The Scariest Bridge in Pennsylvania Is Not for the Faint of Heart

There are many various types of bridges in Pennsylvania. Some are made of miles of steel to span big rivers, while others are made of wood to cross little creeks. Travelers may be afraid of older covered bridges, but this Pennsylvanian bridge is not one of the scariest. Find out where the most terrifying bridge in the Keystone State is, why it’s so scary, and other details!

What Is the Scariest Bridge in Pennsylvania?

Emlenton Bridge, which is notorious for being the highest bridge in the state, is the most terrifying bridge in Pennsylvania. Another name for the bridge is the Emlenton High Level Bridge.

Near Emlenton, the structure crosses the Allegheny River. Venango County, Butler County, and Clarion County are the three counties the bridge crosses.

The building is 270 feet above the Allegheny River and has a total length of 1,668 feet. Interstate 80 is crossed by four lanes on this bridge, which run roughly northeast and southwest.

Now that we have some background information about the bridge, let’s examine the reasons why crossing it is so terrifying.

What Makes Emlenton Bridge So Scary?

The Emlenton Bridge is Pennsylvania’s deadliest bridge due to two considerations. These are the height and structural layout of the bridge. To be more precise, the bridge has 270 feet of clearance. This implies that whenever someone crosses the bridge, they have a view down several hundred feet. Anyone who is not particularly fond of heights will be sufficiently alarmed by this height.

Even those who are unaffected by the height might not find the bridge’s design appealing. The majority of bridges that cross hundreds of feet above the earth include some form of side protection. The lanes on this bridge are divided by a concrete barrier that runs the length of the bridge and has two barriers on either side.

The relatively modest barriers offer excellent views of the surrounding mountains and the river below and are totally safe. They are only roughly four feet tall, though. Therefore, it would not be strange to feel afraid when crossing the valley due to the scenery.

Numerous accidents have occurred on the bridge, some of which were caused by the unfavorable winter weather in the vicinity. Some individuals find it frightening to drive on this structure, and it’s also an area where people should exercise caution.

Luckily, at 1,668 feet, the bridge is not that long. For most drivers, therefore, the trip across the structure is quite brief.

Concerning Emlenton Bridge

The Emlenton Bridge is a 1,668-foot-long steel truss bridge. Four lanes of I-80 cross the Allegheny River, a tributary of the Ohio River, via this viaduct. When the Pennsylvania Department of Highways looked for ways to connect I-80 throughout the state, construction on this bridge began in 1966. 1968 marked the bridge’s opening two years later.

Emlenton Bridge is a remarkable work of architecture that crosses challenging terrain and is still in use today. All parties engaged in the bridge’s construction, from the engineers and architects to the laborers, had to carefully plan and coordinate the project.

The Emlenton Bridge is significantly shorter than many other bridges across the nation, even though it is the highest bridge in Pennsylvania. With a clearance of 955 feet, more than quadruple the height of the Emlenton Bridge, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest bridge in the United States.

Where Is the Scariest Bridge in Pennsylvania on a Map?

Southeast of the town bearing its name, the Emlenton Bridge spans the Allegheny River. In general, Pennsylvania’s western region is home to the bridge. More precisely, despite its modest length, Emlenton Bridge is spread across three counties.

The counties of Butler, Venango, and Clarion are crossed by the bridge. Since the bridge takes I-80 over the water, finding it on a map is not too difficult. But this bridge is not located in a densely populated area.

What Animals Live Near Emlenton Bridge?

Three separate counties in western Pennsylvania are home to Pennsylvania’s scariest bridge. The area surrounding the bridge is home to a wide variety of animals, both on land and in the Allegheny River’s water. Taking a look at a list of some of the fish that inhabit the adjacent river, let’s begin our examination of the creatures that call Emlenton Bridge home.

The fish in the Allegheny River include:

  • Smallmouth bass
  • Walleye
  • Flathead catfish
  • Northern pike
  • Muskies
  • Sauger
  • Trout

Throughout the river’s course, there are numerous other fish. Numerous mammals, birds, and reptiles can be found in the area. In the counties surrounding the bridge, the following animals are common:

  • White-tailed deer
  • Eastern milk snake
  • Northern cardinal
  • Chipping sparrow
  • Painted turtle
  • The Eastern Red Bat.
  • Least weasel
  • Spring salamander

These are but a few of the creatures that call this area home. This region of the state is also home to a wide variety of other species.

For those who are not frightened of heights, the scariest bridge in Pennsylvania is not all that terrifying. The bridge would only be a lovely sight to them. Nevertheless, we believe that this bridge is the scariest in the state because of the low barrier heights and the 270-foot clearance.