The 10 Most Haunted Places In Nebraska

Why are the paranormal and ghoulish so fascinating to us? Regarding the attraction, numerous hypotheses exist. A possible threat can give some people an adrenaline surge. Others are drawn to strange happenings and enigmatic paranormal phenomena. Some people are nevertheless interested in learning about the past, even if it is a violent or tragic past. If any of these descriptions apply to you, you should investigate Nebraska’s top ten haunted locations.

Museum of Shadows

The Museum of Shadows is home to more than 3,000 haunting artifacts and is featured on programs that air on the Travel Channel, Discovery Plus, and Amazon Prime. The museum, which is situated in Omaha, Nebraska, was named the world’s most haunted museum in a national survey. Visitors at the Museum of Shadows have reported touching themselves, hearing voices, seeing ghosts, and even seeing children smiling.

Ayda, the world’s most terrifying doll, is another creepy tenant of the museum. Ayda defeated the infamous Annabelle doll to win this honor in the Destination America vote. Ayda’s former owner asked for the museum to keep her restrained since it has a tendency to tilt its head, extend its arms, and bend forward. The owners of the museum claim that Ayda is connected to the spirit of a slain kid. At the Museum of Shadows, she is one of several ghostly dolls that sit behind glass. At the moment, Ayda is housed behind glass as the main draw at one of Nebraska’s most haunted locations.

There’s also a “Sit Challenge” in the Museum of Shadows where you have to spend ten minutes sitting in total darkness among the ghostly objects.

To visit the Museum of Shadows or to learn more details:

Museum Of Shadows

1110 Douglas ST Omaha, NE 68102

Phone: 402-885-7557

Alliance Theatre

Constructed as the Charter Hotel in 1903, the building was converted to a theater in 1938. Workers at the theater have reported hearing footsteps behind them, seeing shadowy figures, hearing clapping, or hearing someone racing up and down the aisles. It is said that guests may hear Mary, a ghost who died after being struck by a spotlight, rehearsing her lines. If it is haunted, according to owner Gerald Bullard, the ghosts are “very friendly.”

Even with the ghosts, the Alliance Theatre, which is located in Alliance, is still a running movie theater with positive Google reviews!

To get to the Alliance Theatre or to learn more about it:

The Theatre Alliance

410 Box Butte Ave, Alliance, NE 69301

Phone: 308-762-4100

Ball Cemetery

Located in Springfield, this cemetery was established in the 1800s. The oldest grave marker, according to visitors, dates back to 1869. Reports from witnesses claim to have heard laughing and disembodied voices. Additionally, some claim that a spirit known as Mary Mumford, one of the women buried in Ball Cemetery, pulls on people’s clothing.

Although this is one of Nebraska’s most well-known haunted locations, please be aware that it is private property. Dogs and a shotgun will meet any trespassers, though the owner will cooperate with anyone to explore the premises.

Seven Sisters Road

Seven Sisters Road in Nebraska City is surrounded by a macabre legend. Seven ladies are said to have died here in the 1900s, according to local lore. A young man who lived there with his parents and seven sisters is shown in one version. He had an awful fight with his family one evening. So, until his parents departed, the young man hid in the woods. He then lured or coerced each sister one by one outside, and in the end, he hung each of his sisters separately from seven trees.

Nobody is aware of what became of their brother or what became of the sisters’ bodies. Moreover, no official records that support the hangings have been located. Even so, the terrifying mythology endures. The path is still reported by locals to be haunted by the sisters’ restless souls. Sometimes, people hear bells ringing or women shouting.

Others claim odd mechanical issues they encounter while driving, like automobiles stalling, headlights dimming, and windows rising and falling on their own. Among Nebraska’s most haunted locations is this one.

Devil’s Canyon

This canyon, which is roughly seven miles north of McCook, has also been devastated in the past. According to legend, a man traveled to Devil’s Canyon with his wife and kids approximately a century ago. He then killed his family members before taking his own life. Those who come in close encounter “The Duke,” the man’s ghost, who causes problems for vehicles. Some have reported experiencing technical glitches and seeing the apparition of a dark guy.

Bailey House Museum

The stunning red-bricked, seven-gabled Bailey House Museum in Brownsville is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The structure was built in the late 1860s using brick produced in a brick factory in Brownsville. Its original owner’s spirit, Civil War Captain Benson Bailey, is said to haunt the hallways. According to legend, Captain Bailey and his spouse were poisoned by an envious neighbor. The agitated spirits have been haunting the house ever since.

The Bailey House Museum staff claims that odd occurrences happen in the house, like doors that open and close on their own and eerie piano music that plays at night. By appointment only, tours are offered by the Brownsville Historical Society.

To get in touch with or visit the Bailey House Museum:

The Bailey House Museum

412 Main St, Brownville, NE 68321

Phone: 402-825-6001

Fort Sidney Museum

Originally built as a significant fort in the 1870s, the Fort Sidney Museum and Post Commander’s Home now houses relics from the 1860s to the 1890s that provide visitors with an insight into the way of life in that era. This antique structure has a ghost story about the widow of an officer who broke her neck after falling down the stairs. When her husband discovered her body, he boarded up the stairs, dejected. The steps were located and renovated in 1975, but public access was restricted. People claim they can still hear someone walking up the steps and then falling, though. This enigmatic museum is open for visits in Sidney.

Contacting or visiting the museum:

Fort Sidney Museum

955 6th Avenue, Sidney, NE 69162

Phone: 308-254-2150

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a well-known haunted 4500-square-foot theater in Omaha that was built in 1887. Once the early 19th-century residence of William and Greta Hall, it is said that William went insane in 1929 following the stock market crash. He used an ax to murder his wife in a deranged moment. But he was so overcome with grief that the following day, upon realizing what he had done, he buried Greta in the front yard.

But a week later, John Martin, Greta’s brother, killed William with the same ax in retaliation. In the front yard, he buried William next to Greta. However, John was discovered dead with an ax in his head on William and Greta’s graves on Halloween. Nobody is certain who killed John, but many believe William’s ghost delivered the fatal blow.

The house’s hallways are haunted by the spirits of Greta, William, and John today. October appears to be the month with the highest paranormal activity. Regretfully, the Mystery Manor shut down in 2023 following 38 years of operation. For twice the asking price, the building was sold to Creighton University, which is located nearby.

Barnard Park

Bernard Park, a stunning public park off Military Avenue in Fremont, was constructed on the site of the town’s original cemetery. But the city neglected to move the seven bodies when turning it into a park, so their restless spirits still haunt the area. Some claim to have seen an apparition of a woman crying in the park, and others have observed spirits strolling around there.

Centennial Hall Museum

The oldest school in the state is located here, in Valentine. This spooky building, which dates back to 1897, also has a horrible background. According to tales, a girl was poisoned with clarinet reed in 1944 and died as a result. Former teachers claim to have seen a ghost pacing the corridors while the school was still open. Some guests claim to be overcome with a strong sense of fear. Despite the absence of any musical instruments within the structure, several visitors have reported hearing eerie music emanating from the music room since the school was transformed into a museum.

To get in touch with or visit the Centennial Hall Museum:

Centennial Hall Museum

East 3rd Street & N Macomb Street, Valentine, NE

Phone: 402-376-1081