The 10 Most Expensive Colleges in Texas Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg

There are several globally recognized colleges and universities in Texas. Thousands upon thousands of students pursue higher education in the Lone Star State each year. However, the cost of attending college keeps going up every year. In actuality, annual tuition and fees at a public university in the US average about $26,000. That is about double the expense of private schools, which often cost more than $55,000 annually.

Investing in education is important. The annual cost of attendance at these Texas colleges and universities is relatively costly for students. This list is arranged according to “sticker price,” which does not include housing costs but does include tuition and fees. It’s also crucial to remember that a lot of students will obtain grants or scholarships in lieu of tuition, so actual costs may be substantially cheaper.

When you’re thinking about going to college, make sure you look closely at the financial aid programs the school offers. While some are major-specific, others are universal. Additionally, you can look into financial aid options through other sources, like scholarship-granting foundations. Therefore, even if the retail price of these schools and institutions may seem high, there’s a good chance that your expenses will be reduced.

Find out which 10 Texas colleges and universities are the priciest by reading on!

1. Austin College

Austin institution is the eighth most costly institution in Texas. Located in Sherman, Texas, Austin College is a private liberal arts college. It has a sticker price of $46,475 for the 2023–2024 academic year. Nonetheless, there are several benefits for pupils attending the school. According to rankings, Austin institution is the eighth-best institution in the state of Texas.

2. University of Dallas

The University of Dallas comes in at number nine on the list of Texas’ most costly universities. The annual sticker price of the school is $47,300. This private Catholic university charges a yearly tuition far less than the average for all private universities in the United States. Nonetheless, the school provides need- and merit-based financial help, as is typical of most educational establishments. It is quite possible to pay much less than this amount.

3. St. Edward’s University

St. Edward’s University is the sixth most expensive university in Texas, with a sticker price of $50,484. With 55 majors available and a stellar staff-to-student ratio, the institution makes the case that paying a little more is well worth it! Most students typically get need-and merit-based financial help to offset a sizeable portion of this cost.

4. Southwestern University

Southwestern University is the fifth most costly university in Texas and is situated in Georgetown, Texas. With a sticker price of $50,558 this institution is only marginally more expensive than St. Edward’s per year. A private liberal arts college, Southwestern University is renowned for its excellent arts and sciences program. Very significant merit-based scholarships up to $33,000 are given out annually by Southwestern University. Do your research on financial assistance alternatives if you want to attend Southwestern.

5. Trinity University

With a sticker price of $51,352, Trinity University is the sixth most expensive college in Texas. With more than 100 majors available, Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, offers a wide range of liberal arts programs. A large number of Trinity University students get financial help, which can greatly reduce the cost of attendance.

6. Baylor University

At $54,844 per year, Baylor University is the fifth most expensive university in Texas. Nonetheless, 86% of the enrolled students are eligible for financial help due to merit, accounting for the great majority of students who receive it. Located in Waco, Texas, Baylor is a private Christian institution. It’s crucial to remember that a lot of colleges set their tuition fees on the quantity of credits a student enrolls in. For students enrolled in more than 12 credits every semester, Baylor University charges a flat fee, so you may truly maximize your study there without having to pay a lot more!

7. Texas Christian University

The well-known Texas Christian University is the state’s fourth most costly university or college. TCU is the first private university on this list with a sticker price higher than the national average, at $57,220. The Texas Horned Frogs, a Division I football team, are the pride of Texas Christian University. TCU provides talent-based scholarships for more creative fields like dance and theater in addition to merit-based scholarships for academic achievement.

8. Rice University

Rice University is the third most costly university in Texas. The annual sticker price of Rice University is $58,128. Rice University is a private university, just like a lot of the other colleges on this list. Houston, Texas is where it’s situated. Prestigious and demanding, Rice University is a research-focused university with more than 50 undergraduate programs. Although science and engineering are the school’s main focus, Rice offers seven other colleges of study.

9. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is the second most costly university in Texas. The sticker price for the University of Texas at Austin is around $59,146, however the actual cost may differ significantly based on the student’s specific school. Students from within the state also enjoy a substantial reduction off the sticker price. There is a calculator available at the University of Texas at Austin to determine which tuition costs apply, as they differ for each student.

10. Southern Methodist University

Lastly, we have Southern Methodist University, the priciest college or university in Texas. With an annual sticker price of $64,460, Southern Methodist University is significantly more expensive than the average cost of private colleges across the country. At Southern Methodist University, which is situated in Dallas, Texas, there are little over 7,000 undergraduate students.

An Overview of Texas’s Most Expensive Schools

There are several rather expensive institutions in Texas. Even though the tuition for all of these schools is high, very few of them is higher than the national average. To select the finest university for you, if you’re hoping to attend one in Texas, make sure you check into all of your possibilities, including financial aid. All of the above mentioned institutions provide possibilities that are both need- and merit-based, which helps to reduce the financial investment.

The following is a list of Texas’s priciest universities:

Colleges Annual Sticker Price
Austin College $46,475
University of Dallas $47,300
St. Edward’s University $50,484
Southwestern University $50,588
Trinity University $51,352
Baylor University $54,844
Texas Christian University $57,220
Rice University $58,128
University of Texas at Austin $59,146
Southern Methodist University $64,460