The Largest City in Iowa Now and in 2050

The Midwest state of Iowa is full of charm. Although the state is most known for its contributions to the US agriculture sector, its borders are home to some fantastic large cities. The biggest city in Iowa is full of things to do and has some impressive skyscrapers perched high above the surrounding plains. Let’s explore Iowa’s major cities, including what makes them unique and what city is expected to surpass all others in size by 2050.

What is the Largest City in Iowa?

The most populated city in the state of Iowa is also its capital. It’s Des Moines, that city. At 213,164, Des Moines is a wonderful large city. With West Des Moines to the southwest and Ankeny to the north, it is located in the middle of the state. The lovely Des Moines River divides Des Moines, so you may take in the views of the water while exploring the expansive metropolis. With a total area of around 80 square miles, this city also holds the title of largest city in Iowa!

Des Moines Facts & Figures

Let’s discover some interesting information about Des Moines, the largest city in Iowa. We’ve also included a few state-related tidbits!

The name Des Moines is French. It translates to “the monks” in French. Maybe there is some peace and quiet in Des Moines?

The Iowa State Capitol is a breathtaking structure. The structure’s dome, which gleams brilliantly over Des Moines, is home to 100 ounces of gold.

Des Moines wasn’t always known as that city. In fact, it was known as Fort Raccoon for a very long time!

A well-known Iowan is none other than Ashton Kutcher.

The stunning American goldfinch is the official bird of Iowa.

What Will Be the Largest City in Iowa in 2050?

Large cities have little competition in Iowa because the state is mostly made up of small towns and rural areas. Des Moines’ population is increasing at a rate of about 1.24% as well. With 136,929 inhabitants, Cedar Rapids is the city ranked second. Nonetheless, Cedar Rapids is growing at a negative rate. Therefore, it’s likely that Des Moines will remain Iowa’s largest city in 2050.

Highlights of the Largest Cities in Iowa Comparison:

Before you go, we’ve produced a quick summary of the five largest cities in Iowa. For each city, we’ve provided the population, the growth rate, the area, and the rank organized by population.

City Population Population Growth Rate Area
Des Moines 213,164 1.24% 80.87 sq. mi.
Cedar Rapids 136,929 -0.81% 70.80 sq. mi.
Davenport 101,448 .0.57% 62.95 sq. mi.
Sioux City 85,469 3.08% 57.35 sq. mi.
Iowa City 74,878 0.21% 26.19 sq. mi.