The Importance of Friends After Marriage

Studies on the importance of friendships are scarce. The majority of studies demonstrate how our brains behave differently when we are with friends compared to strangers. Even if the stranger is identical to us, this is still true.

The medial prefrontal regions and linked brain regions appeared to be driven by proximity but not similarity in all studies, according to Krienen. The findings imply that when judging people, social closeness is more significant than shared beliefs.

“The authors address an important component of social cognition — the relevance of people close to us,” Read Montague, PhD, of Baylor College of Medicine, a specialist on decision-making and computational neuroscience, said.

Why do some of us have few friends after marriage?

The relevance of those who are close to us is supported by science, therefore why do some of us have so few friends? Of course, I’m referring to your actual buddies rather than your 500 Facebook friends or your 1,000 Twitter followers.

In my clinical work, I observe how friendships slowly deteriorate after marriage. According to studies, women maintain their friendships longer than men do.

But how crucial do we consider friendship? I ask this because I frequently find myself shocked by a partner’s expectations of one another when I deal with couples. What I’m trying to say is that “if you love me, you will take care of all my needs and be my everything.” Although I have never heard such words spoken exactly, I have heard the sentiment.

One of the closest relationships one can have is a marriage or a partnership, yet this is not the only kind of relationship one can have.

Each friend is different.

We can observe all the various qualities of our friends when we examine our own friendships. Every friend has something to offer us. One friend is the one to go to museums with, while the other is the one to ask questions about fashion or design.

While one friend may need scheduled notice, another may be excellent in an emergency. Each friend lights a fire within of us. Something that might not have surfaced prior to the arrival of that friend. similar to the first quote from this article.

Why do we expect our spouse or partner to fulfill all of our needs?

I’ve seen partners horrified at the thought that their partner doesn’t want to participate in everything. Is it an American ideal to believe that once we find a spouse, all of our needs will be met and all of our issues will be resolved? Sometimes resolving a conflict requires recognizing your differences.

When your partner isn’t interested in going, you may have to go the performance alone or with a buddy. What happens if you become ill? It can need more than one person to care for you. Being the sole bearer would be an excessive load. Although not the only one, your partner is your major friend.

Maintain your relationship for both deep friendship and romantic love. Rekindle your friendships to expand your horizons and stimulate your mind. These relationships can only improve your relationship with your partner.


After marriage, making friends may seem tedious or unimportant, but it can lay the groundwork for dependable support in your life.

When you have reliable people by your side, you can think things through more clearly and they can tell you whether your actions are detrimental to your relationship or your general wellbeing.