The Oldest House in Washington Still Stands Strong After 175 Years

Important Points:

The Historic Covington House is the oldest home in Washington State.

The Covington House is a 175-year-old historic home.

Vancouver, Washington is the location of the Historic Covington House.

There is a long history at Washington State. On November 11, 1889, it was admitted as the 42nd state of the United States of America. But as early as the 1770s, European settlers began to arrive. Interestingly enough, Washington State’s oldest structure dates back to 1848. Are you prepared to find out more? Discover the oldest house in Washington by following along.

What is the Oldest House in Washington?

Unbelievably, after more than 175 years, the oldest residence in Washington State is still standing. The Historic Covington dwelling, a cabin in Vancouver, Washington, is the oldest dwelling in the state. Built in 1848 by Richard and Charlotte “Anna” Covington.

Concerning the Historic Covington Mansion

Richard and Charlotte “Anna” Covington were English-born educators and musicians who were the first owners of the Historic Covington House in Fort Vancouver. The two musicians were employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company to instruct the kids of Fort Vancouver. Both a house and a boarding school were housed in the cabin. In the cabin, kids studied, ate, and slept.

A well-known social hub for musicians and music enthusiasts was the cabin. For example, Ulysses S. Grant was a frequent and well-known guest of the Historic Covington House. This ancient building has served a variety of purposes over the years. It had once served as an animal shelter. Although the Covington House Heritage Society manages it, the city of Vancouver currently owns the house and grounds. It is available for special occasions like reunions with family and friends. This historic house is open for visits every month during Open Houses.

Where on a map is the location of The Historic Covington House?

Richard and Charlotte “Anna” Covington, who were born and reared in London before getting married, built the historic Covington House cabin in Vancouver, Washington.

Other Amazing Washington National Historic Landmarks (NHL)

At least 24 National Historic Landmarks (NHL) can be found in Washington State, according to the National Parks Service. Not only is the oldest house in Washington, but there are a ton of other amazing places you can see. Discover more Washington State National Historic Landmarks (NHL) by continuing on.

Fort Nisqually Granary

Tacoma’s Fort Nisqually Grandary is a Washington State National Historic Landmark. Constructed in 1843, it is the oldest building still standing in the state. The Hudson’s Bay Company used the fort as a major farming and fur trade center. It is now located in the park instead of its original location. This living history exhibit is open for visits in Point Defiance Park. On April 15, 1970, Fort Nisqually Granary was classified as an NHL and placed to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Longmire Buildings

The Longmire Buildings at Mount Rainier National Park are another NHL located in Washington. The Longmire Community Building from 1927, the Administration Building from 1928, and the Longmire Service Station from 1929 are the three buildings that make up this site, which is less than an acre in size.

The first structure constructed on the land was the Longmire Community Building in 1927. There is a sizable community space that is roughly 60 feet long and 30 feet broad in this unusual T-shaped building.

The largest of the three structures is the 1928 Administration Building. The two-story structure served as an administration facility for many years until a new headquarters was constructed not far from the park’s limits.

The newest structure, the 1929 Longmire Service Station, is last but certainly not least. It’s a little, rustic-style building that was formerly utilized to give park visitors gas and other necessities. On May 28, 1987, the Longmire Buildings were added on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Paradise Inn

The Paradise Inn, located in Mount Rainier National Park, is the next place on our list. While it is still in use, this spacious accommodation structure is only accessible in the summer. When it first opened on July 1, 1917, the inn featured 37 guest rooms. It was a small dining area that could hold up to 400 people. This distinctive inn is situated on Mount Rainier’s southern flank. It reopened in May 2008 after renovations in 2006. In 1987, Paradise Inn was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

San Juan Island National Historical Park

San Juan Island National Historical Park is the last but certainly not the least. In addition to enjoying the summer, you may learn more about the Pig War, which was a territorial dispute over island possession. There are remnants of US and British Army camps scattered over the park. The island was apparently inhabited more than 11,000 years ago, but the 1700s saw the arrival of the first European settlers. The smallpox they carried decimated the local populace. The total surface area of this historical park is 2,141 acres. In 1961, it was designated as a National Historical Landmark.