The Most Haunted Places In Maine

Some of the most stunning coastlines and fascinating architecture in the country may be found in the lovely state of Maine. But did you know that Maine has some incredibly eerie, haunting locations both along those coastlines and deep within the state? These locations, which range from graveyards where creepy apparitions follow people around to a lighthouse with a sordid past, are always eerie and dark.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor

Address: 1048 State Street, Bangor, Maine‎ 04401

Can You Visit? Yes,

Stephen King fans are aware of the location of one of Maine’s most haunted locations: Mount Hope Cemetery. This haunting mansion and cemetery were featured in the film adaptation of his book Pet Sematary. There are some nasty and dangerous characters buried among the gravestones, such as the notorious criminal Al Brady. There are rumors that you might even see his spirit strolling among the stones in addition to his burial.

Since the cemetery’s founding in 1836, over 30,000 people have been laid to rest there. The 300-acre cemetery has mausoleums, regular burials, and huge, eerie memorials. Many warriors from numerous conflicts are buried there, frequently projecting their shadows onto the surrounding area.

The Kennebec Arsenal, Augusta

Address: 111-136 Arsenal St 1-17, Augusta, Maine 04330

Can You Come Over?No, it’s illegal to enter and is deemed dangerous.

The hazards don’t deter the ghouls, even if you can’t visit the former Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta, Maine! The approximately 200-year-old arsenal was first used as a military installation before evolving into a center for the treatment of mental health issues. The look of the abandoned building should be enough to spook you, but others have reported hearing terrifying, spectral appearances of the building’s past occupants. Thousands of patients are said to have passed away throughout the years only to be interred in unmarked graves. Strange noises, eerie visuals, and occasionally the agonized cries of the victims are allegedly still audible to anyone who dared to enter.

The Kennebunk Inn, Kennebunk

Address: The Kennebunk Inn, 45 Main St, Kennebunk, Maine 04043

Can You Visit? Yes, as a guest of the still-running inn

Spooky apparitions can be found in Kennebunk, Maine, a stunning inn with lots of charm. It is thought that the two ghosts of the old inn clerks still reside here, frightening visitors who happen to stumble upon them at night. The two clerks appeared to have struggled to let go despite their years of dedicated service to the inn. People still reportedly witness them carrying out their tasks and uttering strange, incomprehensible noises.

Strand Cinema, Skowhegan

Address: 19 Court St, Skowhegan, Maine 04976

Website: Strand Cinema (Spotlight Cinemas)

Can You Come Over?Yes, it is still in use as a theater.

Since it initially opened its doors in 1929 to a crowd of up to 1,000 people, the Strand Cinema has undergone numerous alterations. For as long as the theater has been operating, movies have been shown here, starting with the first sound pictures and continuing through contemporary fairs and even live events. However, over the years, odd things have happened all over the theater.

Certain staff members claim to have witnessed power tools operating independently while disconnected. Some claim to have seen paint splashed on the walls and felt the presence of apparitions while no one else was around. One worker even claimed to have once experienced a spirit’s overwhelming presence while descending the basement stairs. There have been numerous bizarre and unexplainable incidents, including papers flying off desks and strange noises coming from balconies.

According to theories, when the cinema erected an apartment in 1978, the ghostly entity stormed inside the structure. However, nobody is quite certain of her origins or motivations. They just know that having guests makes her unhappy.

Maine State Prison Museum, Thomaston

Address: 80 Knox Street, Thomaston, Maine 04861

Website: Maine State Prison Museum

Can You Visit? Yes,

Constructed in 1824, the Maine State Prison formerly held seasoned offenders serving life terms while performing strenuous manual labor. For a while, both males and women were housed here; finally, the ladies were moved to another prison. The jail saw multiple fires that destroyed several buildings, including those housing the segregation and mental health divisions.

Numerous sightings of eerie presences at the jail have been reported by both guards and inmates throughout its existence. There was no one around and nowhere to hide, but for some people it felt like they were being watched. Some have claimed to have seen the ghosts of long-dead prisoners.

A portion of the prison is still standing at the Thomaston Historic Society, although the most of it has been destroyed.

The Robie-Andrews Dormitory, University of Southern Maine, Gorham Campus

Address: Robie Andrews Hall, University Way, Gorham, Maine 04038, USA

Can You Visit? University of Southern Maine current students’ private house

The oldest structure on the Gorham campus, the old dormitory building dates back to the 1800s. The location is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young lady who committed suicide by hanging herself in the tower after discovering she was unwed pregnant. According to other traditions, the spirit belonged to a young lady who died in front of onlookers below. Her death raises questions: was it deliberate or unintentional?

Whichever young woman it is, students have reported seeing and hearing her ghost around the hostel, as well as experiencing chilly spots and eerie noises. Although the tower has been locked and unreachable for years, some claim to have seen the woman there.

Museums of Old York, Old York

Address: Old York Historical Society, 3 Lindsay Road, York, Maine 03909

Can You Visit? Yes,

Currently a group of museums in Old York, the Old York village was one of the first English settlements in America. This location is home to nine historic buildings where guests can learn about the country’s past. Structures go back almost 300 years, to 1742 and beyond.

But according to both employees and visitors, the museum has more to offer than meets the eye. It has been reported that things move, doors open when there is no breeze or someone around, and cold areas persist where none should. The most unsettling sensations are provided by multiple sightings of “the White Witch” as people wander around the abandoned village. This white witch was supposedly hanged for her supposed witchcraft in front of the town hall, which is now a museum. Even though she is amiable, it is really disturbing to see her wandering the streets and encouraging kids to play with her.

Wood Island Lighthouse, Saco Bay

Address: Wood Island Lighthouse, Wood Island Acres, Biddeford, Maine 04005, USA

Can You Visit the Lighthouse? Yes,

It is said that Wood Island in Saco Bay, both the island and the lighthouse, are haunted. The primary explanation for these hauntings is on the life of a former fisherman named Howard Hobbs, who killed his landlord, Fred Miliken, on the island in 1896 by shooting him before taking his own life. It is said that after Hobbs and William Moses, his roommate, got into an argument, the landlord confronted them about their unpaid rent. The inebriated Hobbs shot the landlord out of rage before turning the pistol on himself.

The lighthouse keepers described strange shadows, muted, melancholy moaning, the sound of a gunshot, and other horrifying sights and sounds following the suicide murder. Ghost Hunters has even investigated the lighthouse for unexplained behavior. These days, you may take a tour of the lighthouse and take in the island’s splendor while keeping an eye out for ghosts.