The Largest City in New Hampshire Now and in 30 Years

Situated on the US East Coast, New Hampshire is a picturesque little state. Being one of the first colonies, it has a rich past that is well worth learning about. Not many large cities can be found in New Hampshire, a state best renowned for its eccentric New England communities. In truth, many people would classify the largest city in New Hampshire as a mid-size metropolis.

Let’s take a look at the largest city in New Hampshire and the largest city that will likely exist in 30 years. After looking at a few interesting facts, the state’s major cities are outlined below.

What’s the Largest City in New Hampshire?

Manchester is the biggest city in New Hampshire as of 2024. Manchester is a city in southern New Hampshire that is situated next to the stunning Merrimack River. Manchester is home to slightly more than 115,000 people. That being said, it’s interesting to remember that there are only 1.4 million people living in New Hampshire. Therefore, slightly over 8% of the state’s population lives in Manchester alone.

Facts about Manchester, New Hampshire

Let’s examine some information about Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire.

Although Manchester isn’t a very large city, it’s conveniently located for locals who want to explore some of the greatest East Coast metropolises. Boston is just 50 minutes away, Philadelphia is six hours away, and New York City is four hours away.

Manchester, New Hampshire is jokingly referred to as “The Queen City.” This is due to Manchester’s larger area than Concord, the capital of New Hampshire. Another name for it is ManchVegas. This is due to the fact that numerous restaurants continued to have gambling machines in their arcades during the 1980s and 1990s, when gambling was outlawed in the city.

Manchester has multiple significant industries rather than just one. Manchester, New Hampshire is home to a thriving range of businesses, including manufacturing, financial services, and technology.

Manchester is home to the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, a public university with a reputation for offering the second-best value in the state.

What Will Be the Largest City in New Hampshire in 2054?

Manchester is anticipated to remain the most populous city in the state of New Hampshire in thirty years. With a population of about 90,000, Nashua is the second-largest city; however, in recent years, the population has been decreasing. The city that is third in size is far behind. Concord is the city, home to 44,000 people. Manchester will therefore probably continue to be the largest city in the state.

New Hampshire’s Top 3 Largest Cities + Quick Facts

Now that you are aware of New Hampshire’s largest city and our projections for its largest city in 2024, let’s examine the state’s three most populous cities. The name of the city, its size, population, growth rate, and the median household income are all listed in this summary.

City Population Area
Manchester 115,037 34 square miles
Nashua 90,000 32 square miles
Concord 44,049 67 square miles