The 5 Most Haunted Places In Montana

Although Montana is well-known for its untamed scenery and Big Sky country, its hauntingly beautiful stories have captivated people for ages. Visitors and locals alike recount terrifying stories of unexplainable ghost encounters in Montana’s vast outdoors and rich history. With its wild forests and spooky folklore, Montana is home to a distinctive collection of haunted places.

Many stories of paranormal activity in some of the most isolated areas of the former Wild West may be found in the Treasure State. Come along with us as we explore Montana’s top five spooky locations.

Moss Mansion in Billings

The 25-room Moss Mansion was constructed in Billings, Montana, in 1903. Preston B. Moss, the owner, lived there with his wife and six kids. He became become a significant and diversified investor in Montana, and the city’s ongoing prosperity is largely due to him. As of right now, the structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Despite his financial success, Moss was not immune to catastrophe. At the age of six, his daughter Virginia succumbed to diphtheria. Her ghost still haunts the house today, causing harmless mischief and lighthearted interactions. Numerous people have reported hearing youngsters laughing around the house, lights turning on and off, and footsteps pacing the hallways. It’s interesting to note that some people sense her presence via a cell phone. At the foot of the majestic staircase, guests have snapped pictures of themselves with friends and relatives. Many individuals have spotted a single square on their phone camera, about the height of a small child, if the camera has a square feature that detects human faces. The Moss Mansion is a historical landmark, museum, and event space nowadays.

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Bonanza Inn in Virginia City

A classic illustration of a gold rush town in the American West is Virginia City. Virginia City was a dangerous area of Montana with a high crime rate, murders, hangings, and even suicides. It is now a ghost town. The Bonanza Inn was well known in the area for its boisterous patronage.

The Sisters of Charity operated a hospital at the Bonanza Inn before it was converted into a hotel. Within the walls of the building, the nuns would heal the ill, tend to the injured, and offer prayers for the deceased. The since-remodeled hotel is still open today, and reports of paranormal activity are frequent.

One nun at the hospital in the past went above and above what was required of her. Sister Irene assisted the homeless and made house calls for people in need. Known as the “black robe,” her ghost frequently prowls the streets of Virginia City at night, especially in the vicinity of the Bonanza Inn. Additionally, there are strange sounds, pinching, prodding, and even foul smells that hotel guests report being caused by basins that were once used to clean wounds.

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Dumas Brothel in Butte

Both history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts love visiting Butte, Montana. In the little mining town of Butte, the red-light district developed in the late 1800s and continued for decades. The Dumas Brothel is the lone structure that remains today as a reminder of a bygone era. It’s also among Montana’s most haunted locations.

The Dumas Brothel, the longest-running brothel in American history, was open from 1890 to 1982 and was frequented by several women who engaged in prostitution. Many women suffered abuse and led substandard lives; they were frequently referred to as “madams.” In an attempt to see ghosts, paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters tour the building today.

The ghost of Elinor Knott is the most well-known haunting. Elinor had plans to flee her life of prostitution and run away with her fiancé in the middle of the 1950s. The next morning, someone found her dead corpse after he failed to appear, and many people believe she committed herself or was murdered. Her ghost is out there now, walking the corridors with a bag and waiting for her ex-boyfriend. Some report hearing strange noises, feeling spooky, and even smelling cigar smoke throughout the premises.

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Copper King Mansion in Butte

Built in 1888, the Copper King Mansion is located in Butte, Montana. Victorian architecture may be found in this 34-room mansion owned by William A. Clark. Among the wealthiest and most powerful businesspeople in the world was William A. Clark. His involvement in baking loans and assisting miners in claiming their discoveries brought him great wealth. Despite his many other business endeavors, he is referred to as the “Copper King” because to his proprietary copper claims that eventually helped him establish a mining empire.

Many people insist that the Copper King Mansion is not haunted, yet it’s difficult to discount the identical sightings that both visitors and employees have claimed. There’s sometimes a hazy fog in the basement and occasionally in the corridor on the first floor. Numerous people have reported feeling cold, especially in the game room, and doors have opened and closed on their own. A tour guide also saw a trunk suddenly open by itself in the attic. Whichever account is true, everyone who has reported seeing an apparition or sensing a presence has expressed that it is not ominous and they do not feel threatened. In order to form their own judgment, tourists can now reserve a stay or a tour of the Copper King Mansion, which doubles as a hotel and event space.

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Montana Territorial Prison in Deer Lodge

The Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge is among Montana’s most haunted locations. Known by another name, the Montana Territorial Prison, it held some of the state’s worst offenders from 1871 until the end of the 20th century. Due to unfavorable living circumstances, inmates eventually had the infamous prison uprising in 1959. Jerry Myles, a career criminal who spent his whole life in several federal institutions, including Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, was the mastermind of the tragic uprising. The Montana National Guard was dispatched to put an end to the violence after the disturbance damaged the structure and injured people. Regretfully, this incident ultimately resulted in the prison’s complete closure.

Today, visitors can take tours of the museum that was once the prison. Staff members, tour guides, and guests have all told stories of ghostly activity over the years. Many have reported feeling like they were being tugged in different directions or touched, but some frighteningly even feeling like they were being choked. For those willing to take a chance on a ghostly encounter, there are ghost tours and overnight stays available.

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