The Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in Missouri

In Missouri, feral hogs are an invasive and dangerous species. They can wreak havoc across the state and jeopardise numerous native species that depend on a specific natural equilibrium for their survival. The Missouri Department of Conservation, however, prefers that reports of feral hog sightings be made rather than advocating hunting. Notwithstanding this, wild hog hunting does go place, and it has produced some incredible catches over the years! Discover some of the biggest wild hogs in Missouri and more details on this invasive species by reading on.

The Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in Missouri

Hogs are not considered wild game in most of the United States; instead, they are considered feral animals. The government does not track size if wild game is not classified. This, along with the sensitive nature of Missouri’s wild hog issue, makes it difficult to determine the precise size of the animals that are shot or captured there. There are no data pertaining to the largest wild hog ever recorded in Missouri.

Wild hogs, meanwhile, are certainly capable of weighing more than 500 pounds. Pulse Factor TV featured a Missouri hunt when the 200-pound boar at Stone Creek Ranch in Edgar Springs was successfully hunted.

Why is Wild Hog Hunting Discouraged?

Surprisingly, a lot of people think that killing wild hogs could make the situation worse rather than better.

As you can see, wild hogs are gregarious by nature. They move in clusters, referred to as sounders. Hunting wild pigs may remove one or two people from this sounder, but it causes the others to become frightened and split up. Trapping and capturing a disoriented bunch of wild hogs is considerably more challenging. This is a result of their learning to become tired of human odours, baits, and other similar attempts. While it is discouraged on most sites, the Missouri Department of Conservation forbids shooting wild hogs in conservation areas and places under its management.

It is always advisable to inquire about specific hunting rules from your local agencies and departments before taking any kind of hunting.