The 6 Most Sprawling College Campuses in New York State Are Mindbogglingly Huge

There are some very large universities in New York State. Some of the most renowned and sizable college campuses are found in the state. These facilities can span many acres, or even thousands of acres, and frequently feature stunning vistas.

These are the state’s largest college campuses in terms of area, not student population.

1. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Acres: 25,000

There are several campuses for ESF. There are facilities totaling about a million square feet on various campuses where classes are taught. This area, which occupies 186 buildings and 25,000 acres of land, is distributed over square footage.

The main campus in Syracuse is where most of the instruction is conducted. Three field campuses and five regional campuses are also present, though. It seems sense that they would require that much land being a forestry school.

This institution is one of the 64 campuses that make up the State University of New York. This college collaborates with other institutions in New York to offer one of the biggest higher education systems in the country.

In terms of enrollment, this college is not very large. There were roughly 1,726 enrolled in the autumn of 2023. This makes logical, as this is a highly specialised school. Approximately 80% of the pupils are New Yorkers.

2. United States Military Academy at West Point
Acres: 16,000

The second-biggest military academy in New York is called West Point. Located on the Hudson River, this four-year academy offers a picturesque perspective of New York City, which is only 50 miles away. The United States has a total of four military academies.

West Point is a tiny, independent city, just like the majority of military academies. It’s among the nation’s oldest military installations.

Nonetheless, its population is more than that of the majority of campuses. At any given moment, there are about 4,500 students enrolled, along with 3,000 family members and 1,300 active-duty military. It also provides employment for over 5,000 civilians.

3. Stony Brook University
Acres: 1,454

After examining the other campuses, Stony Brook University might appear diminutive. It is, in fact, the biggest public university. It’s among the biggest campuses that runs continuously. Many of the other schools that we have spoken about have multiple campuses or are divided into multiple divisions.

This campus is situated in Suffolk County and has 213 structures. Long Island’s State University College was its original name when it started. But it was quickly renamed and relocated in 1962.

It is currently regarded as one of the top research universities. PhD candidates must engage in significant research activities.

4. SUNY Upstate Medical University
Acres: 99

Although Upstate is smaller than some of the other colleges on this list, it is nevertheless a sizable medical campus. Since it takes place in an urban area, a large portion of these acres are put to use. Being one of the 140 medical centres in the US, it offers patient care on a continuing basis. The school employs about 11,000 people and handles about 1.8 million patients annually.

This university only admits students in the upper division. Almost 200 undergraduate students attend the school each year, but it mostly serves doctorate students.

One of the nation’s oldest medical colleges, SUNY Upstate is the only institution of its kind situated in Central New York.

5. Cornell University
Acres: 745

Among the most esteemed universities on this list is this one. It is regarded as an Ivy League school and accepts students from all over the globe. Additionally, it enrols a sizable student body, producing 7,000 graduates and about 15,000 undergraduates annually.

There are really fourteen smaller colleges that make up this university. Due to their unique standards and expectations for academic performance, many colleges are able to operate almost independently. Three satellite campuses of the university are also present, although they were not factored into our estimate of acres.

Cornell University is private, yet it gets funding from the government. The state funds its graduate veterinary programme in addition to three of its undergraduate institutions.

6. Alfred University
Acres: 632

In Alfred, New York, there is a private university called Alfred University. It is not as large as many of the schools on our list, with only 1,600 students enrolled annually. Additionally, this university offers distinctive majors and courses that are difficult to locate elsewhere.

It is most well-known, for example, for its materials engineering programme, where students study with ceramics, glass, neon, and painting. The seven telescope observatory at the university supports the astronomy department. It really has one of the state’s biggest optical telescopes.

On campus, there is also the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, which houses a collection of more than 8,000 ceramic objects. While many of these are contemporary, some date back to antiquity.