The 10 Most Haunted Cities in The United States, Ranked

Although it is a young nation, the United States has a troubled past. Apart from colonial nostalgia, there are many of locations in the United States with rich histories that are worth seeing again. There are many haunted cities in the US, but which ones are the most paranormal? Find out which locations are the most haunted and why they are buzzing with paranormal activity by reading on.

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for a lot of things, including the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a work of architectural wonder, the wealth of diverse cultures, and, of course, a lot of haunts. Just over a mile away by boat is Alcatraz Island, one of the most haunted locations in San Francisco. Many dangerous convicts who were too dangerous for conventional jails served out the remainder of their lives on this confined island.

Most likely, the most well-known prisoner on Alcatraz is Al Capone. A few visitors to the prison claim to have seen and heard the ghosts of former prisoners, including Al Capone. For visitors to Alcatraz Island, faint screams, metallic clanks, and even ghostly smells are all common occurrences.

It’s interesting to note that this island was home to wicked spirits for a very long time before gangsters and murderers counted the island’s prison population. Additionally, Native Americans would exile criminals to the island where they would be trapped forever by evil spirits.

Golden Gate Park is another popular site in San Francisco. Here, there is a persistent tale of a mother who lost her child in the lake and is said to haunt the area forever. Known as “The White Lady,” this ghost shows up wearing drenched clothing and asks if anybody has seen her infant. Apparently, the best times to witness this alien marvel are on gloomy, dark nights.

2. Portland, Oregon

It’s possible that France comes to mind the moment you think about catacombs. However, that is not the only nation where dark past lies beneath its surface.

Catacombs are located beneath the busy streets of Portland, Oregon. The purpose of these “Shanghai Tunnels” was to move cargo from the port of the city to the downtown regions. Regretfully, there were more suspicious transactions.

Many claim that drug dealings, kidnappings, temporary jails, and murder occurred in the tunnels. A more thorough description of the tunnels’ past can be found during tours, and if you’re lucky—or unlucky—you might come upon a ghostly occurrence. Individuals claim to have had the feeling of being watched, an unsettling tension in the atmosphere, and occasionally even the physical sensation of being touched.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

America is home to several haunting places that are associated with battle. This haunting city was greatly influenced by the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

The Old City Jail is perhaps the location in Charleston where paranormal activity is most prevalent. There were more than 13,000 executions there, giving the place a haunting atmosphere. Visitors can go around the area where thousands of individuals lived before their execution by taking a tour of this site. Regretfully, not every inmate at the Old City Jail was guilty. It’s even been suggested that a large number of death row inmates were innocent. For those who choose to visit, the suffering of these souls is expressed through voices, footsteps, and physical touch sensations.

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon are another location of widespread agony and fatalities. The dungeon is filled with memories of pain, torture, and death, as you can imagine. These were not your average pirates or war criminals from the late eighteenth century; these were the people who haunted this place. Sadly, these ghosts seem to be confined to this spot in death, just as they were throughout their lifetime.

4. Salem, Massachusetts

After being accused of witchcraft, 25 women and children were tortured and put to death at Salem, the notorious site of the “Salem Witch Trials”. Though these were unusual occurrences, a few men were also put to death. Salem, Massachusetts will always be plagued by accusations and murder, and no one will be able to forget it because to the alleged ghosts of the murdered “witches.”

The cemetery is one of the many places in the city where people frequently see these ghosts interact with the living. In Salem, ghost tours are quite popular. The people of “Witch City” welcome the opportunity to share knowledge gained from the lessons of the Salem witch trials and celebrate Halloween to the fullest, despite the terrible tragedy of senseless murder and bigotry.

5. St. Augustine, Florida

The oldest city in the US is this historic harbor. It is reasonable to suppose that there is some mayhem and haunting going on here. A few well-known haunted locations include the lighthouse, where numerous females are said to have perished, the fort known as “Castillo De San Marcos,” and even the university, which has been the scene of intense paranormal activity.

Public tours are provided at several of these sites. The public can only visit the two well-known cemeteries, Huguenot Cemetery and Tolomato Cemetery, once a month. It is said that ghosts from both of these graves roam the grounds, destined for this location for all of eternity.

Flagler College is another extremely haunted place in St. Augustine. The college’s founder, Henry Flagler, also held numerous local properties. His last wish, before he passed away, was for all of his properties’ doors and windows to be opened. He believes that because there are so many gaps, his spirit can be let free. The Chancellor of Flagler College, however, disregarded this last request. As a result, rumors persist that Flagler’s ghost still wanders the campus.

6. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s history is not entirely spotless. It would come as more of a shock to hear that nothing eerily otherworldly was occurring in the Windy City, given the Chicago fire, gangsters, and violent organizations and individuals.

H. H. Holmes, one of the nation’s first officially recognized serial killers, performed his lethal act in a Chicago home. At least a dozen, if not more than dozens, of ladies met their tragic end at this location. The “murder house” of H.H. Holmes and the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre building are gone, as is the location of the event, which claimed the lives of seven further people. Even Nevertheless, a lot of people still explore the sites, and visitors may feel the intense energy.

Before being transferred to the West Coast, Al Capone, who subsequently lived on Alcatraz Island, murdered over 200 people in Chicago. Capone contributed to the long list of dead by taking part in the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.

The Chicago Fire was the last fire to burn for more than a day. Almost one-third of the city’s population was left homeless as a result of this enormous fire. The seemingly never-ending fire claimed the lives of almost 300 people. This fire led to the adoption of stronger building codes and fire-resistant building materials, in contrast to many other mass casualty incidents. Rebuilding into a bustling metropolis, the people and institutions along the depressed area resembled a phoenix emerging from the ashes.

7. San Antonio, Texas

There are several terrifying stories and urban legends in this Texas city. However, some of them have real-world origins.

With good cause, the Battle of the Alamo is one of San Antonio’s most haunted locations. In this struggle for freedom, the majority of the Texas participants lost their lives. Numerous accounts exist of various spirits lingering around the Alamo. One is a young child who was taken to safety before to the conflict. He misses his parents, who he last saw at the scene of the murders. Soldiers and guardians in the vicinity are among the other common spirits. Reports of footsteps, whispers, and full-body apparitions are frequent in this area.

The Majestic Theater is another San Antonio haunt. The dancers who were slain by falling lights have remained at the location ever since. Some theatergoers claim to have seen a ghostly woman in the second-floor box seat, possibly thinking back to her time while performing there.

There are several haunts in and around San Antonio. There are many of places to explore these terrifying locales that San Antonio has to offer, so those who enjoy myths, mysteries, and real-life horror stories should definitely check them out.

8. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

During the Civil War, this region witnessed some of the bloodiest engagements. Ghostly Civil War soldiers are known to wander the town’s grounds in Gettysburg. While strolling around the former battlegrounds, some describe hearing sobbing or smelling tobacco smoke, though it’s unclear where the smoke is coming from. Not all locations with an abundance of paranormal activity are war zones.

The orphanage in Gettysburg is a breeding ground for unsettling incidents. Initially, the hospital served as a medical facility for Gettysburg soldiers who were injured or near death. Its transformation into an orphanage for children whose parents perished in combat continued after the war. The unlucky kids were tortured by Rosa J. Carmichael, the headmistress. This place is still haunted by the dark soul of the orphanage’s head. Visitors to the website feel a palpable sense of dread because of her rotten soul.

In Gettysburg, another location with a violent past is the Dobbin House Inn. This home served as a stopover for those using the Underground Railroad to flee slavery during the American Civil War. At night, people may notice enigmatic bloodstains on the flooring or witness ghosts of warriors and slaves.

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is home to numerous haunted mansions, churches, graveyards, and hospitals. The city exudes an even more eerie, supernatural atmosphere due to its long history of voodoo practice. This city offers a wide variety of ghost tours and haunted attractions. Still, you may be able to feel some of the eerie tension that permeates New Orleans without the aid of a tour guide.

The haunting LaLaurie Mansion was once the torture chamber of a wealthy socialite. Whistles of terror cut through the darkness, and some people swear they see Madame LaLaurie’s slave apparitions. Even though the house has seen numerous ownership and company changes, there is always a sense of agony about it.

Marie Laveau is another well-known person who has influenced the eerie culture of New Orleans. In the hopes that she may assist them in the afterlife, people pay respects to her tomb and leave offerings. She does not, however, greet every guest amicably. Some people say they felt Laveau’s rage when they were slapping her grave. Some claim to have seen her ghost clearly and constantly. The oldest cemetery in the city, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, is where she is interred. Bodies had to be buried above ground in New Orleans because of the city’s swampy surroundings, which prevented the deceased from washing into the streets during severe rains.

10. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, tops our list of haunted cities. This stunning location has a sordid history filled with enslavement, diseases, and Civil War fatalities. In Savannah, there’s an eerie vibe practically everywhere you look, from hotels to breweries to ghostly eateries.

The Marshall House is one of the city’s most famous haunted locations. It was formerly a hospital. When this building was constructed in 1851, yellow fever and Civil War wounds claimed many lives. Individuals who stay there now expect to see ghosts moving around the hallway. Not only are people anticipating noises, but there may also be traces of the building’s previous life as a hospital that persist in the hotel’s recently renovated hallways.

The upper floor of the hotel features old mementos of the building’s history as focal pieces, despite its fresh look after restorations in the late 1990s. The Marshall House’s repute as a haunted attraction is further cemented by these tangible reminders of its past, which provide the hotel an eerie charm.

Overview of the Ten Most Haunted Cities in the United States

1. Savannah, Georgia
2. New Orleans, Louisiana
3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Chicago, Illinois
6. St. Augustine, Florida
7. Salem, Massachusetts
8. Charleston, South Carolina
9. Portland, Oregon
10. San Francisco, California