The Biggest Great White Ever Spotted Off Georgia’s Coastline

The best seasons to visit Georgia’s beaches and go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on the country’s southeast coast are summer and spring. This area is home to a diverse array of marine life, including the much-feared sharks that migrate in close proximity to the coast.

The great white shark is one of these sharks that is very well-known. They are the biggest predatory shark species and can be dangerous to people who stray too far from the coast.

The sleek, torpedo-like appearance, black upper bodies contrasted with white underbelly, and powerful jaws with about 300 serrated teeth are characteristics that set great white sharks apart. Sometimes, one can spot these ferocious carnivores along Georgia’s shores.

Let’s now present the biggest great white shark ever seen off the coast of Georgia:

How Big Do Great Whites Get?

One of the largest shark species in the world is the great white shark. Their development rate slows down as they become older, but they continue to grow throughout their lives. These dangerous predators have a maximum length of 16 feet and a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds.

Great whites are usually larger in size in the female species than in the male species, thus you are not likely to come across a 25-foot male great white. The task of capturing these sharks from the ocean presents difficulties for fishermen frequently.

Are Great Whites Aggressive?

Great white sharks are among the world’s most violent sharks, despite being over-dramatized in films; they are sometimes referred to as the “wolves of the sea.” The bull and tiger sharks are the only other shark species that can match their aggressiveness. Great white sharks are ferocious animals that have very few opponents in the water. Underwater, nearly every animal is vulnerable to the great white shark.

Off the coast of Georgia, the largest Great White ever discovered

Although shark attacks and sightings are not widespread, Georgia is notable for many other things. A 13-foot male great white shark that was discovered off the shore of Tybee Island, Georgia, is said to be the largest great white shark ever discovered off Georgia’s coast. This enormous guest weighted close to 1,500 pounds. Breton, the shark, is more than twice as tall as the typical person at 13 feet, making him a terrifying sight underwater.

What Do Great Whites Eat?

As carnivores, great white sharks exist. These big sharks can be fussy, even with the rich environment in the sea and ocean. These extremely predatory sharks hunt for nutrient-rich prey in order to grow to enormous sizes. Because of this, they might not eat a sea snake, in contrast to tiger sharks, which sometimes eat trash in addition to practically any available meal.

Young great white sharks consume small fish and stingrays. They are frequently six feet long. Adults, on the other hand, eat larger prey, which includes seals, dolphins, and occasionally whale carcasses.

Where Do Great Whites Live?

Great white sharks are found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide and are very migratory. Other than freshwater environments, these sharks are found all around the planet. The only shark species that can live in freshwater is the bull shark. Great white sharks are widespread in Australia, California, and South Africa.

What Is the Largest Great White Ever Recorded?

Deep Blue is the largest great white ever identified. The female shark was described in the media as being over 5,000 pounds in weight and measuring 20 feet long. The shark is still the largest ever recorded, however other stories state that she was pregnant when her weight was calculated.

Can a Human Outswim a Great White?

The normal human can travel a short distance at a top speed of five to six mph, however great white sharks can reach up to 25 mph while submerged in the ocean. Consequently, it is impossible for humans to outswim these marine creatures. The great white shark’s strong tail enables it to sprint at peak speed and even break the surface of the water to seize its victim.

How Many Shark Attacks Have Happened off Georgia’s Coast?

Worldwide, great white shark attacks on people are primarily their fault. Shark attacks, however, have not occurred as frequently as one might think. In well than a century, less than 20 shark attacks have occurred in Georgia, according to ISAF. Based on mathematical calculations, there is virtually no chance of being bitten by a shark near Georgia’s coast.

There were just two shark attacks in the state that were reported in 2021, and neither resulted in death. These figures are insignificant in comparison to states like Florida, where there have been nearly 900 shark attacks.