The 8 Most Haunted Places In Nevada

For each person, ghosts and hauntings have a different meaning. While some laugh at them, many people find that hearing about ghosts and other frightful events makes their blood rush. They even go out of their way to find spooky locations and tales. Nevada, thankfully, has an abundance of these.

Because of the Silver State’s rich history, paranormal aficionados have a plenty of options even when they venture beyond of Las Vegas’ bright lights. Nevada seeks to frighten, branding itself as “the weirdest, wildest west.” The state even funds a “paranormal passport,” which is connected to numerous of its most well-known haunted locations! So grab a lantern, and let’s tour Nevada’s top eight spooky locations.

The Clown Motel & Old Tonopah Cemetery

Let’s start with a pair of features. The well-lit Clown Motel and the 1900-era Old Tonopah Cemetery, which are adjacent to one another, set the mood for an intriguing evening. The proprietor of the hotel and the locals both think that some of the deceased’s souls frequent the establishment. Anything to make the afterlife more colorful, huh?

There have been reports of footprints, voices and discussions in empty rooms, and eerie laughter from both the hotel’s owner and visitors. Ghostly knocking, whispers, and cold places are common complaints from visitors. Even in the middle of the night, when no one else was in the room, one guest claimed to have felt as though someone had poked them. Nonetheless, the majority of visitors say they feel safe and unintentionally friendly, thinking it’s just the elderly miners from down the hall checking in. Many find it even more eerie when they learn that the owner has amassed over 2,000 clowns and has them on display in the foyer.

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521 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049

(775) 624-9098

The foyer is always filled with clowns, and guests can reserve themed rooms. Since the old cemetery is still in use by the current people, please show consideration while you explore it. The tombs that are the oldest are distinguished from the rest of the cemetery by their rough white stone markers.

The Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel, first opened in 1907, was formerly known as “the finest stone hotel in the desert.” To uphold this claim, the hotel has undergone several restorations that have added contemporary amenities while maintaining its historic magnificence. But it also houses the most well-known ghost in Nevada, and enough people report seeing her that USA Today listed the hotel as one of the most haunted in the country.

The Redhead often makes surprise visits to her visitors, especially the guys. The Lady in Red, thought to be the ghost of Evelyn May Johnston, is the remnants of a woman who was most likely murdered on the hotel’s fifth floor. Divergent accounts quarrel about her account. Some claim she was a powerful man’s mistress who was caught with someone else, while others claim she was a lady of the night who was murdered by a jealous client. The narratives all agree on one thing, though: she died in the onslaught, and her pearl necklace broke.

Her whispering nice nothings in their ears while they sleep is now reported by men. A few people discover pearls concealed beneath their pillows. A present, drawn from the strewn necklace of the Lady in Red? Really, it sounds better than a chocolate.

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100 N. Main St., Tonopah, NV 89049

(855) 337-3030

Visitors have the option of staying in Room 502, the Lady in Red’s room, or on the fifth floor. Events related to ghost hunting are often planned by the hotel as well as outside organizations.

Overland Hotel & Saloon

Pioche has an interesting past. There were once a lot of miners in the town, but fewer guys who were engaged in upholding the law. Early on, there was a great deal of violence, with 72 deaths at the hands of other people before any deaths from natural causes. Pioche is known as “Nevada’s liveliest ghost town” as a result.

In 1863, the Overland Hotel & Saloon opened for business. The hotel prospered despite the violent and boisterous atmosphere of the town, housing a gambling establishment as well as a bowling alley. In 1946, a fire decimated a third of Pioche, encompassing the Overland. Remodeled with more fire-resistant masonry and concrete, it reopened in 1948 as a dance hall and saloon.

Both hotel staff and visitors frequently report seeing ghosts. Dark shapes stomp down the corridors, bang doors, and startle guests awake. Though more timid visitors can request a ghost-free room, Room 10 is particularly lively.

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662 Main St, Pioche, NV 89043

(775) 962-5895

Inform the front desk of your desired amount of paranormal activity while making your reservation! Make sure to stop at the old saloon for a bite to eat or a drink if you’re simply passing by.

Pioneer Saloon

In southern Nevada, Pioneer Saloon is the oldest saloon on record! The saloon, which opened in 1913, is currently listed on Nevada’s state register of historical sites. It still has its original walls made of stamped tin, and if the rumors about it are accurate, it is home to a variety of spirits that have been gathered throughout the years.

The Pioneer Saloon is haunted by several ghost stories. One is from 1915, two years after the tavern first opened, and it shows Paul Coski, a gambler. He accused the other of cheating, as did the dealer of the card game he had entered. Three bullet holes were left in the wall of the saloon from the rounds that missed, the dealer pulled his gun, and Coski was killed. Several customers have claimed to have seen Coski at the poker tables or bar after closure, and those holes are still visible today.

Other ghost stories include the owner of the saloon dying in the middle of a drink, a lady ghost haunting the women’s restroom, and a miner in a cowboy hat who just wants to hang out at the bar. Rumor has it that the ghosts of Carole Lombard or Clark Gable pay visits to the Pioneer Saloon. Clark Gable reportedly waited at the saloon for word on Carole Lombard’s whereabouts following her plane crash into the neighboring Potosi Mountain.

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310 NV-161, Goodsprings, NV 89019

(702) 674-6809

Every day, the saloon serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to guests, putting a Texas twist on beloved American dishes.

Middlegate Station

Middlegate Station was first constructed as a rest stop for the Pony Express, providing travelers with a place to eat, relax, and change horses before they resumed their incredibly fast ride across the nation. The telegraph’s development allowed the Pony Express system to last for only roughly eighteen months. Nevertheless, Middlegate Station persisted until the early 1900s, serving as a stage and freight station.

In addition to being the only gas station for fifty miles in either direction, Middlegate Station now doubles as a motel, bar, and cafe. The motel’s patrons have reported hearing footsteps and ghostly tapping on the wooden walkway in front of their rooms. Maybe the exhausted Pony Express passengers are still searching for somewhere to crash.

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42500 Austin Hwy, Fallon, NV 89406

(775) 423-7134

The restaurant at Middlegate Station offers more than just a comfortable bed and gas and ghosts—it also has the Monster Burger Challenge. That means you can still find a monster even if you don’t see a ghost!

Silver Queen Hotel

The Silver Queen Hotel holds the distinction of being Virginia City’s most haunted hotel as well as its oldest. Constructed in 1876, the Silver Queen still provides visitors with a range of amenities, including cozy accommodations, vistas spanning 100 miles, a general feeling of nostalgia and history, a massive portrait crafted from silver dollar coins, a crypt that has been converted into a church, and a ghost.

Numerous visitors claim to have seen a woman hovering at the top of the expansive main stairway. Numerous people have also claimed to have heard voices, banging door knobs, and footsteps on hardwood floors. All carpeting, though, is found throughout the Silver Queen Hotel. The hotel’s resident ghost, “Rosie,” is connected to these incidents. She had previously resided and worked at the hotel before she sadly killed herself by slitting her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11. If they’re bold enough, visitors can ask to stay in her chamber, and her spirit still prowls the halls.

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28 North C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440

(775) 847-0440

For the best chance of catching a glimpse of Rosie, book a stay at the Silver Queen Hotel; even if you’re just stopping by, you should still explore the chapel and saloon, which date back to the original 1870s.

Washoe Club

The newly wealthy miners and businesspeople were hosted at the Washoe Club, another hangout in Virginia City. Like any good VIP location, the club had several covert exits for guests’ discretion in addition to helping locals let off steam. Even today, the Washoe Club is a one-of-a-kind, historically significant club with an abundance of alcoholic and paranormal spirits.

The club is supposed to be haunted by three ghosts. Many guests have reported seeing Lena, also known as the Lady in Blue, atop the magnificent staircase, which is actually the largest freestanding spiral staircase ever constructed. The Crypt is currently a hotspot for chilly spots and shadowy figures; it was once utilized as a holding room for deceased people waiting to be buried when the ground thawed. And last, there’s a cunning prospector haunting the pub. He has a reputation for stealing unguarded drinks, knocking down barstools, and opening the front door for female customers. After closing the bar, some bartenders may leave him with a shot of whiskey. In the morning, the glass is always empty.

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112 South C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440

(775) 847-4467

Indulge in a specialty drink at the skillfully renovated saloon or take advantage of the building’s daily ghost tour. Furthermore, individuals with the courage can reserve an overnight paranormal encounter that gives them entrance to the Crypt, the stairway, and the top floors.

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

When it comes to ghostly locations and relics, Zak Bagans, the longtime host of the Discovery Channel series “Ghost Adventures,” has a reputation. He brought this fascination home to Las Vegas in 2017 when he bought a 1938 estate and turned it into an incredible collection of paranormal artifacts.

There are rumors that the mansion itself has a history of supernatural activity and is haunted by former residents. A shrouded figure is said to have passed through closed doors by some visitors.The Haunted Museum has more than thirty rooms filled to the brim with ephemera, totems, and cursed artifacts. The museum’s corridors are haunted by the Dybbuk Box, the Death Van of Dr. Death, the bone fragments of Charles Manson, and the original staircase from Indiana’s Demon House.

Details of Contact

600 East Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104

(702) 444-0744

You are welcome to browse this amazing collection of spooky stuff every day but Tuesdays. A medical waiver and admission fee are required for entry. The Late Night Flashlight Ghost Tour encounter is available to brave folks seeking a really scary encounter.

In brief

Nevada is home to more than its fair share of paranormal events. It was once the sound of siren calls for miners seeking precious metal. Ghost towns, eerie saloons, and heartbreaking tales can be found all around the Silver State, which has a colorful past. You’re in for a treat—we’ve barely touched the surface of the many spooky locations available!