The 6 Coldest Places in Montana Will Chill You to Your Core

In the United States, winters are wonderful. While some states have sunny, fantastic winters, others have brutal winters. Winters in states like North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and even Idaho are snowy and can be bitterly cold. There are parts of Montana that are so icy that they will leave you frozen solid. Let’s examine the six most frigid locations in Montana that will leave you feeling completely numb.

Rogers Pass, Montana

The state’s coldest spot is near Rogers Pass, Montana. Since Rogers Pass is a mountain pass, no one lives there; yet, a lot of people visit to see the winter wonderland. Because it registered the lowest temperature in the contiguous United States on January 20, 1954, at an astounding – 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the coldest spot in Montana. That cold, however, has not been experienced in Rogers Pass since 1954.

MT: Butte-Silver Bow

Butte is a merged city-county known as Butte-Silver Bow, and it is situated in southwest Montana. The population of the city is roughly 34,000. Founded as a mining town in the 1860s, this location is among Montana’s coldest. The climate in Butte is semi-arid, with lengthy, bitterly cold winters. The average temperature in January is about 20 degrees, with several nights being below zero. January 1937 was the coldest month on record, however -52 degrees was the lowest temperature ever recorded on two occasions: February 9, 1933, and December 23, 1983.

Wisdom, MT

You will add more levels to Wisdom, MT if you possess any wisdom. Why? since it’s among the state’s coldest locations. At an altitude of over 5,000 feet, the typical winter temperature there is almost below freezing. Thanks to its sub-alpine climate, the town experiences winter temperatures that often range from 0 to -25 degrees. On December 23, 1983, a record-breaking -55 degree temperature was reached. There are perhaps 100 individuals living in Wisdom, Montana, most of whom being ranchers and environment lovers.

Choteau, Montana

In Choteau, Montana, there are roughly 1,721 residents. The town was established in the 1870s and bears the name Pierre Choteau, after the French explorer and trader. Nowadays, those who enjoy hunting and fishing are drawn to the town. At an elevation of more than 4,000 feet, Choteau is a town in central Montana. Its wintertime average temperature is 13 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. About 47 inches of snowfall fall on Choteau on average each year.

Yellowstone West, Montana

West Yellowstone is situated near Yellowstone National Park in southwest Montana. Because of this, the scenery and mountains are breathtaking, especially from your 6,000 feet of elevation. With a population of roughly 1,270, West Yellowstone is a well-liked tourist destination due to its close proximity to Yellowstone National Park. West Yellowstone experiences bitterly cold winters due to its subarctic climate. January is the coldest month, with average highs of 24 degrees and lows of 0. With a record low of -66 degrees Fahrenheit, West Yellowstone holds the lowest recorded temperature (for a residential area) in the contiguous United States.

Browning, Montana

Browning, a town in northern Montana, lost its financial stability and was dissolved as a town in 2018. Nonetheless, Browning is a town inside the Blackfeet Indian Reservation with a population of 1,000. The winter climate in the community is subarctic. It is possible for temperatures to plunge below zero; in fact, the town is known for having seen the greatest daily temperature drop in history. From 44 degrees to -56 degrees, the temperature fluctuated. However, throughout the winter, the averages are typically between 8 and 40 degrees.

In summary

These are the six coldest locations in Montana that will leave you feeling absolutely freezing. You’ll be shocked by the severe temperatures that these locations have seen. There are instances when the temperature drops to below zero and doesn’t rise for several weeks. Even though the residents of these towns and cities are accustomed to it, be sure to arrive prepared if you ever plan to visit. In order to ensure that your stay in these six chilly locations in Montana is as cozy and toasty as possible, pack heavy coats and additional layers.