The 10 Most Haunted Places in Washington

Discover the most haunted locations in Washington by going on a ghostly road trip. The ghost town cemetery, the former private hospital farm, and the mortuary turned local bar are all definitely places where you’ll encounter some ghostly activity. Are you brave enough to witness the ghosts of The Evergreen State? Discover more about Washington’s troubled past by visiting the locations listed below.

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub (Butterworth Building) – Seattle

One of the most haunted locations in Washington is Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, which is situated in Seattle’s downtown Pike Place Market District. The business, which opened its doors in 1983, is housed in the eerie and ancient Butterworth Building. The well-liked restaurant is difficult to overlook because it is nestled away from the street. But ghosts within the structure might lead you.

A little girl with red hair who enjoys pulling practical jokes on gullible customers is one of the most well-liked ghosts at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub. When there are kids around during the day, she is most active in the restaurant. The little girl’s identity is unknown, although it’s likely that she passed away during the 1900s influenza pandemic.

Charlie is the name of another well-known ghost. He appears in the Guinness mirror for a short while before vanishing. An elderly man in a derby hat, he likes to come here on Friday and Saturday nights to hear live music. See the Travel Channel’s 2010 episode of Ghost Adventures, which highlighted the well-regarded Irish pub, or visit for a delicious traditional lunch.

An Overview of the Butterworth Building’s History

The Butterworth Building was Seattle’s first mortuary when it was constructed in 1903. John Graham Sr., a pioneering architect in Seattle, created the structure. He designed the arrangement such that, from certain angles, the five-story building looks to have just three stories because of the hills in the vicinity, which heightens the eerie atmosphere of the place.

For Butterworth & Sons Mortuary, the structure was outfitted with a chapel, embalming rooms, undertakers’ quarters, and horse-drawn funeral carriages. In actuality, bodies were moved through the opening that serves as the restaurant’s entrance.

There are still a lot of apparitions seeking comfort in the restaurant due to rumors of unethical practices carried out by doctors, including Linda Hazzard. Not only are there ghosts living there, but others have also reported experiencing anxiety at night or hearing strange noises coming through the walls.

Pike Place Market – Seattle

Seattle’s Pike Place Market has a rich history that dates back to 1907. Market merchants and farmers hawked their wares to eager consumers. Owned by Frank Goodwin, who earned a fortune selling Klondike gold, one of the market’s original buildings.

Numerous sellers’ ghosts as well as the ghosts of well-known guests reside in Pike Place Market. Princess Angeline, the eldest daughter of Chief Si’ahl (Seattle), is among the most well-known guests. Kikisoblu, her Duwamish name, was a resident of the lovely seaside neighborhood where she had a home-based basketry business. These days, customers and vendors occasionally see her carrying baskets and looking through store displays.

Little children’s ghosts run around the Bead Emporium Store, but as soon as they are spotted, they disappear. Frank Goodwin’s ghost has even been seen by some by the Alibi steps. Identifying himself as Frank, he inquires if anyone needs assistance navigating the market. From the Goodwin Library window, one can also see Arthur Goodwin, Frank’s nephew, swinging a golf club. He actually resides as the phantom of phantom Alley Espresso. Visit the amazing market and one of Washington’s most eerie locations.

The Moore Theater – Seattle

It’s hardly surprising that Seattle’s oldest theater is haunted. With 2,436 seats, it was one of the biggest theaters in the United States when it was built. A seance is held at the Moore Theater, which James A. Moore constructed in 1907. The ceremony was being performed by a few staff when the building owners became involved. Some people think it left the theater’s spirit doorway open.

Small objects frequently disappear and then return in different parts of the building. Some guests have claimed to have heard loud, disembodied footsteps and heavy breathing. Some report experiencing weird images and unexplained temperature swings. The specters of Sarah Bernhardt, Marie Dressler, James Moore, and other early actors remain to observe performances.

For a Ghost Hunters episode, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) conducted an investigation at the Moore Theater in 2007. There were no indications of visitors from the afterlife detected by their apparatus. Some team members, though, insisted that they had encountered the paranormal while filming. See whether the theater is haunted by going to a performance.

Hotel de Haro – Friday Harbor

The stunning scenery and abundant animals of the San Juan Islands are well-known. Still, a number of ghost stories draw guests to Friday Harbor’s hotels, such as the Hotel de Haro. The oldest continually operating lodge in Washington is the Hotel de Haro, which was established in 1886. Theodore Roosevelt is among its most well-known visitors.

The ghost of Adah Beeny is said to reside in the hotel at Roche Harbor Resort. The McMillan children, whose family owned the nearby lime industry, had her as their nanny. Both current workers and visitors have reported unexpected temperature swings or cold patches, doors opening and closing, and flickering lights. A guest reported experiencing numbness in her palm upon entering the lobby, possibly as a result of residual spiritual energy within the hotel.

Monte Cristo Ghost Town

Nestled in the Cascade Mountains is the historic and deserted mining town of Monte Cristo, located in Snohomish County. Although it’s one of the state’s most well-known ghost towns, it’s also one of the hardest to investigate. The town operated between 1889 and 1907. The village was expected to become a center for prospectors seeking silver and gold, but the mines failed to yield the anticipated profits.

According to some, Monte Cristo was destined to fail from the beginning. Workers were on strike and the country’s economy was collapsing at the time the town began. It was difficult to retain workers in the mines due to the unfavorable working conditions and low pay. Unfavorable Pacific weather conditions made the town’s problems worse. Avalanches actually destroyed a portion of the town’s infrastructure and killed everybody who stood in their path. There is a rumor that the miners’ spirits are still there, keeping watch over the town.

Be careful, visitors.The road is in poor condition, and very few buildings still stand. A shaky bridge over the river and hiking routes allow hikers to explore the ghost town on foot.

The Oxford Saloon – Snohomish

The ancient Oxford Saloon is one of Washington’s most haunted locations. Ten years after it was constructed in 1900 as Blackman’s Dry Goods in Snohomish, it was converted into a saloon. A stairway on the second level led to numerous rooms when the structure was rebuilt. There is a rumor that these rooms were rented out as a brothel by a woman named Kathleen.

There are several legends about how she died in the claw-foot tub that is still in one of the restrooms. The most widely accepted ideas include murder or suicide by a brokenhearted lover. That being said, her ghost still prowls the corridors, and in the restaurant, a lifelike mannequin with a purple dress and black hair may be seen.

Over the years, there have been several violent incidents at the Oxford Saloon. One well-known instance involved the passing of Henry, a police officer who sometimes served as a security guard. Two men got into a brawl one night in the basement poker room. While attempting to break up the fight, Henry was killed. The stairs that go to the basement are frequently frequented by his spirit. Even in the women’s restroom, some women claim to have seen him, but he quickly leaves when questioned.

In the whole history of The Oxford Saloon, ten people have died. When they are by themselves, workers say they sense an ominous presence. In addition, there is background noise, footsteps, and sporadic door opening and closing. Ask one of the staff members when you swing by to find out more about the remaining ghosts that haunt the Oxford Saloon.

Northern State Hospital – Sedro-Woolley

Northern State Hospital, located in Sedro-Woolley, is one of the biggest mental health facilities in Washington. The hospital was a community unto itself. At its height, 700 acres of farmland, a canning factory, and more were home to 2,300 patients who worked and lived there. Although it is possible for tourists to wander around the meadows beside the cemetery and some of the crumbling structures, it will be difficult to find tranquility given the hospital’s troubled past.

When it first opened in 1912, the Northern State Hospital served people with a wide range of medical conditions, both mental and physical, many of which are now typically treated with medicine or therapy. Some patients might not have been ill at all, while others were merely going through brief episodes of illness. However, a lot of patients were admitted against their choice. Many would stay here all their lives.

Visitors to the abandoned buildings report feeling spied on and experiencing cold areas. There are even reports of individuals seeing figures lingering around the cemetery. The most prevalent ghosts are those of a small child rushing after a guy while she holds a red ball. A nurse is pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair who is one of the other well-known ghosts.

The inhumane treatments these patients received either worsened their quality of life or caused them to pass away. Additionally, a lot of patients had loved ones abandon them here. Headstones bearing their patient numbers are all that is left of them. However, hundreds of headstones have vanished into the ground as a result of poor maintenance. Thankfully, family members are now searching for details regarding their deceased loved ones and attempting to give them a dignified funeral.

Black Diamond Cemetery – Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Cemetery ranks well while searching for the haunting locations in Washington. The well-known cemetery has probably experienced a great deal of paranormal activity as a result of mining accidents over the years. Approximately 1,200 immigrants’ and miners’ graves from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s are located in the cemetery. Flu killed a lot of people buried here as well. Eight miners who perished in the 1910 Lawson Mine disaster are buried in one burial.

On foggy nights, visitors describe seeing lanterns swaying in the distance and hearing whistling when no one is nearby. There are also reports of a white horse stumbling among gravestones. In 2020, the Washington-based research team Cascadia Paranormal Investigations went to the cemetery to search for evidence of the purported spirits. They heard some spooky apparitions and multiple disembodied voices. You could visit the cemetery to see for yourself, but there wasn’t much else to talk about.

Walker-Ames House – Port Gamble

In Washington, the Walker-Ames House is among the most haunted locations. In the neighborhood, the abandoned Port Gable house is well-known for having ghostly activity. Since the 1950s, in fact, numerous paranormal investigations have taken place there. There have been ghost legends about this location for many years. Paranormal Port GamblePete Orbea is able to speak with ghosts and senses supernatural energies throughout the house. Popular guided tours of the eerie Walker-Ames House are given by him.

Upstairs, visitors claim to hear footsteps and voices that don’t belong there. Some have even reported seeing figures in the windows or historical characters moving about the interior when they pass by the home outdoors. Although the identity of the shape remains unknown, it appears to be one of the playful ghosts tricking the guests and paranormal investigators who often visit the house.

Manresa Castle – Port Townsend

One more of the most eerie locations The Manresa Castle in Port Townsend is located in Washington. Completed in 1892, the Manresa Castle served as Charles and Kate Eisenbeis’ residence. The castle’s architecture is evocative of Charles’ native Prussia. He served as Port Townsend’s first mayor and resided in the exquisite home until his death in 1902. The castle was abandoned after Kate was married again and was later bought by nuns as a retreat in 1925. Later, while it was controlled by Jesuits, they added a sizable addition to the structure, which in 1968 was turned into a hotel.

The visitors are frightened by the residing spirits in the apartments. The most paranormal activity is reported in rooms 302, 304, and 306. But the ghosts of a woman who hurled herself out the window and a monk who died in the attic are frequently heard wandering the corridors. When no one is looking, drinks in the cafe burst or turn upside down.