The 4 Most Stunningly Scenic Drives on Martha’s Vineyard

Off the coast of Massachusetts, the island of Martha’s Vineyard is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and quaint communities. Taking a leisurely drive down the island’s meandering roads is one of the greatest ways to experience this part of Massachusetts. You’ll pass lovely New England architecture and immaculate beaches along the route. The picturesque coastal roads of Martha’s Vineyard will not dissapoint, regardless of your passion for the outdoors, history, or stunning scenery. See the four most breathtakingly beautiful drives on Martha’s Vineyard.

History of the Island

Like its name, Martha’s Vineyard has changed over the years. Most likely the first people to live on the island were the Wampanoag Native Americans, who gave it the name “Noepe.” The island was named after English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold’s daughter Martha when English settlers started to arrive in the 17th century.

Following the arrival of European settlers, whaling, agriculture, and fishing constituted the island’s principal industries. Edgartown was a central port, and in the vicinity, whaling was a major industry.

One of the earliest documented Deaf villages in the United States was located on this island, despite the town’s reputation as a destination for wealthy summer visitors. Consequently, Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language was created. Historically, Martha’s Vineyard served as a haven for African Americans in addition to the Deaf community.

The island’s whale industry slowed down by the 19th century, and tourism instead started to grow. Known for its history, natural beauty, and thriving arts community, Martha’s Vineyard is still a popular travel destination for people wanting to see the New England coast.

Geography of the Island

This island, sometimes called “The Vineyard,” is around 88 square miles in size. Martha’s Vineyard, in instance, is 23 miles long and nine miles wide. Despite its seeming diminutive size, the island is the largest in New England. A car can go from one side of the island to the other in about 45 minutes.It wouldn’t be difficult to spend a day touring the island with that much time. Now let’s explore which breathtaking drives can catch your attention!

4. The North Road

North Road, which is close to Chilmark, provides an exceptional beautiful drive to discover the island’s pastoral splendor. This picturesque path meanders through verdant forests and protected areas. The second-highest point on the island, Menemsha Hills, is traversed by the road. You will be able to enjoy views of Vineyard Haven and Vineyard Sound. Take a trip here in the fall foliage season to witness how the scenic route is transformed into a vivid, verdant forest with shades of red, orange, and yellow.

3. Katama Road

Katama Road runs through Edgartown and across the southeast of the island. You will travel through farmland and salt marshes on this picturesque excursion. Additionally, you can pause and explore the historic Katama Airfield, which was established in 1924. The fact that Katama Road takes you straight to the well-known South Beach is its best feature. After your picturesque beach drive, you may head to the beach to enjoy the sun and waves because the road finishes just at the sand.

2. State Road (Route 7)

The primary route through Martha’s Vineyard, State Road, often known as Route 7 or South Road, passes directly through the center of the island. This route connects the two sides of the island and will lead you through its central region. State Road begins close to Vineyard Haven. Beginning at this location, State Road will lead you to Aquinnah, which is home to the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook and the Gay Head Light, on the opposite side of the Vineyard. You’ll see gorgeous vineyards and old buildings as you go through the island settlements. Remember to stop at Polly Hill Arboretum and State Road Restaurant, which is conveniently located just off of State Road, for a bite to eat.

1. Beach Road

Beach Road offers the most breathtaking views of the coast when traveling along Martha’s Vineyard. Beach Road offers scenic views of the island’s stunning beaches, as its name implies. Enjoy an unobstructed view at Joseph Sylvia State Beach, which is encircled by dunes and features a stunning blue shoreline. The two most recognizable communities on Martha’s Vineyard, Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, are both along this route. Even more, Beach Road leads past some of the most magnificent mansions and charming, vibrant cottages on the island. You can stop for lunches at the beach and wade into the surf along the route.

Taking a Drive on Martha’s Vineyard

These four roads will give you access to the island’s varied topography and charming coastline setting, despite Martha’s Vineyard’s seeming tiny size. These four breathtakingly beautiful scenic drives will give you a great overview of Martha’s Vineyard’s offerings. But don’t be scared to venture off-road and make your own way around the island. Take a beautiful drive and enjoy the island’s splendor by getting in your car and rolling down the windows!

Overview of the Four Scenic Drives on Martha’s Vineyard

Rank Road
1 Beach Road
2 State Road (or Route 7/South Road)
3 Katama Road
4 North Road