The Most Terrifying Bridge in Massachusetts Will Put You in a Cold Sweat

Two factors make the bridge dangerous: its high traffic volume and its poor condition. When combined, these may quickly spell catastrophe for any car utilising the flyover. The bridge’s surface requires urgent repairs even if daily traffic exceeds 50,000 cars, a threshold that necessitates more thorough examination and study from the Federal Highway Administration on a regular basis.

There’s another danger in this area so prevalent that it’s become a Bostonian colloquialism. Trucks that attempt to pass under overly tall bridges are referred to as “stormrowing.” They struck the flyover, resulting in injuries, delays, and damage. Unfortunately, a number of news sources claim that it happens frequently in Boston. This mostly affects drivers who are unfamiliar with operating a truck that they have rented, like a moving truck. They input their destination into their GPS and drive on, not realising that low overpasses could prevent them from reaching their destination.

Where Is the Storrow Drive Overpass in Massachusetts?

In Boston’s Back Bay neighbourhood, the particular flyover that attracts the most attention is located near Clarendon Street. Storrow Drive is a busy thoroughfare in the city that stretches over two miles east-west along the Charles River. There are only cars on Storrow Drive. Because of the low overpasses, trucks and buses are not permitted. However, this doesn’t always prevent unskilled drivers from ending up on Storrow Drive while operating a rental truck. Because of the several low overpasses along Storrow Drive, the entire length has a 10-foot height limit.

Another name for Storrow Drive is a speed corridor. Cars frequently go faster than what the posted speed limit permits. There are numerous entrance ramps into the road, and the lanes are small. Accidents and aggressive driving are frequently the results of this. When taken as a whole, Storrow Drive is not a location for timid or unskilled drivers.

Future Repairs to the Bridge

Fortunately for residents of Boston, Storrow Bridge will soon receive much-needed repairs. Two significant projects, including repairs to some of Storrow Drive, were described in a news release from November 2022. However, work isn’t expected to start until at least 2027 and could take up to four years. Boston drivers from Massachusetts must currently drive on the hazardous Storrow Drive. Just keep an eye on your car’s clearance, particularly if you’re driving a rental truck!