Territorial Hippos Throw a Tantrum and Charge at Zebras Crossing Their River

Big Mean Hippos Bully a Herd of Zebras and Don’t Let Them Cross!

In the captivating and somewhat comical video featured at the top of the page, two hippos make the decision to bully! Who are their victims? A group of defenseless zebras merely attempting to cross a river! The film opens with the camera focused on a lone zebra—the fearless leader—wading into the water! As the herd starts to follow the trend-setter, the camera pans out and approaches the coast. The zebras form a single file line and start to wade across the small river. Next, the adversaries of the video are revealed as the camera pans out a little farther.

The zebra line needs to stop since the opposite bank of the river is extremely steep, as they discover. The enormous hippos are still searching for someone to thrash around on. The hippos leap at the zebras that are still in the water as soon as the first one to cross reaches the other bank. It is reasonable to believe that this is a mother and calf because one hippos is smaller than the other. In that instance, protectiveness can be the cause of the aggressive conduct.

Those zebras still in the water race around the hippos to the other side as they continue to press into the line. It’s time to frighten the two hippos away as the herd starts to rush across the river behind them! The herd appears to be in the clear, then a crocodile is observed creeping up to the line. However, it’s too late—the final zebra is safely crossing and scaling the steep opposite side, and it misses them by inches!

Does the Aggressive Nature of Hippos Make Them a Threat to Humans?

As the zebras in the page’s opening video show, hippos are extremely hostile against anyone they encounter. The enormous animals have developed the ability to strike out quickly, yet their aggression has benefits and drawbacks. According to theories, hippos’ territorial behavior stems from their desire to establish dominance and defend their aquatic territory and resources. More than anything, this anger acts as a protection mechanism, discouraging any threats and difficulties upholding social systems.

Most species consider a hippos attack to be fatal due to its immense strength and size, which gives them an advantage in conflicts. But because of their aggression, they can seriously endanger people, making them a target.This is particularly apparent in regions where hippo territories are intersected by human activity, leading to antagonism. The majority of human fatalities from large land mammals are actually caused by violent interactions with hippos.They are thus superior to bears, tigers, lions, and all other traditional predator species!

Hippo attacks are a common threat to fishing towns and riverbank settlements, especially during mating seasons when the males are constantly eager to fight. Perceiving a threat to their offspring is equally harmful for moms of rhinos. Even though they are portrayed in cartoons as “cuddly” and seem gentle, hippos have the ability to quickly become hostile and charge at swimmers, boats, or fisherman. The catastrophic incidents that occur frequently draw attention to the problems that exist between humans and hippos. Above all, it indicates that new approaches to human activities in their environments are desperately needed.