The 6 Most Haunted Places In Indiana

Enter the spooky realm of Indiana’s most haunted locations, where the boundary between the living and the dead dissolves into an exhilarating experience. Beneath its charming settings, the Hoosier State—famous for its beautiful beauty and historic charm—also has a darker side. Indiana is full with ghost stories and strange occurrences that are waiting to chill you to the bone.

The adrenaline feeling that Indiana’s haunted locations provide is unlike any other. These locations come to life with whispers of ghostly apparitions, creaking floorboards, and eerie laughter as the sun sets and the shadows grow longer. It is impossible to deny the excitement of the unknown, regardless of your beliefs.

We’ll take you on a terrifying tour of some of Indiana’s most well-known haunted houses in this post. You will learn the spine-tingling tales that have made these locations notorious, from the notorious 100 Step Cemetery, where ghostly apparitions prowl among the tombstones, to the spooky hallways of the Allison Mansion, where ghostly echoes of the past refuse to go away.

Allison Mansion (Indianapolis)

The historic landmark Allison Mansion in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a reputation for being haunted. Constructed in 1911 by renowned automaker James Allison, this stunning mansion boasts a convoluted past that adds to its unsettling charm. The mansion is located at 3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222, on the Marian University campus. The mansion’s main purpose has evolved over time, despite the fact that it is currently a campus structure.

The principal theme of the eerie tales connected to Allison Mansion is the ghost of a little child who is said to have drowned in the building’s basement pool. Individuals have reported feeling cold spots all over the mansion, hearing unexplained footsteps, and doors opening and closing by themselves. The mansion’s ominous reputation has been enhanced by claims made by some that they have seen apparitions and experienced strange events.

Since Allison Mansion is a part of Marian University’s campus, both guests and students have the opportunity to explore it. However, it is entirely up to chance whether or not visitors may experience any paranormal activity. The mansion is not advertised by the university as a haunted attraction. However, it can be fascinating for individuals who are interested in both history and the paranormal to examine. When visiting, it’s crucial to abide by the policies and procedures of the institution.

100 Step Cemetery (Brazil)

Steeped in spooky traditions and ghost stories, 100 Steps Cemetery is tucked away in the sleepy town of Brazil, Indiana. This creepy cemetery has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Indiana, drawing in both paranormal aficionados and thrill-seekers. The cemetery may be found in Brazil, next to the Cloverland municipality, in the 700 block of North Country Road.

The eerie tales connected to 100 Steps Cemetery revolve around an enigmatic occurrence that takes place when guests ascend the stairway that leads to the graveyard. A local legend states that when one climbs and counts their steps, they should eventually reach 100. Nevertheless, the count inexplicably lowers to 99 upon descending. Many believe the original undertaker of the cemetery’s ghost to be responsible for this paranormal modification. According to other tellings of the tale, you will see a ghost at the top of the steps who will give you a vision of your imminent demise. However, you will not die as expected if you descend the stairs and count 100 steps once more.

Thousands of people visit 100 Steps Cemetery in the hopes of seeing ghosts. Many accounts speak of hearing strange voices, witnessing mysterious apparitions, and experiencing a strong sense of doom. Some even assert that they have documented unexplained occurrences in pictures and audio files, which supports the cemetery’s rumored haunting.

Although 100 Steps Cemetery is accessible to the general public, caution must be exercised when visiting this location.Because of its location in a distant, forested area, the cemetery can be difficult to find, especially after dark.There are no formal tours or guides offered. Therefore, guests must investigate and take in the creepy ambiance on their own. Not to mention, the cemetery closes at sunset and reopens at daybreak.

Haunted Bridge (Avon)

Avon, Indiana’s Haunted Bridge is a well-known local myth filled with spooky stories and paranormal encounters. This infamous bridge is situated in Washington Township Park in Hendricks County.

Most of the eerie tales associated with the Avon Haunted Bridge center on a terrible incident that happened many years ago. A young couple was reportedly driving across the bridge one fatal night, according to local legend. They met an early and tragic end as their car plunged into the lake below. It’s thought that the unlucky couple’s ghosts are still present at the bridge. It thus turned into a hub for paranormal phenomena.

The purpose of visiting the Haunted Bridge is to maybe experience paranormal activity. There are many accounts of paranormal activity, such as seeing dark shapes, hearing strange voices, and seeing apparitions. The bridge’s eerie reputation is further enhanced by the numerous accounts of people who, even on hot summer nights, report feeling an unexplained dip in temperature as they pass it.

The public is welcome to experience the creepy atmosphere of the Avon Haunted Bridge. But it’s important to use caution, especially if you’re going after dark. Because of its remote location and poor lighting, the bridge might be difficult to find. No official tours or guides are available. It is up to the visitors to solve the secrets surrounding this eerie place.

University of Notre Dame du Lac (South Bend)

Located in the charming city of South Bend, Indiana, the University of Notre Dame du Lac has a long and illustrious history that dates back to 1842. Acclaimed for its outstanding academic offerings and world-class athletic facilities, the university is also connected to a spectral folklore. Over the years, numerous rumors of a ghost haunting Washington Hall, a notable school building, have been spread.

It is thought that the ghost is none other than George “Gripper” Gipp, a former university football player. Gipp unfortunately developed a deadly bout of pneumonia, which took his life. According to folklore, Gipp chose to sleep on the steps of Washington Hall one night rather than going back to his dorm, which ultimately resulted in his tragic death.

Washington Hall’s reputation for being haunted has been enhanced by the numerous reports of spooky incidents that have occurred there. Reports have surfaced of lightbulbs unscrewing on their own, doors slamming shut inexplicably, and footsteps that don’t seem to be there. Some people have even claimed to have heard eerie tunes, such as the eerie sounds of a trumpet being played.

It’s interesting to note that the trumpet playing is credited to a ghost other than George Gipp. Washington Hall is now a popular destination for people interested in the paranormal as a result of the convergence of numerous extraordinary occurrences.

The University of Notre Dame is a bustling academic institution that welcomes both guests and students. Even though the institution does not formally advertise Washington Hall’s haunting, inquisitive people are welcome to come visit and take a look around. At Holy Cross Dr., Notre Dame, IN 46556, in the center of the university, Washington Hall continues to be a hub of academics, history, and the paranormal. It offers a chance for those who are drawn to ghost stories to immerse themselves in the eerie atmosphere of this iconic campus structure.

Willard Library (Evansville)

In Evansville, Indiana, the Willard Library was founded in 1885 and is now recognized as a historic landmark. Though initially known for its remarkable collection and educational activities, it gained a reputation for being haunted in 1936 when allegations of paranormal activity began to surface. The untimely resignation of a maintenance worker served as the impetus for these stories. They claimed that he left because of an encounter with the mysterious “Grey Lady.” Her actual identity remained a mystery, as he characterized her as donning attire evocative of the library’s founding period.

The apparitional occurrences of the Grey Lady have been repeatedly recorded and photographed by the library’s cameras. The mystery surrounding the Willard Library has only grown as a result of these spectral occurrences. Reports from witnesses indicate that there are chilly spots in different parts of the library where the temperature decreases without any discernible reason. Furthermore, even though no one is wearing perfume, some guests have reported smelling it strongly in the air.

The Willard Library is still open to the public and provides access to its large book and resource collection at 21 First Avenue, Evansville, IN 47710. Even though the library doesn’t openly advertise its reputation for being haunted, many people come in with an interest in seeing the enigmatic phenomena for themselves. It continues to be a site of literary, historical, and paranormal interaction, offering a singular chance for anybody curious about the mystery surrounding the Grey Lady and the Willard Library.

The Story Inn (Nashville)

The Story Inn, which is located in the quaint town of Story, Indiana, has a long and illustrious history that dates back to its establishment in 1851 by Dr. George Story. Story had affluent days up to the Great Depression. It was once a bustling community with a school, general stores, a sawmill, a post office, a church, and more. The village lay abandoned for decades until preservationists made the decision to bring it back to life. Their goal in repairing the buildings was to preserve the town’s distinct identity.

The inn provides visitors with a trip down memory lane today. The purposeful removal of contemporary distractions such as radios, televisions, and clocks from the rooms and cottages allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the Midwest of the 19th century. Even while the rooms have some contemporary conveniences like running water and electricity, the décor and furniture nevertheless have a charming, historic feel to them.

The Story Inn is well-known for its paranormal activities in addition to its rich history and historically accurate location. Many visitors and employees have told stories of their interactions with the “Blue Lady,” who is said to be Dr. George Story’s spouse. The meeting place for these interactions is the Garden Room, which was formerly called after the Blue Lady. It is explained to guests that they can call her by turning on the room’s blue light. Witnesses swear they saw her, said she had blue eyes, and even smelled cherry tobacco, which was supposedly her favorite aroma when she was alive.

The Story Inn invites visitors to enjoy its special fusion of ghost stories, rustic charm, and history. Situated in 6404 IN-135, Nashville, IN 47448, it persists in attracting individuals who are fascinated by the Blue Lady and the extensive past of Story town, providing a remarkable and sometimes unsettling encounter for each who pays a visit.