Territorial army officer question paper

Territorial Army is an opportunity for all those who are working in an organization and want to serve the country as a military officer (1 or 2 months to a year) without leaving the regular job. It is a golden opportunity for all in the age group of 18-42 who could not join the army as an officer for one reason or another and still want to make a difference.

The examination is conducted twice a year in February and August for which notifications are released November and May, respectively.

The application form can be downloaded here.

The written test is known as proof of GDP or the Commission’s preliminary interview is conducted in the headquarters of the various TA group across India. Selected candidates have to appear for an interview and medical SSB after testing GDP.

The written test is divided into 2 parts: Sections 1 and 2

Section 1 is divided into two parts:
Part A – test issue no more than 300 words. Max. Points awarded: 20
They are given three trials. The candidate must write to one of them of their choice.
Part B – Consists of English and the language of understanding [questions based Passage, reorganization, Fill in the blanks] Max. Points awarded: 20
Section 2 contains general knowledge questions and present. [Usually six months] Max. Points awarded: 60 Number of questions: 60

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