The Most Haunted Places In Massachusetts

One of the oldest American communities is located in Massachusetts. Although Plymouth was founded in 1620, the area has probably been inhabited for much longer. Numerous locations across the state have seen murders, diseases, wars, and other atrocities over the ages. Some people think that crimes or those who pass away with unresolved business never truly go away. Find out the locations of Massachusetts’ most haunted locations as well as the reasons behind their eerie reputations!

1. Lizzie Borden House

Last but not least, the Lizzie Borden House is unquestionably among Massachusetts’ most haunted locations. The home is most known for being the scene of a double homicide in which Andrew and Abby Borden were slain in 1892 with a hatchet. Andrew’s daughter Lizzie Borden was tried, but she was found not guilty.

Since 1996, the house has operated as a bed and breakfast. Experts in paranormal phenomena assert that the residence is haunted by the spirits of the two people who were killed. Visitors frequently ask to stay in the room where Abby Borden was murdered.

These are a few of Massachusetts’ most haunted locations. Due to the numerous deaths and events that have occurred in the Bay State throughout the course of its long history, it makes sense that some of the sites would be seen as haunted.

2. Fort Warren

On Georges Island, close to Boston Harbor’s entrance, sits Fort Warren. The man who participated in the first battles of the Revolutionary War and sent Paul Revere packing, Dr. Joseph Warren, is the namesake of the fort. Constructed between 1834 and 1861, the fort had service as a jail during the American Civil War.

The wife of a Confederate soldier, Mrs. Melanie Lanier, is said to be the woman in black who haunts the fort. Other paranormal phenomena, such as voices, shadows, and ghosts, has been reported in this area.

3. Old Burying Point Cemetery

One of the most haunted locations in Massachusetts is the Old Burying Point Cemetery. The cemetery is in Salem, just like the other locations on this list. The variety of individuals buried in the Old Burying Point Cemetery is a reason why ghost hunters adore visiting.

The Old Burying Point Cemetery contains the graves of numerous Revolutionary War troops as well as a number of victims of the Salem Witch Trials. This cemetery is also the ultimate burial place of Judge John Hathorne, a prominent judge during the Salem Witch Trials. This graveyard is haunted by numerous ghosts, including the judge’s.

4. King’s Chapel Burying Grounds

In Boston, King’s Chapel Burying Grounds is the oldest cemetery. Beginning around 1630, this location was used for burials, including those of several well-known individuals. This cemetery served as the final resting place for William Dawes, Mary Chilton, and John Winthrop, the state’s first governor.

The burial markers aren’t where they were supposed to be, though. To improve navigation throughout the burial grounds, groundskeepers repositioned stones. Thus, guests are never sure who is walking beneath them. In this place, people claim to see ghosts from all different eras.

5. Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater

Boston, Massachusetts is home to the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater. The stunning structure has served as an opera house, movie theater, and theater since it debuted in 1903. People have claimed seeing ghosts, moving shadows, sporadic lights, and more over the years.

Helen Macgregor, an actress who was leading a production of “As Ye Sow” when she passed away during surgery, is one of the theater’s ghosts. A number of other ghosts, mostly those of those slain in a nearby gas explosion before to the building’s opening, are also said to haunt this structure.

6. Spiders Gate Cemetery

Located in Leicester, Massachusetts, the Quaker Cemetery is also referred to as the Spiders Gate Cemetery. The shape of the black iron gates around the location is the source of the unofficial moniker. The design of the gates is reminiscent of the sun’s beams. However, some see them as the several legs of a spider.

Fair or not, there is a ghost at this graveyard. Marmaduke Earle is available for phone calls at midnight, when people can speak with him. Just to be clear, dusk is when the cemetery shuts. A hanging tree, an altar, and a trail that leads to River Styx at the little Kettle Brook behind the cemetery are among the other supposedly haunted areas of the cemetery.

7. Clinton Tunnel

The Clinton Tunnel is a disused railroad tunnel located near Clinton, Massachusetts. Among the most haunted locations in Massachusetts is this one. For those who travel inside, this tunnel feels far longer than its 1,110 feet length. It appears that as guests pass through the tunnel, they encounter paranormal activity of all kinds, including voices, light orbs, strange noises, and more.

8. The Joshua Ward House

This one is being held back in Salem, folks. Built of brick, the Joshua Ward residence dates back to 1784. What makes this site supposedly haunted? It turns out that the property on which this home is located was once home to Sheriff George Corwin. During the Salem Witch Trials, he served as Essex County’s High Sheriff.

He thus actually approved the death sentences for those who were hung throughout the trials. He was also present when Giles Corey was tortured and killed. At thirty years old, George Corwin passed away after a heart attack. The site is purportedly where Corwin was buried. In this now-hotel structure, apparitions such as Giles Corey and the sheriff can be seen.

9. Metropolitan State Hospital

Waltham is home to the Metropolitan State Hospital, which is roughly ten miles away from Boston. The hospital’s initial phase of construction got underway in 1926, and was opened in 1930. The facility provided care exclusively for patients with mental health issues. The building was operational until 1992. Many lawsuits claiming that the caregivers mistreated the individuals under their care were filed during that time.

The Dr. William F. McLaughlin Administration Building is the only remaining building as of right now. Nearby residents and workers assert that the site is haunted by the spirits of patients who were mistreated.

10. Proctor’s Ledge, Salem

It is a given that Salem, Massachusetts will be included in the list. Because of the Salem Witch Trials, it is one of the most well-known towns in the nation. During this turbulent time of false allegations and religious fervor, 19 persons were hung.

In the past, experts believed that the hangings happened atop Gallows Hill. However, new information has increased the likelihood that Proctor’s Ledge is where the hangings took place. The persons who were put to death during the trials were either buried nearby or moved later. The trial’s victims still linger in this neighborhood.

Overview of the Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts

Rank Haunted Place Location
1. Lizzie Borden House Fall River
2. Fort Warren Georges Island
3. Old Burying Point Cemetery Salem
4. King’s Chapel Burying Grounds Boston
5. Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater Boston
6. Spiders Gate Cemetery Leicester
7. Clinton Tunnel Clinton
8. Joshua Ward House Salem
9. Metropolitan State Hospital Waltham
10. Proctor’s Ledge Salem