in 2021. Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of palm oil in addition to avocados.

5. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is far smaller than many of the nations on this list, measuring only 18,792 square miles. The Dominican Republic is the world’s fifth-largest avocado grower, despite its tiny size. In 2021, 634,368 metric tons of avocados were grown in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is one of the leading producers of sugar cane in the world in addition to avocados.

6. Kenya

The only other nation in Africa to rank in the top 10 producers of avocados is Kenya. Kenya’s tropical climate is conducive to the fruit’s growth. In 2021, 416,803 metric tons of avocados were produced in Kenya. In addition to avocados, Kenya is a major producer of tea and coffee.

7. Brazil

Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, covering 3,287,956 square miles. With 300,894 metric tons of avocados grown in 2021, the nation ranked seventh in the world for avocado production. Brazil is the world’s top producer of oranges, soybeans, coffee, sugarcane, and avocados.

8. Haiti

Haiti, which ranks tenth in the world in terms of avocado production, produced 248,135 metric tons of avocados in 2021. Apart from avocados, Haiti is the world’s leading producer of vetiver.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam is the ninth-largest avocado grower in the world, with 212,977 metric tons produced in 2021. Apart from avocados, Vietnam has the top spot in the world for cashew production.

10. Chile

With 169,031 metric tons of avocado production in 2021, Chile ranked 10th in the world for avocado production. The vast nation of Chile has a diverse landscape and climate. Its northern region, which is also noted for producing wine grapes, is where avocados thrive.

Overview of the Countries That Grow the Most Avocados

Country Metric Tonnes Grown in 2021
Mexico 2,442,945
Colombia 979,618
Peru 777,096
Indonesia 669,260
Dominican Republic 634,368
Kenya 416,803
Brazil 300,894
Haiti 248,135
Vietnam 212,977
Chile 169,031