The Largest Landowner in Arizona Owns an Ridiculous 750,000 Acres

Arizona is the most affordable state in which to purchase land out of all 50 states in the union. The average cost per acre is approximately $4,100. New Mexico is the next closest state, costing $6,000. In Arizona, the state department and the federal government jointly possess around 41 million acres of land. Among other things, this territory is home to historical sites, public schools, and national parks.

The largest parcel of property not under state or federal control is owned by a private family company.

Babbitt Ranch, Flagstaff Arizona

Five brothers from Cincinnati, Ohio, started this family-run company in 1886. Situated in Flagstaff, Arizona, this innovative land firm, run by a family, raises cattle, looks after the environment, and advances science.Approximately 8,000 head of grass-fed, open-range Hereford cattle are raised by Babbitt Ranches and graze on 700,000 acres of state, federal, and private land, including the CO Bar, Espee, and Cataract ranches.

This business takes great pleasure in its organisational, community, ecological, and economic values. In addition, Babbitt Ranch creates many programmes to assist people in understanding infrastructure, employment in the sector, diversity in business, and land stewardship. The ranch has long upheld the Cowboy Essence and tradition, having done so since its founding. The fundamental principles of Babbitt Ranches are mirrored in The Constitution of Babbitt Ranches, which defines the character traits that comprise Cowboy Essence.

The Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame

The Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame inducted Babbitt Ranches in 2022. With this specific award, the ranches’ 136 years of service and business in the state of Arizona were honoured. Over this period, Babbitt Ranch has made a substantial contribution to both the land and the agriculture sector.

Additionally, the Babbitt Brothers Foundation is a charitable organisation that was founded by the family out of this business. People can now take part in the science, arts, health, education, and historic preservation of Northern Arizona communities. It serves as a means of supplying needs, making a contribution, and improving living standards. The family also gives special attention to the areas where Babbitt Ranches operates. The Foundation engages in partnerships with people, groups, companies, and foundations that have similar interests. They fund scientific research, student scholarships, food drives, fitness walks and races, and conservation initiatives. They also favour historic preservation as well as the conservation and promotion of the arts.