The Longest Zipline in the United States Zooms You an Absurd 1-Mile Long

Riding a zipline is a lot of fun. For the appropriate person, it’s an exciting journey. You can zipline over dense marshes, beautiful rivers, rich forests, and charming waterfalls. The longest zipline in the US may be of interest to you if you enjoy ziplining. There is nothing like this thrilling zipline. How long is it, do you know? To find out more about this amazing zipline, keep reading.

What is the Longest Zipline in the United States?

With a length of more than a mile, the “Cata-monster” is the longest zipline in the country. There are two spans in it. The length of the first bridge, the Ridge Zip, is approximately 900 feet, and the second span is 5,523 feet. Bookings are required for the 2-hour Catamount Zip Tour in order to experience this amazing zipline. Online reservations are accepted, and on weekends—particularly during the summer—bookings fill up fast. Guests must be 55 inches or taller and at least ten years old to be eligible. 50 pounds is the minimum weight required to ride, and 260 pounds is the maximum.

What may riders anticipate from this lengthy zipline, then? Three dual-zipline spans and a chairlift trip up the mountain are features of the Catamount Zip Line. The braking system allows riders to regulate their pace. This implies that visitors have the option to fly at exhilarating speeds of up to 55 mph or take it leisurely and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Berkshires and the Hudson Valley. This zipline is located near Hillsdale and Egremont, close to the Massachusetts–New York State boundary.

Where is the Cata-monster?

The “Cata-monster” can be found in Egremont, Massachusetts, and Hillsdale, New York. Hillsdale is a town in New York’s Columbia County. It’s close to the Massachusetts–New York State boundary. This lovely town spans 47.89 square miles and features breathtaking scenery. This village has a population of only 1,200 year-round residents, yet summertime brings many tourists who come to enjoy the surrounding attractions. Taconic State Park and Bash Bish Falls are also close to this hamlet.

Although it is located in Massachusetts’s Berkshire County, Egremont is a small town as well. There are about 1,300 residents in Egremont. This town has a surface area of 18.9 square miles. This historic village was originally inhabited in 1722 by Dutch immigrants. Hillsdale is just ten minutes away by car from Egremont.

Things to do near Egremont and Hillsdale

It’s likely that you’re at Egremont or Hillsdale because you enjoy being outside. There are mountains, state parks, hiking trails, gardens, and a ski resort nearby. Bash Bish Falls at Bash Bish Falls State Park is a well-liked location close to both cities. The highest waterfall in Massachusetts is this one. The final, spectacular cascade, which plunges 80 feet into an emerald plunge pool, draws the majority of visitors.

Taconic State Park is another well-liked spot close to both towns; you can hike there and back from Bash Bish Falls. This top-notch state park offers fantastic hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife observation opportunities. The campground at the state park has 18 cottages and 106 campsites.

The Naumkeag, a former country home that is now a nonprofit museum, is also close by. This charming house was constructed between 1886 and 1887. Situated on 48 acres of land, it is renowned for its breathtaking gardens.

Wildlife near the Longest Zipline in the United States

Animals abound in the region, even if it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to observe them while ziplining the “Cata-monster”! There are about 500 native animal species in New York State alone, the majority of which are birds. There are roughly 92 mammals in this. There are almost the same amount of animals in Massachusetts.

It’s difficult to narrow down the specific species you might come across at the longest zipline in the country. On the other hand, you might come across red foxes, moose, eastern cottontails, North American porcupines, and whitetail deer when hiking the mountain.

Common snapping turtles, common garter snakes, red-bellied snakes, and smooth green snakes are among the other reptiles found nearby. Aside from insects, birds are the most frequent species you’ll see at and around the zipline. You can make a stop at Taconic State Park or Bash Bish Falls to enjoy bird watching. If you’re lucky, you might see indigo buntings, ruby-throated hummingbirds, scarlet tanagers, mallard ducks, turkey vultures, song sparrows, and barred owls.