The 4 Fastest Growing Towns in Georgia Everyone Is Talking About

Georiga is currently trending. Many people have chosen to relocate to the state because of it, especially now that remote work is more widely offered. These professionals have made the decision to move to areas with more spacious homes and milder winters in favor of avoiding the high expense of living in some Northern towns. And this is causing the population of some of Georgia’s fastest-growing municipalities to soar.

When it comes to recent growth, the state as a whole is ranked 11th in the country. Rapid economic expansion that draws in labor, a diversified population, a vibrant culture, and a strong emphasis on education that draws in families have all contributed to the influx.

Atlanta has seen a significant influx of new citizens as it positions itself as a significant American metropolis with a unique culture. In recent years, it has emerged as the “Hollywood of the South,” as more and more motion picture producers have selected it as a setting.
Still, “Hotlanta” isn’t the city with the fastest population rise in recent memory. As the metropolis has grown denser, an increasing number of families are opting to disperse to the nearby towns and cities because of the accessible housing and alluring lifestyles those communities have to offer.

Check out these rapidly expanding Georgian towns that are making waves if you’re thinking about making a move or if you want to see if your town has made the map.

Union City

Due to its impressive population growth, Union City is now the “fastest growing city in Georgia.” iHeartMedia reports that in the last eight years, there has been a 32.2% flood of growth.
The city has become a “boomtown” as a result of new companies and investments driving growth.

Union City is located in Fulton County, not far from the Georgia–Alabama state line. It is a heavily suburban area with lots of parks and outdoor recreation. Situated roughly 23 minutes away by car from Atlanta, it is regarded as a suburb of the metropolis.

The Alvarado Historic District is a popular Saturday spot for locals since it offers reasonably priced and ethnically diverse meals. The Alameda Creek Regional Trail is a fantastic place to ride bikes, and Dry Creek Cottage and Gardens provides a historical tour of the property.

South Fulton

If you enjoy outdoor activities mixed with a little thrill, South Fulton might be your area.

Between 2017 and 2022, the city grew by 13%, mostly as a result of Atlanta’s, which is 30 minutes away, influence. On the other hand, South Fulton is a great place to be.

The City of South Fulton Southwest Arts Center is responsible for the vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Hikers and lovers of the outdoors will adore the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve. Additionally, it’s less than 30 minutes to Six Flags Over Georgia.


Stonecrest, another neighborhood bordering Atlanta, has seen a large influx of newcomers in recent years. And Stonecrest can be a good option for someone searching for a little town with scenic surroundings but is still close to the metropolis for a day excursion.
Over the last five years, the city’s population has increased by 10% to over 60,000. It is close to Lithonia in DeKalb County.

Residents like taking vacations to Arabia Mountain or Stone Mountain Park. Another well-known feature of South Fulton is the Mall at Stonecrest, a renowned retail center with over 120 stores, eateries, and entertainment options. In addition to interactive activities like feeding live sharks, stingrays, birds, and tropical animals, the Seaquest Stonecrest aquarium offers animal exhibits.

In one of Georgia’s fastest-growing cities, there is lots to discover depending on your interests.

Warner Robins

The Robins Air Force Base, located in Warner Robins, has had population growth of approximately 8% in recent years.
The counties of Houston and Peach contain the city. It’s around 120 miles south of Atlanta and 20 miles south of Macon. This town is often referred to as the “Home of Planes, Trains, and Heroes” by people who enjoy a bit red, white, and blue in their metropolis.

The Southeast Regional Little League offices and the Museum of Aviation are located in this all-American town. It was named the “Official Best Family Fun Destination in Georgia” by Explore Georgia for 2019.

The WWII Museum, Mildred’s Country Store, the Elberta Train Depot, the Red Caboose, the E.L. Greenway Train Depot, and the National Historic Site are among the family-friendly attractions.

In summary, Warner Robbins offers an abundance of activities. Even though it’s not close enough to drive to Atlanta, it’s been amusing people in the community.

Therefore, you had best move quickly if you’re thinking of moving to one of Georgia’s municipalities with the quickest rate of growth. These tiny communities might not stay tiny for very long.