The 7 Cleanest Dog Breeds

It’s just that certain dog breeds are cleaner than others. What constitutes “clean” varies, though, depending on who you ask. Certain breeds are “cleaner” because they require less upkeep and may not require as much brushing. Some breeds, like cats, might groom themselves more regularly, which will also help them stay cleaner.

1. Chow Chow

Among the cleanest dog breeds is this one. Like cats, they are inherently cleaner than most breeds. Chow Chows make excellent companion dogs since they are also peaceful and well-mannered indoors.

But there are drawbacks to this breed as well. Although they are clean, rookie dog owners may find their robust nature too much to handle. It is difficult to train them, and they frequently ignore orders in favour of making their own decisions.

Despite their renown for being enormous, Chow Chows don’t need a lot of exercise. It goes without saying that brushing is necessary.

2. Shar-Peis

Similar to many Chinese breeds, Shar-Peis are native to China and are naturally clean. They are frequently compared to cats, particularly in terms of how well-groomed they are.

Because of their strong independence, these dogs are also well-mannered inside. They are not inherently obedient and are difficult to train. You will always be up against their formidable personality.

Due to the strong hunting tendencies of this breed, a properly enclosed yard is required. If not, they might follow their eyes and nose across a large area of the countryside.

3. Akitas

If you’re searching for a smaller breed, the Akita can be a nice fit. They take good care of their coats and are reasonably clean, just like other Asian breeds. Regretfully, most prospective dog owners underestimate how independent and difficult they are to raise.

Particularly vulnerable to aggression towards other dogs of the same gender are Akitas. Because they don’t exhibit the same body language as other breeds, they are especially difficult to “read.” As a result, it may be challenging for humans and other canines to understand their thoughts.

Though they are little dogs, these canines are incredibly strong. Additionally, they can be protective, which is why socialisation is crucial.

4. Basenjis

Basenjis have a naturally tidy appearance and are quite cunning. In addition, they are more suited for novice owners because they are smaller than many other breeds on our list.

These canines exude an almost limitless amount of energy. They’re constantly occupied, which is fantastic for dog owners who desire a more social dog. It also implies that they could get bored easily or that they need more interaction.

A Basenji who is bored and left alone can easily become a nightmare.

Although this doesn’t usually translate into training, these canines are fairly bright. They are less deferential and more astute.

5. Shiba Inu

It’s crucial to understand that Shiba Inus are harder to raise than most people think before you run out and buy an attractive puppy. Yes, they are naturally clean and easy to groom. An additional benefit for those who live in apartments is that they are inherently quiet.

Shiba Inus frequently behave like little dogs with large personalities. They are quite nimble and possess a lot of personality. There is little you can do to stop your Shiba Inu from running off.

Most of the time, these dogs are also hostile towards other dogs. Although proper socialisation can be helpful, you can never totally stop them from being aggressive.

6. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds, despite their name, are not Egyptian in origin. This breed is incredibly quick and adept at hunting. They resemble the Greyhound because they are sighthounds, even though they are unrelated.

These dogs need a good amount of exercise because they are so athletic and slim. But you also have to make sure they’re always leashed. If not, they will dart away and disappear from view.

Pharaoh hounds devour anything warm and comfortable. They can cuddle up into little balls and adore cosy blankets. A lot of them also enjoy tanning, which can occasionally make them look more like cats than dogs.

7. Greyhounds

Another breed that can be remarkably clean is the greyhound. Due to their innate distaste for having waste lying around the house, they are typically easy to break into. Greyhounds are remarkably peaceful animals, even though they are designed for maximum speed. They prefer to behave nicely indoors and are silent, graceful walkers.

However, this breed is quite sensitive. They tend to become anxious around youngsters and prefer houses that are quieter. They work best in households with only adults or older children. This breed is often courteously reserved towards strangers, while others are more outgoing.

These dogs don’t bite by nature. Nevertheless, they may not enjoy being petted as much because they can be touch-sensitive. They need to be trained very gently because they can easily become overwhelmed.