The 16 Best Botanical Gardens That Are “Must Visits” in Pennsylvania

Every American state has unique characteristics that make it stand out. Pennsylvania is a state that is well-known for its 83,000 miles of rivers, its beautiful Appalachian Mountains, and its ability to experience all four seasons of the year. You will have substantial access to the great outdoors if you choose to spend time in Pennsylvania.

For people who want to explore and discover new things, it’s a dream come true! Pennsylvania is perhaps one of the most interesting states to visit if you’re drawn to its botanical gardens and arboretums. The area’s botanical gardens and arboretums are home to a wide variety of magnificent blooms that are fascinating to observe and study. These are a few of the breathtaking locations that are just must-see.

Longwood Gardens

When visiting Pennsylvania, make time to visit Longwood Gardens. At Longwood Gardens, there are a variety of flora in bloom, such as Mexican Sage, Chrysanthemums, and Sugar Maple. Longwood has a variety of gardens to view, including its Forest Walk, Acacia Passage, and Eastwood Conservatory. Numerous captivating events are held in Longwood Gardens, such as the Martha Redbone Roots Project, the Outdoor Magic of A Longwood Christmas, and the Indoor Performance Series, a performing arts festival. Attendees of one of their scheduled events will also have the opportunity to view the vibrant blossoms that have been planted all around the place.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are worth exploring at any time of year. Wonderful plant collections can be seen throughout this botanical park, such as staghorn ferns, Bald-cyprus trees, and orchids. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers a wide variety of fruits and spices, including guava, dragonfruit, prickly apple, miracle fruit, and lychee. There are a ton of events there that you should include on your annual calendar. A few enjoyable activities are their weekly kid-friendly storytime sessions, their Green Power Drive, and their Hometown Harvest.

Hershey Gardens

The iconic candy bar brand that you see on grocery store shelves is not the only thing that the name Hershey represents. Pennsylvania is home to Hershey Gardens, one of the state’s most beautiful and picturesque locations. There’s an award-winning conservatory brimming with vibrant flowers and plants, as well as a children’s garden, horticulture wing, and butterfly atrium on the premises. Visitors to Hershey Gardens can see animals and critters from all over the world at the Zoology Zone. This applies to tarantulas, frogs, and scorpions.

Bartram’s Garden

Walking the entire 50 acres of Bartram’s Garden offers an opportunity to examine some of Pennsylvania’s most exquisite flora and blooms. Some flowers that have previously blossomed in Bartram’s Garden are the American Beauty Berry, Autumn Crocus, and Blue Mist Flower. Teachers can organize field excursions to Bartram’s Garden, a botanical garden that provides an ideal setting for experiential learning. This garden welcomes almost 5,000 kids annually since it permits regular field trips to occur on the grounds.

Morris Arboretum & Gardens

It’s possible that the gloriously lovely flowers in Morris Arboretum & Gardens will increase your appreciation of the natural world. The rose garden has been a fixture for a considerable amount of time—starting in 1888. Right now, it’s overflowing with fruits, vegetables, roses, and a unique specimen chestnut tree. In addition to all the flowers, delectable treats, and trees, Morris Arboretum & Gardens has certain installations that are inviting enough to draw guests of all ages. They feature a fanciful wood walkway, a treetop canopy walk, and the largest outdoor model train show in the nation—the garden railway.

The Arboretum at Penn State

A very well-liked university for college students to attend is Penn State. The chances are good that you’re succeeding academically if you have the opportunity to enroll at Penn State! The Penn State Arboretum is located on campus and has an abundance of gorgeous blooms for viewing. At their H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens, pawpaw, sunflowers, and asters are sprouting.Pawpaw is one of the more uncommon fruits that grows in Pennsylvania, if you haven’t heard of it. Imagine a cross between banana and mango when you taste pawpaws; they have a very tangy and tropical flavor.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

The Garden of the Five Senses is among Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s most unique features. This distinctive walkway was created for guests of all sizes, even young ones. While you move through, you will be surrounded by many sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations. Another attraction on the property is the Hillside Pollinator Garden, which is full of native plants that draw in humming pollinators all year round. You may wish to avoid this region if you’re not a huge fan of bees! The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden offers opportunities for experiencing the Allegheny Plateau Woodland. Trees, bushes, and herbaceous plant species abound. The cherry tree in full bloom is striking.

Tyler Arboretum

The Tyler Arboretum’s ability to accommodate weddings on site is a lovely feature. While most botanical gardens and arboretums share this reality, there are countless settings for noteworthy photo opportunities at this specific locale. Tylers Arboretum boasts 650 acres of flowering plants, including magnolias, lilacs, and hydrangeas. For yourself or your entire party, you can schedule a tour to Tyler Arboretum. Visitors can also watch some of the birds that fly around the arboretum by taking one of the guided tours. Numerous times, people have reported seeing the Eastern bluebird soaring over the region.

Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

At Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, a little exploration will go a long way. When you get there, there’s just so much to see! Highlights of the property’s landscaping include Siberian squill, witch hazel, and flowering poppies. Naturally, the flowers that are in bloom here, as in any botanical garden, change according to the season and weather. Wednesday Walkabouts are a virtual program given via this location’s official website. There are frequent exhibitions for photographers, painters, and students.

Erie Zoo Botanical Gardens

There has always been an endless supply of fascinating things to observe and discover in nature. It makes sense to look for animals that are equally fascinating while you’re examining various blooms that catch your attention. You can do both in full at the Erie Zoo Botanical Gardens. The Julie King Garden, the Wild Things Garden, and the Adventure Garden are just a few of the ten gardens that may be explored on the grounds. This zoo is home to tigers, alpacas, and African wild dogs, among other creatures. There are also Canadian lynxes, black-handed spider monkeys, and angola goats on the property.

The Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum

2015 saw the planting of the Dwarf Conifer Garden at the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum. It is still excellent and valuable even though it hasn’t been around for very long.Conifers are evergreen shrubs and trees that are sometimes mistaken for pine trees. They provide needle-shaped leaves and arillate fruit. For further investigation, the property has a pollinator garden. Thieves & Vagabonds is one of the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum’s well-liked displays. Since it documents some of the most important events that happened between the 18th and 20th centuries, it serves to provide tourists with a taste of history.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve offers guided wildflower walks, which are exactly what you can participate in if you’re in need of one. It can be a little confusing to explore nature sometimes when you can’t quite make out what you’re looking at. There are guided wildflower walks that break down each and every step of the journey. The land now has feather bush, Virginia sweetspire, and thimbleweed among other blooming flowers. In addition to the property’s abundance of lovely flowers, there are several ponds, ecosystems, meadows, and wooded regions where one can relax.

Merion Botanical Park

Having been established for seven decades, Merion Botanical Park boasts an extensive collection of exquisitely blooming plants. The purpose of this park is to inform tourists about all the natural plants that can grow here and what their greatest use are. The park’s thirteen acres are home to a variety of trees and shrubs, such as river birches, red maples, and horse chestnuts. Merion Botanical Park is home to 85 different species of birds that have been observed. While visiting this location, there’s a chance you’ll spot a black vulture, green heron, or Canada geese flying around.

Chanticleer Pleasure Garden

Chanticleer Pleasure Garden is a year-round destination where visitors may view some of the most exquisite blossoms. Snowdrops, enormous apple cactus, and Lantau Lady Amazon swords have all blossomed in the past several weeks. If you’d like to work in this field full-time, Chanticleer offers a variety of classes on site, such as gardening manuals and painting lessons. This location offers workshops on many topics, such as splitting bamboo, using and dividing bulbs, and fall gardening maintenance. They also impart knowledge on the function of tree canopies in the field of landscaping.

Malcolm Gross Rose Garden

The Malcolm Gross Rose Garden is a renowned wedding location for couples who are ready to tie the knot. It makes natural that in a spot as breathtaking as this, filled with so many exquisite flower kinds, a couple in love would wish to make their union legal. Although none of their specific blooms are mentioned by name on the official website, it is clear that they have a large selection of flowers for every season. The Malcolm Gross Rose Garden not only provides a breathtaking setting for weddings, but it also has dog parks, walking loops for fitness, and a South Mountain reservoir where you can rent out picnic tables and grills.

Winterthur Museum & Gardens

Winterthur Museum & Gardens should also be on your agenda for Pennsylvania. The official website claims that the museum is filled with ornamental artwork. There are also a ton of historical fiction novels available for reading on library shelves. There are only roughly 1,000 acres of farms and meadows in the garden to be grateful for. Henry Francis du Pont was the man who came up with the brilliant idea to develop a garden full of flowers that would bloom all year round. The garden is now a fully realized work of art, bursting with vivid color and wonderful vitality. You will have a great time visiting this place if you love peony.