The 5 Most Haunted Places In Arkansas

Apart from its delectable soul cuisine and friendly demeanor, the South can harbor some unsettling entities. The area is well-known for having some haunted places because of its lengthy history, which includes some tragic occurrences like the American Civil War. For example, the supernatural activity of southern states like Texas, Oklahoma, and even Louisiana is hailed.

You’re in luck, though. We’ll talk about the most haunted locations in Arkansas today, including what kinds of paranormal activities take place there and whether you can visit there to witness them for yourself!

Why Are Haunted Places So Alluring?

So why is it that fear appeals to individuals so much? Although this question can appear bizarre at first, it is actually rather remarkable that people find fear to be so enjoyable.

The adrenaline rush that haunted sites provide is one reason why people enjoy visiting them. Haunted locations are typically safe since they are either on protected territory or are managed by tour firms. People can now access a safe area, which can be exhilarating and revitalizing.

Fearing something at a haunted house can be therapeutic in addition to providing basic thrills and chills. Strange as it may seem, allowing yourself to be afraid and let go of some energy might really help you decompress.

Finally, a great deal of people’s curiosity about haunted places stems from their fascination with the paranormal. Ghost hunting has grown in popularity as a pastime over the years, which has led to an increase in the frequency of haunted house visits.

The Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs

In Arkansas, one of the most well-known haunted locations is the Crescent Hotel. Apart from its spiritual pursuits, it continues to operate as a hotel, spa, and event venue. The hotel promotes its hauntings as a feature and brags about having them. Annually, a variety of ghost-hunting excursions take place on the property, drawing great interest from both visitors and residents!

It is said that the hotel’s peculiar past started at the time of construction. A worker tragically died after falling while building was underway. He supposedly lives in the well-known room 218 today, where he is frequently heard ranting and grasping through the mirror.

Many individuals report seeing figures dressed in Victorian attire strolling the halls in addition to this ghost. It’s interesting to note that the hotel had a brief stint as a cancer hospital. Regarding this, some visitors have reported seeing a man pushing a medical gurney through the hallways while dressed in a doctor’s costume.

The King Opera House – Van Buren

There’s also the King Opera House, which has a lengthy history. The structure was originally used as a restaurant and a place to print newspapers. It was soon put to use for creative performances, such as vaudeville acts and subsequently motion films. The theater is still operational today and can be rented out for sizable gatherings like concerts and weddings.

Some say that there once was an opera house actor who fell deeply in love with the daughter of a local doctor. The doctor formed sinister plans after learning of their intention to elope and flee. He enticed the actor to the dock where the young couple was meant to meet in the dead of night, and he killed them with a beating.

Whether or whether this is a legitimate local legend, staff members and patrons of the opera house swear to have seen a man dressed in period attire and a top hat. Some further assert that, in addition to his apparition, he frequently turns on and off the house lights!

Eureka Springs Cemetery Tours – Eureka Springs

Cemeteries are undoubtedly one of the first locations that come to mind when you think about haunted sites. You would be absolutely perfect about this notion in Eureka Springs! There are rumored to be some of the most haunted locations in Arkansas on the Eureka Springs Cemetery Tours!

The Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, in fact, offers frequent spirit tours around the city and its many haunted spots because they recognize the attraction of their town’s eerie appeal. The City Cemetery is the most well-liked of these places!

These tours are incredibly structured and frequent compared to some of the other haunted places on this list, so whether or not you see ghosts, you can be sure to have a lively experience. The excursions also blend mystery and intrigue with actual historical events, which is always delightful.

The Allen House – Monticello

The Allen House, like most haunted places, is centered around a straightforward structure with a rich past!

The Allen family at Christmas 1948 is when the Allen house narrative starts. One of the Allen children killed themselves with cyanide in an act of pure mystery. There are rumors that the room remained locked for approximately 40 years following the terrible event!

Following the death of the entire family, the house was divided and then converted into apartments. After this series of incidents, paranormal activity quickly started.

In an effort to ensure that everyone has their fair share of pleasure and terror, the house is now occasionally accessible to the public for tours around Halloween.

Crossett Lights – 425 Ashley Rd., Crossett

There were historic railroad tracks located just outside of Crosset County, Arkansas. The legend about the area varies based on who you speak with. Some say that the death of a railway worker during construction is the reason for the spiritual activity. Some people assert that the deaths of passengers on a train that has run away are the cause.

Whatever the real cause, the Crossett railroad is haunted by floating, disembodied lights at night. The lights are a pale yellow or white, floating about eye level, depending on the account. The train tracks are said to be among Arkansas’s most haunted locations, according to folklore.

It is said by some that the lights drift gently through the night. They supposedly disappear and reappear in the distant when someone approaches them.