The 7 Most Haunted Places In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a dynamic and distinct state that is well-known for much more than simply its mouthwatering cheese and lovely parks. Did you know that Wisconsin is home to some of the nation’s most haunted locations? A few of these bizarre ghost stories have the power to convert doubters into believers. So grab your ghost-hunting gear and let’s explore the top 7 haunted locations in Wisconsin.

1. Summerwind Mansion

We will start our list with the Summerwind Mansion, or what’s left of it. The structure was once known as Lamont Mansion. On the banks of West Bay Lake in Vilas County lie the remnants of this mansion. For more than a century, Americans have been captivated by tales of unexplained occurrences and spectral presences. Owners, staff members, and guests have reported seeing spectral orbs and hearing unexplained noises ever since the mansion’s founding. The mansion’s former owner, Robert Patterson Lamont, allegedly had a terrible fear of it. He fired at a figure he saw in the dark, but the bullet passed through the apparition. He and his family are said to have left the house that evening.

Although this may sound frightening, it’s probably untrue. In actuality, very few Summerwind Mansion occupants ever experienced anything unearthly or otherworldly. Rather, the property gained notoriety as a haunted house after a neighbor who never stayed overnight wrote a book titled The Carver Effect: A Paranormal Experience. He writes in the book about how intense the home was and how the rooms constantly changed in shape.

In all honesty, we’ll never be able to determine whether the mansion was haunted. On June 19, 1988, lightning struck the house, causing it to burn down.

2. Brumder Mansion

The Milwaukee Brumder Mansion is the next location on our list of the most eerie locations in Wisconsin. This large gothic and Victorian-style residence was constructed in 1910 by George Brumder for his eldest son. Unfortunately, though, he died in May 1910 before the approximately 8,000 square foot palace could be finished. This stunning three-story home features a ballroom on the bottom level with a separate entrance. The interior of the house is tasteful and comfortable. It’s difficult not to notice the distinctive architectural designs.

The Brumder Mansion is operational as a theater and bed & breakfast, in contrast to the first mansion on our list. The owners of this stunning estate welcome paranormal investigators and even share their own odd discoveries and encounters. The mansion wasn’t quite spotless. In the 1920s and 1930s, the house allegedly hosted prostitution and gambling activities, as well as being utilized by the Mafia. But there was never any proof of this.

There are still some ghosts in the mansion. Both former and present visitors frequently claim to have seen a female entity in the Gold Suite. She vanishes fast, is silent, and attractive. Blood droplets were seen in the restroom, according to a witness, but upon closer inspection, nothing was found. George Brumder himself is believed to be another frequently seen ghostly figure. He looks after the house while he’s haunting George’s Suite.

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3. The Pfister Hotel

The Milwaukee Pfister Hotel is another eerie place that is difficult to look away from. The Phiser Hotel boasts an extensive and distinctive past. When it first opened its doors in 1893, it was a sumptuous and refined hotel known as the “Grand Hotel of the West.” It was highly inventive for its day, with amenities like electricity, fireproofing, and individual temperature controls in each room, and it cost $1 million to build.

At the age of roughly 130, this stunning hotel is still open! You can try your hand at ghost-hunting or spend the night in luxury. A few guests report experiencing weird nightmares and hearing loud noises at night. Televisions going on and off by themselves is a frequent complaint. It’s interesting to note that even well-known baseball players have had strange experiences at the hotel. The most widely accepted explanation for the weird happenings is that the cherished hotel is being watched over by the ghost of its former owner, Charles Pfister.

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4. Dartford Cemetery

What could be more eerie than an old cemetery? The Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake County, next to the lake’s edge, is the next location on our list of haunted locations in Wisconsin. Many various kinds of people, including Native Americans and early settlers, have their final resting place at this cemetery. This cemetery is supposedly cursed in addition to being haunted, according to some reports!

The Winnebago people may have considered the area to be magical and holy even before it was turned into a cemetery. leader Highknocker, who is buried in the cemetery, was the last Winnebago leader to rule the region. He was a long-lived man who sadly drowned in 1911.

This cemetery is haunted by several ghosts, one of them is the former chief. Visitors in the past have reported seeing the apparition of a Native American chief dressed in full ceremonial regalia if they linger at the graveyard past midnight. He stays silent and either waves or swiftly vanishes, leaving observers perplexed. One other prevalent criticism is the sound of youngsters laughing on a lonely night.

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5. Orpheum Theater

The Madison Orpheum Theater is ranked fifth on our list. The theater is still operational and running. This magnificent live theater was designed in 1925 by Chicagoans C.W. and George L. Rapp. It was intended to accommodate 2,500 people when it debuted on March 21, 1927. But now that it’s been renovated, the theater can only accommodate 1,727 people.

You can only imagine the number of ghost stories that circulate around this unusual theater. Three times it has nearly burned down! But the hauntings take place following the thrilling performances. A head usher who unintentionally fell off the balcony and died at the theater is a well-known legend surrounding the Orpheum Theater. Some staff members have noticed a dark figure moving toward the theater’s doors and sweeping the space at night. However, this is only a story with no known facts.

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6. Bloody Bride Bridge

Even though most people don’t associate haunted places with bridges, our following list item is an odd bridge! The eerie term “Bloody Bride Bridge” is not for nothing, despite the bridge’s unremarkable appearance. There are rumors in the area that a bride who was killed on the Highway 66 Bridge is haunted by the bridge. The bride wrecked on the bridge while traveling to her wedding. Even after her immediate death, she can still be seen waiting for her wedding day by meandering about the bridge.

She usually appears on gloomy winter days. A rider who crossed the bridge late at night claimed to have seen the ghostly bridge jump on top of the vehicle! But when they veered to look for damage, they didn’t find any scratches or the bridge. Some residents even assert that they have seen a groom on one side of the bridge.

7. Octagon House Museum

The Octagon House Museum in Watertown is the last but certainly not least. Another name for it is the Octagon House. This unusual mansion was conceived and constructed in 1854 by John Richards. The family owned the home until 1935. Three years after it was sold to the Watertown Historical Society, it opened. These days, you can visit this fascinating brick museum at different times of the year. For the most recent hours, it is recommended to visit the website.

Even though the house hasn’t seen any unusual tragedy, some people firmly believe it’s haunted! Some tourists have experienced unexplained weird sounds or an ominous presence while there. It’s worth a visit regardless of your belief in ghosts or architectural appreciation.

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Address: 919 Charles St, Watertown, WI 53094