The 5 Largest College Campuses in Michigan

Almost all first-year college students find their time on campus to be frightening. For high school seniors, the thought of living away from home and attending college is enough to cause them great distress and feelings of unease. Additionally, feelings of isolation can intensify with school size. These are common emotions shared by kids nationwide, not just in Michigan. However, you may be interested in knowing which Michigan colleges have the biggest campuses if you plan to attend college there or are just inquisitive.

The top five college campuses in the state are listed below for your convenience. But don’t confuse this with the biggest universities. When considering enrolment size, the list of largest colleges is somewhat different. Up to 81,000 students are enrolled at several community colleges in Michigan, including Oakland Community College. This is not a campus, though, even with the institution’s massive size.

Traditionally, a college campus refers to the area of land that houses a university, college, and any associated structures. In addition to apartment halls, dining halls, student centres, libraries, and lecture halls, college campuses frequently resemble parks. These are not just college buildings; rather, they resemble enormous towns or mini-cities. In light of that, these are Michigan’s top five college campuses.

Michigan State University (MSU)

In the Wolverine State, Oakland Community College may have the highest enrollment rate, but Michigan State University has the biggest campus. MSU, the home of the Spartans, has been around for over 165 years! 5,300 acres of land, of which 2,000 are developed, are situated in East Lansing.

There are 563 buildings on campus, all of which are scattered. These facilities comprise 42 for athletics, 107 for academics, 131 for agriculture, and 166 for accommodation and food service for students. The campus is made up of the Detroit, South, and North campuses as well as the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Centre.

There are at least 100 miles of pavements and 26 miles of roadways that connect the entire campus. The entire 22,763,025 square foot Michigan State University campus includes 2,114,754.2 square feet of interior space. When calculating the area’s square footage, miles, acres, number of buildings, and other components, Michigan State University has the biggest campus.

University of Michigan (U-M)

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbour, sometimes known as “UMich” or just “Michigan,” is the second-biggest campus in the state. It is 3,177 acres in size. With more than 52,000 students as of last year, U-M is the largest university when considering only enrolment. The University of Michigan is the oldest campus and college in the state, having been founded in 1817. Notably, U-M was among the first research colleges in the United States when it first opened for business!

The campuses of the University of Michigan are separated into the north, central, medical, and south sectors. The university has a long history. Within its physical infrastructure, there are more than 500 significant structures. There are more than 37.48 million square feet in the combined region.

There is bus service connecting each of the four campus sections. On the other hand, a shuttle service connects you to the University Hospital. The University of Michigan’s sports teams are collectively referred to as the Wolverines. As one of the founding members of the Association of American Universities, U-M is acknowledged.

Michigan Technological University (Tech)

Michigan Tech, which was first established as Michigan Mining School in 1885, is the third-largest college campus in the state. The first post-secondary institution in the Upper Peninsula, the university is a public research institution situated in Houghton. There are twelve research areas spread across the massive 925-acre main site. Space sciences, ecosystems, electronics, ocean sciences, health, energy, and robotics are some of these fields.

There are thirty-six buildings on the main campus, which has a view of Portage Lake. Technically speaking, there are five colleges and schools situated on the campus. The College of Computing, the College of Science and Arts, the College of Engineering, the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, and the College of Business are some of these establishments.

While it just takes around ten minutes to walk around the main campus, the entire school has some amazing sites. The Portage Lake Golf Course spans 160 acres of verdant terrain with 18 holes. Situated in the Midwest’s snowiest city, Mont Ripley is the oldest ski resort in Michigan and is officially considered a part of the school. Tech also boasts the “Michigan Tech Trails.” Situated within the Michigan Tech Recreational Forest, the cross-country ski route system spans 33 kilometres.

Central Michigan University (CMU)

Originally established in 1892 as the Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute, Central Michigan University is the fourth largest college campus in Michigan. In 1959, the school attained full university status and adopted the name CMU. CMU, which enrols more than 15,000 students, provides 200 academic programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, specialist, and doctorate levels.

There are 21 residence halls on the 871-acre site. The North, South, East, and Towers are the four campus regions where these on-campus residence halls are located. Eight academic divisions are still present at Central Michigan University, despite a sharp drop in enrollment in recent years. The colleges of business administration, education and human services, science and engineering, the arts and media, medicine, and graduate studies are among them.

Northern Michigan University (NMU)

The 360-acre campus of Northern Michigan University is situated in Marquette and was founded in 1899. There are five academic divisions within the university. NMU offers both undergraduate and graduate programmes, totaling over 180 programmes. The College of Business, the College of Health Sciences, Professional Studies, and the Arts and Sciences are among these programmes.

Ten buildings on the NMU campus house a minimum of 210 educational spaces. The campus also has three facilities for distance learning. The Mead Auditorium is the biggest venue for remote learning. It can accommodate 100 people in total. The fifth-largest college campus in Michigan, Northern Michigan University covers an area of 1.4 square kilometres (0.5 square miles).

Highlights of the Largest College Campuses in Michigan:

College Campus Acres
Michigan State University 5,300
University of Michigan 3,177
Michigan Technological University 925
Central Michigan University 871
Northern Michigan University 360