The Cost of Rage – Why It Destroys Relationships

The world attributes fury to stress and a lack of financial independence. Most individuals believe that marital problems stem from stress and financial hardship. But it goes much deeper than this. While financial hardship and stress can serve as catalysts, they are not the causes. It makes no difference how wealthy or how impoverished someone is—if they have lost the capacity for love. Many people have plenty of wealth, but they also have a lot of anger. So do away with stereotypes. Data indicate that domestic abuse affects people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and income levels.

Realizing that your marriage has turned you into a punching bag

My marriage was one of those numbers years ago. I was married to an unconscious man who had become a punching bag in the marriage because of his extreme wrath and past grief. My retirement savings had completely disappeared, and we were losing a significant amount of money. He became into an unstable turbulence whose mind dissolved readily in ordinary conditions. When the pressure of life’s circumstances increased, he caught fire.

For me, the turning point in my life came when I started practicing self-love and living a more conscious existence. My spouse was really disturbed by this, to the point where he found it troubling when he saw how pleased I was when I went to bed and woke up in the evening. His life was driven by rage, which ultimately ended up ruining the marriage.

Anger stems from a lack of self-love.

Living in fear is the source of anger, which is the result of lacking self-love. Anger is usually motivated by fear in most cases. Those who are perceived as malicious are, in reality, afraid people. They live in terror, which is why they act out in wrath. You are pushing love farther and farther away when you live in dread. You lose your ability to walk in love because it is so paralyzing.

In a married relationship, each partner must maintain awareness and practice self-love. If not, your marriage will be ruined by the stark contrasts in consciousness between you and your partner. In certain cases, you can assist someone in awakening, but in other cases, they are just not prepared to change. The key is that you have to make the decision for yourself. You can’t get it done by anyone else. One of the seven doorsways to success is the decision. Even though things might not always work out perfectly, there is always the option to choose to be at peace. And something is really ideal if it brings you peace. Check out “Truth to Triumph” for additional information on this.

Hitting is a deal breaker when it comes to wrath. Furthermore, nobody was sent here to be mistreated. An escape plan is essential for everyone who feels their life is in jeopardy. On the other hand, if you are often angry, it’s likely ruining your marriage. How much does anger cost you?

Three doable methods for putting the anger aside

1. Self-inquiry

The first step to letting go of anger is self-inquiry. If there is something going on in your life that is making you angry, try to put the scenario down in front of you and declare, “I want you out of my life.” I no longer desire this suffering. Try telling yourself, “I am hurting,” if you are experiencing pain. However, I’m all right. This is a chance for introspection that can lead to significant personal development. You must undertake the inward labor that calls for self-love if you are to experience inner progress.

2. Go to the heart

Reaching within your heart is the second stage to letting go of anger. Have a close listen to your heart. Disregard the reasoning mind. The goal of the thinking mind is for you to accept its conclusions. It is not credible. Listen to what your heart is telling you by going there. You will always hear the truth in love from your heart. It will instill tranquility and serenity.

3. Accept the change.

Making the transition toward peace is the third step in letting go of anger. You are in charge of how your personal changes in life manifest in your marriage. You can’t get it done by anyone else. Only when you are completely present and in love with yourself will the change toward serenity occur. An deep sense of serenity will arise when you are prepared to make the transition to awareness and self-love.

The marriage between your inner child and yourself is what completes you, to sum up.

It is not anyone’s job to save or mend another in a marriage. As we make our way through life, the only things we are here to do are love and fulfill ourselves. You are not complete when you are married. What makes you whole is the union of your inner child and yourself. On the other hand, because it is based on self-love, the union of two whole persons in marriage is lovely and peaceful.