The 5 Most Haunted Places In Idaho

Idaho is well known for more than simply its untamed environment, breathtaking mountains, and varied animals. Some of the most eerie locations in the nation can be found there. There are stories of terrifying behavior that can only be explained as paranormal activity beyond the lovely scenery and meandering rivers.

This state has a ghostly past that still affects thrill-seekers, from deserted prisons to old-fashioned hotels. The state is full of eerie tales, even found in the beautiful grandeur of its natural treasures. Come along with us as we explore the top five haunted locations in Idaho.

Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary, one of the most haunted locations in Idaho and one of the most haunted prisons in the country, is situated near Boise, Iowa. Constructed in 1870, the prison ran for over a century. During its operational years, it housed almost 13,000 convicts from its humble beginnings as a one-cell home that swiftly expanded into multiple structures.

Some of the state’s most brutal and hardened inmates were confined at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, which also applied the death penalty when required. The most well-known prisoner was Raymond Allen Snowden, popularly referred to as “Idaho’s Jack the Ripper.” In 1957, he received a death sentence that included hanging from a prison gallows.

There were harsh conditions inside the prison walls, and over 100 inmates passed away from disease or homicide while serving their sentences. There are a lot of reports of paranormal activity at the prison nowadays. Unidentified sounds, unsettling sensations, and chilly areas are frequent. Nonetheless, the room where Raymond Allen Snowden passed away is the hub of most activity. Many people think that because of the difficulties of his execution, his spirit never left. The gallows are the center of the most evil and dark energies. Today, guests are welcome to take a tour of the building and feel the eerie presence for themselves.

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Address: 2445 Old Penitentiary Road Boise, ID 83712

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Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake is a small, picturesque town that is tucked away in the Panhandle of Idaho and offers both residents and visitors an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. The town’s center is the lake, yet because of its gloomy past, it’s one of Idaho’s most haunted locations. The stories go back many generations, but Spirit Lake’s locked bottom is where it all begins. Many people think that the lake’s sealed bottom keeps ghosts trapped in its waters, which is why they still see ghosts there today.

A story of forbidden love between two teenage Kootenai tribe people is told in local mythology. The story goes that the couple plunged into the lake and drowned after declaring their love for one another in defiance of their family’s condemnation. Many others claim to have seen the two lovers’ ghosts paddling a canoe across the lake today. Some people think they may hear their spirits trying to surface from the murky waters by hearing their pleas and moans.

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Idaho Hotel in Silver City

Throughout the 1800s, a number of mining towns in Idaho attracted miners, traders, and other individuals seeking to stake their claim during the state’s gold rush. Located deep in the Owyhee Mountains in Silver City, the Idaho Hotel was a well-liked tourist attraction. The Idaho Hotel is the oldest hotel still in use in Idaho, but Silver City is one of the state’s many ghost towns today.

Numerous guests have reported seeing ghostly orbs and sensing a spooky atmosphere throughout the property. It appears that Room 27 is the center of the most paranormal activity. This room was once used by a hotel owner who committed himself; his ghost still resides there. There are many who have witnessed the ghost of a man in a cloak moving through the corridors and stairwells. In addition to enjoying their stay, guests may also encounter the mysterious events at the hotel today.

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Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital in Gooding

In Goodling, Idaho, the former Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital was converted into the Gooding University Inn & Resort. Nevertheless, it is among Idaho’s most haunted locations because of its troubled past.

The 1917 structure was initially intended to be a college. In the 1940s, it was transformed into a well-known hospital for tuberculosis and closed its doors in 1976. The fatal illness claimed the lives of many people inside the building walls, and tourists think their ghosts are still there today. Witnesses reported seeing child apparitions and hearing whispering sounds. Several employees and proprietors also claimed to have seen the ghost of an irate elderly guy. Today, thrill-seekers and history aficionados hoping to have their own paranormal experiences stay at the inn.

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Address: 301 University Ave, Gooding, ID 83330

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The Bates Motel in Coeur d’Alene

Although Psycho made The Bates Motel a household name, its real past isn’t as dark as the film suggests. Even now, it remains one of Idaho’s most haunted locations. Originally intended to serve as officer barracks during World War II, it was later transformed into a motel that is still in use today. When the 1980s movie project was over, they hung the famous sign and left it there.

Particularly if they stay in Rooms 1 or 3, motel guests have reported experiencing inexplicable occurrences while visiting the establishment. Many have seen ashtrays fall off tables, flickering lights, and the feeling that they are being watched. Over the years, guests have also frequently told accounts of cold spots and unsettling noises.

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Address: 2018 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83814

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