The 4 Signs That Are the Worst Match for Libra

You might be interested in learning which signs make the worst companions for Libra, considering how frequently this sign places a high value on relationships. Libras are a lovely, perceptive sign of the air who generally get along with people. Which zodiac signs, however, provide the biggest obstacles to Libra’s romanticism, equilibrium, and interpersonal relationships?

These zodiac signs may help you identify some of your least compatible mates if you were born between September 23 and October 22. Although it shouldn’t be your only consideration when teaming with a potential love interest, learning about astrological compatibility can be interesting and enjoyable. Let’s discuss the traits of the Libra personality before getting into the worst matches for the typical Libra.

All About Libra, the Scales of the Zodiac

It makes sense that Libras, who are ruled by Venus and associated with the seventh astrological house of partnerships and couples, adore love! Venus is the planet of justice, passion, and romance—all things that Libras value highly in their day-to-day existence. The seventh house’s emphasis on relationships—romantic and platonic—makes it particularly important. Charming and gregarious, Libras are great in one-on-one situations.

Venus is the planet that gives Libras their passion in the arts and aesthetics. They place a high value on aesthetics, particularly on items that seem harmonious and well-balanced. A Libra is the sign that is dominated by Venus, hence they are the best at balancing out all the signs in the zodiac!

Libras are air signs who have abstract, analytical thought and communication styles. Embracing their airy tendencies, they emphasise philosophy, gregarious distinctiveness, and unbound topics in their interactions with others. Since Libras are also cardinal signs, they are excellent motivators and leaders. But Libras’ drive for balance frequently keeps them from accepting their more forceful side.

The only sign in the zodiac that is represented by an item rather than a person or animal is Libra. Libras, who are symbolised by scales, are always assessing the advantages and disadvantages of any choice. Libras place a high value on justice and balance, which is why they are more likely to compromise their own interests in order to please others. Libras are still a cardinal sign, though. Even if it means upsetting everyone, they will always choose to take the lead rather than follow!

The 4 Signs That Are the Worst Match for Libra

We haven’t even begun to explore the depths of the Libra psyche. How might it show up in a relationship with specific zodiac signs? Here’s why adjusting to Libra, the sign of the scales, will require the greatest energy and effort from these 4 signs.

1. Cancer

Compatibility between the signs is mostly determined by modalities and element placements, which is why Libra and Cancer can be a difficult combination. Another sign of the zodiac, Cancers enjoy taking charge of and leading others, particularly when it comes to their sexual relationships. Although Libras love relationships and are unlikely to enjoy conflict in a mate, they also probably won’t appreciate the aggressiveness of a Cancer!

Cancers are also water signs, which emphasise sentiments and emotionally charged subtextual communication. This is something about Cancers that Libras are likely to find endearing, although this match frequently finds it difficult in day-to-day interactions. Together, these two zodiac signs will value compassion and gentleness, yet they might not be able to get past their differences!

2. Taurus

Due to Venus, both Libra and Taurus have the same planetary ruler, they could find themselves drawn to one another. The pairing will have a lot of themes related to pleasure, indulgence, and sensuality—the things that make a Taurus-Libra romance unique in its early stages. However, when we take into account Taurus’s steadfast practicality combined with Libra’s accommodating imagination, these days might not last long.

It is possible for Cardinal Libra to try to lead fixed Taurus, although this is usually not a good idea for the bull of the zodiac. Furthermore, Taurus’s earthy disposition values things that are realistic and useful above Libra’s more abstract and creative demands. These two signs will get along well as friends over a bottle of wine, but as lovers, they might have too many problems to last!

3. Pisces

Pisces, a water sign that can change, adds sensitivity to their relationship with a Libra. However, analytical, logical Libras could not fully understand the intuition of the zodiac’s final sign. Given Pisces’s flexible character, a Libra-Pisces match will more naturally lead and follow. However, in the long run, it could not be enough to hold these two indications together.

4. Virgo

Virgos, another changeable sign, experience many of the same problems with Libra as Taurus does. For sometimes illogical Libra, Virgos may be too exacting and analytical; they are practical and precise. Additionally, Libra might not fully get the routine-loving Virgo mindset, since all air signs value spontaneity a little more than earth signs do!