The 6 Most Dangerous Areas in Atlanta to Avoid in 2024

There are several beautiful places in Atlanta that draw tourists from all over the world. The capital city of Georgia offers something for everyone, whether it’s attending an Atlanta Braves game or admiring the amazing displays at the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, or Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The city, which was founded in 1847, has a rich history and many places to see examples of historic architecture.

Regretfully, a few of the city’s most ancient neighbourhoods are also infamous for being violent and dilapidated. Some of the neighbourhoods with the greatest rates of crime are those listed below, according to data released by the Atlanta Police Department. While some of these neighbourhoods are more residential, others are home to popular tourist destinations. In either case, when visiting Atlanta, remember to use common sense and stay safe.


The crime rate in Atlanta’s downtown area is among the highest in the city. Statistics from 2023 show that 164 aggravated assaults against people were reported in that year. In all, almost 3,600 offences were recorded in this little area of Atlanta in 2023. Crimes against individuals, property, and society were among them.

Some of the city’s most popular attractions are located within the vast expanse of downtown Atlanta. Thankfully, densely populated areas are more likely to have police enforcement presence, which could account for the increased report rates in this part of town. The Centennial Olympic Park, convention centres, and stadiums abound. You may steer clear of many of the risks related to downtown as long as you use caution and limit your touring to the day, when there are lots of people about.


Atlanta’s Midtown neighbourhood is situated to the north of the city’s centre. It also has a high crime rate; in 2023, there were 93 recorded cases of serious assault. Regretfully, midtown also has some wonderful historical sites and fascinating tourist destinations. These include the Midtown Historic District, the 1929 Fox Theatre, and the Margaret Mitchell House. A large number of the reports were sent late at night or early in the morning. Daytime crime rates were significantly lower. It is advisable to restrict your sightseeing to the better parts of the day when you are in the Midtown neighbourhood.


The Southwest neighbourhood, as its name implies, is situated close to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve in the southwest section of the city. There were 73 reports of aggravated attacks in the neighbourhood in 2023. In addition, 252 crimes against property, such as theft and burglary, were reported. This is primarily a residential area with sprinklings of retail centres and other amenities.

Campbell Road

The neighbourhood of Campbellton Road is located just east of Southwest. Campbellton Road, so named after the main road that forms its northern boundary, saw 70 reports of violent assaults in 2023. Over the course of the year, 298 crimes against property and 173 crimes against persons were reported. The majority of this neighbourhood is residential, just like Southwest to the west. A few modest retail establishments and shopping centres serve the local populace.

Lakewood Heights

The Lakewood Heights neighbourhood is located farther east on the opposite side of Interstate 85. Additionally, this neighbourhood was the site of 70 documented cases of violent assault in 2023. There were just 8 reports of aggravated assaults in Lakewood, which is located immediately southeast of Lakewood Heights, during that time. Lakewood Heights boasts more parks and forested spaces than some other Atlanta neighbourhoods, including the South Bend park, dog park, and pool. Within the Atlanta Public Schools system, this neighbourhood also houses the Lakewood stadium.

Old Fourth Ward

Old Fourth Ward, a historic neighbourhood close to Atlanta’s downtown, had a high crime rate as well. In 2023, there were 70 documented cases of violent assault in the neighbourhood. Numerous historic structures can be seen there, such as the Sears, Roebuck & Co. building from the 1920s that is now the Ponce City Market. To get a sense of Atlanta’s past as well as the current styles and trends sweeping the city, it’s worth visiting Old Fourth Ward. Just make sure to stick to the densely crowded places to stay safe. Thankfully, Old Fourth Ward is also highly well-liked, and people are constantly present in this energetic area of the city.