The 20 Most Fun and Interesting Germany Facts You Didn’t Know

Germany is a stunning nation in Europe that is home to the iconic Alps and a large amount of wooded land. Germany differs from other European nations due to its many distinctive features. These are the top 20 entertaining and fascinating facts about Germany, whether you’re thinking of moving there permanently or just visiting.

1. There Are Around 48,000 Animal Species in Germany

Germany is home to about 48,000 different species of animals, many of which are insects and birds.

2. The Largest Train Station in Europe Is Located in Germany

Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, often known as Leipzig Central Station, is the biggest train station in all of Europe based on floor space. It is located in Leipzig, Berlin, Germany. The station, which is 83,460 square metres, opened in 1915.

3. One-Third of Germany’s Land Area Is Forests

Yes, over 33% of Germany is made up of woods and other woody regions. That translates to almost 11.4 million hectares of land, for comparison.

4. Germany Is the Largest Economy in the European Union (EU)

Germany’s economy ranks first among all EU members and is the fourth largest in the world.

5. Oktoberfest Originated in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany hosted the inaugural Oktoberfest in 1810. It has since expanded to become a global festival of beer and celebration.

6. Germany Is Home to the Narrowest Street in the World

In Reutlingen, Germany, there is the tiniest street in the entire globe. The street, which was formerly known as “Spreuerhofstrasse,” is 50 cm broad at its widest point and 31 cm (1 foot 0.2 in) narrowest.

7. The “Christmas Tree” Tradition Started in Germany

Ever wonder where the custom of decorating a Christmas tree in the winter months came from? It turns out that this tradition originated in Germany in the sixteenth century.

8. It Is Legal to Escape Prison in Germany

In Germany, you cannot be penalised for breaking out of prison since it is believed that people are naturally drawn to freedom. Naturally, you will be held accountable for any harm or violence you cause either during or after the incident.

9. The World’s Highest Castle Population Is Found in Germany

Germany is renowned for its magnificent, vast castles. In fact, scientists believe that the country is home to at least 25,000 castles, if not more.

10. There Are Over 3,000 Types of Bread in Germany

Experts estimate that Germany produces more than 3,000 different varieties of bread. Similar to how beer plays a significant role in German culture, bread and other baked foods are national favourites.

11. The First Nation to Implement Daylight Saving Time was Germany

Germany was the first nation in the world to use daylight savings time in 1916. Initially implemented in World War I as a means of preserving energy supplies, it was later embraced by additional nations in World War II.

12. Some Baby Names Are Banned in Germany

While many nations forbid specific baby names, Germany is generally more stringent in this regard. For example, it is illegal in the nation to use last names, item names, product names, or names that would have a detrimental effect on a child’s mental health (including names that would embarrass them) as first names. In the past, gender-neutral names were strictly prohibited in Germany; nevertheless, rumours have it that this prohibition has loosened recently.

13. “The Land of Poets and Thinkers” is Germany

The expression “Das Land der Dichter und Denker,” which roughly translates to “The Land of Poets and Thinkers,” is frequently used to characterise Germany. Germany is recognised for its noteworthy advancements and contributions in the fields of philosophy, literature, and art.

14. In Germany, beer is a staple “food.”

Beer is referred to as “liquid bread” in Germany, where it is considered a separate food item. Indeed, the nation is notorious for its profusion of breweries and its beer culture.

15. Germany Is Home to About 90 Billon Trees

Forests and woodland cover a large portion of Germany, as was previously indicated. As a result, there are roughly 90 billion trees in the nation.

16. Germany Has More Than 1,200 Various Types of Sausages

Sausage is another common cuisine item in Germany. Indeed, the nation has almost 1,200 distinct varieties of sausages.

17. Certain sections of the German Autobahn lack speed limits

Did you know that there are no speed limits on more than half of Germany’s autobahns? It is nevertheless advised that drivers refrain from going faster than 80 mph.

18. The majority of taxis in Germany are Mercedes

Since Mercedes are the most common type of taxi in Germany, you will be travelling in elegance if you choose to take one.

19. Germany shares borders with nine nations

Yes, you read correctly: Germany shares borders with nine countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

20. A Nation of Readers Is Germany

Germany is a nation of voracious readers. Moreover, visitors will frequently witness citizens of this developed European nation reading aloud whether sitting in a café or on their way to work.