The 8 Most Haunted Places in Georgia

Scary experiences are popular among Americans. Every Halloween, they visit haunted houses, look for scary movies, and chase the thrill of paranormal experiences. To find some of Georgia’s most haunted locations, though, you don’t have to wait for the inherently eerie fall season. Ghosts, spirits, and unearthly occurrences are not limited to a single month each year. Therefore, if you dare, consider visiting one of Georgia’s eight most haunted locations for a year-round scare.

1. Central State Hospital — Milledgeville

This eerie hospital was established in 1842. The Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum was its original name; it goes by a benign name now. During its peak, the hospital was the leading mental health facility in the country, housing more than 12,000 patients across 200 buildings. These days, it only sees about 400 patients at once. Over the years, thousands more patients passed away there.

As a result of their treatment, several of them died. There are many accounts of cruel operations and cruel treatment. There are metal monuments scattered across a sizable cemetery honoring the dead, but no actual gravesites are designated. Not many ghost stories are associated with Central State Hospital. However, the grounds themselves are eerie and haunting. Therefore, if guests are up for the adventure, they have the option to spend the night.

2. Euharlee Covered Bridge — Euharlee

There is an old covered bridge in the town of Euharlee. The current building was built in 1886 after the original washed away. Numerous stories of alleged hauntings on the bridge exist; some are fictional, but most are authentic. But there were so many stories floating around about what actually happened, that authors published novels about it. To restrict access, local police even close the bridge most nights. The strange readings discovered by paranormal investigators during their visit to the area give some validity to the local legends. The historical society in the neighborhood even occasionally hosts ghost walks.

3. Hay House — Macon

The historic Hay House took four years to build when work began in 1855. It was once owned by two distinct families before turning into a museum and historical site. Now, employees at museums frequently have extraterrestrial experiences. There are many stories about voices and mysterious light flickering. Some people, though, assert that they have seen the ghosts of past occupants. A number of people have reported seeing an elderly woman dressed in 1800s fashion. Some have reported hearing footsteps, slamming doors, feeling cold spots, and hearing a masculine voice. The museum holds two ghost walks to discuss the presence of spirits in the neighborhood because these events happen so frequently.

4. Heritage Hall — Madison

The first iteration of Heritage Hall dates from 1811. In 1977, the majestic residence became the property of the Morgan County Historical Society. Even today, tourists are awestruck by this magnificent reminder of life in the South before to the Civil War. However, the house also has a colorful past, which has many people convinced that it is haunted. Unfathomable experiences frequently happen to visitors.

Ghosts and floating down the stairs are mentioned, along with stories of laughing youngsters. Virginia Nisbet is supposed to be one of the ghosts. She may still be haunting the house today; she passed away in 1851 while giving birth. Ghost hunters swarm to the location in an attempt to witness something because the tales are so numerous and reliable. If you’re brave enough, you can go on the ghostly quest with them.

5. Historic Oakland Cemetary — Atlanta

It should come as no surprise that there are multiple ghost stories associated with one of the oldest cemeteries in the country. The Civil War is not related to the Historic Oakland Cemetery. In 1850, Atlanta first allotted over fifty acres for the city cemetery as an addition to the burial ground that was already in place at the time. In 1896, the cemetery’s walls and wrought iron gate were built by the city, giving it an even more formidable look. It serves as the last resting place for thousands of troops and well-known people. Are they sleeping, though?

You will get shivers from only one story. An upper-class northern businessman made the decision shortly after dusk to take a tour of the cemetery. He heard noises and a thick fog drifted in out of nowhere. He heard a creak above the clamor of war drums, and as he looked up, he saw a Union soldier hanging from a noose. Would you be interested in taking a stroll around the region to have a personal encounter?

6. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

This national monument honors a crucial Civil War engagement. June 19, 1864, to July 2, 1864 was when it took place. Thousands of troops lost their lives as a result of General Sherman’s frontal assault during this engagement. Ghost stories differ according on who you speak with. As they strolled the grounds, some detected the scent of gunpowder and even blood.

Some perceived the conflict to be ongoing around them, as they perceived distant noises of fighting. Numerous tourists have claimed seeing soldiers’ spirits walking the battlefield; some of them are said to be missing limbs. There are also frequent reports of cold patches and apprehension. But don’t believe us when we say this. See if you can visit the location on your own and experience a ghostly encounter.

7. Old Candler Hospital — Savannah

Would you be interested in visiting one of the state’s most haunted locations? After that, proceed to Savannah’s Old Candler Hospital. The hospital was established in 1804, making Georgia one of the oldest in the country. They built tunnels to connect the hospital to an adjacent park while it was being built. The morgue for the hospital was located in these tunnels below ground. They were allegedly frequently piled high with corpses. There’s also a magnificent oak tree on the grounds that became known as the hanging tree. These days, apparitions hanging from nooses off the gigantic branches are a common complaint from hospital visitors.

9. The Ellis Hotel — Atlanta

When you stay at the Ellis Hotel in Atlanta, you may travel back in time. Constructed in 1913, the Winecoff Hotel was its original name. It was sheer magnificence, fifteen floors high. In 1946, this location saw the deadliest hotel fire in the history of the country. It is reasonable to believe that some of the more than 100 victims’ ghosts are still present at the location. Numerous people have reported seeing ghosts in the hallways or at hotel windows.

Some have heard running noises in the distance. Additionally, on occasion, at 2:48 AM, the same time the incident started, the fire alarm will sound. There have also been claims of cries, footsteps, lost or misplaced tools, and an autonomous elevator. The most frightening thing that has happened to both visitors and staff, though, is waking up to the scent of smoke in the air when there isn’t a fire nearby. Are you prepared for some spectral exploration? Think of reserving a room at this storied hotel and observe the outcome.

Overview of the 8 Most Haunted Places in Georgia

Number Haunted Place Location
1 Central State Hospital Milledgeville
2 Euharlee Covered Bridge Euharlee
3 Hay House Macon
4 Old Candler Hospital Madison
5 Historic Oakland Cemetary Atlanta
6 Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Kennesaw
7 Old Candler Hospital Savannah
8 The Ellis Hotel Atlant