Taylor Swift Owns Cats: How Many, What Breeds, Their Names and More

Thirty-something Taylor Swift is an outspoken advocate for her feline brood and a proud mother of cats. She has hundreds of millions of admirers globally and became a billionaire in 2023. Is it known that Taylor Swift has cats? Below, we discuss how many, what breeds they are, their names, and more.

How Many Cats Does Taylor Swift Own?

Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, the two Scottish fold cats pictured above, are among Taylor Swift’s three cat possessions. Not shown is her ragdoll Benjamin Button.

Taylor Swift has three kitties. Olivia Benson, Benjamin Button, and Meredith Grey are their names. The three cats, who have all been named after popular culture figures, are all rescues who entered Swift’s life in various ways and at different times.

She adopted her first animal friend in 2011 and gave up her cat in 2019. This indicates that she has owned a real cat for more than ten years.

Swift currently keeps her animal family limited to cats; in the past, she had two dogs and two cats. Eliehsen and Indy were her two mixed-breed Siamese cats. Additionally, she formerly owned two Dobermans, Baby and Bug.

Taylor Swift’s Oldest Cat: Meredith Grey

The popular medical programme Grey’s Anatomy revolves around the adventures of Meredith Grey, the namesake of Swift’s first cat. On Halloween 2011, Swift married Meredith Grey, a Scottish Fold like Olivia Benson. When Meredith Grey was adopted, she was nearly a year old. The popularity of Grey’s Anatomy coincided well with Swift’s adoption; the show peaked in the 2010s and had one of its biggest audiences ever when its finale aired in 2013.

Due to her bashful nature, Meredith Grey hasn’t been in as many pictures or videos as the other two cats. On the other hand, Taylor Swift frequently publishes pictures of Meredith on social media. Additionally, she has appeared in public on the Ellen Show and in a few of Swift’s music videos. Swift claims that Meredith doesn’t get much attention because, as seen in the TikTok above, she doesn’t like it.

Taylor Swift is well known for her love of Grey’s Anatomy. Even in Swift’s Bad Blood video, Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, made an appearance.

There have also been other connections made between Swift’s work life and Grey’s Anatomy. The two work together on this, which is probably motivated by Swift’s enthusiasm for the programme.

Taylor Swift’s Middle Cat: Olivia Benson

Taylor Swift’s middle cat, Olivia Benson, has a net value of more than 97 million dollars.

The name of this cat was inspired by a character from Law & Order: SVU named Olivia Benson. In Swift’s Bad Blood video, Mariska Hargitay—who plays Olivia Benson on television—confesses that she watches Law & Order for hours on end as a way to unwind. In 2014, Olivia Benson, a cat, joined the Swift household.

Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson, is most well-known for having a net value of more than 97 million dollars. She has made a lot of money since she has starred in commercials for industry heavyweights like Keds and Diet Coke.

But Grumpy Cat from the late 2010s is thought to have made more money during his lifetime. A few other current pets are also valued more than Olivia Benson. Her value is only one-fifth that of the world’s most costly pet dog.

Olivia Benson, the cat, also has her own line of products. Collectors could purchase items like t-shirts and stickers featuring the cat’s likeness. Even now, Swift’s cats continue to inspire admirers to create stuff, even when original products are no longer available.

Why Is the Scottish Fold Cat Breed Special?

Scottish Folds make up Swift’s first two felines. These cats’ faces are round, and their ears are folded. Additionally, they tend to be smaller; the largest member of their breed often weighs less than 12 pounds.

Scottish folds are a relatively young breed; the first cases were noted in the 1960s. The progeny of a barn cat that was found to have the genetic defect causing the Scottish fold features were raised. This original cat is the ancestor of all current Scottish fold cats.

Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey have osteochondrodysplasia, which is typical in the breed. Their entire body’s cartilage and bone are affected by the same cartilage abnormality that makes their ears fold so adorable. Nevertheless, neither of Swift’s kitties suffers from a condition that would significantly lower their quality of life.

Scottish folds are popular and often loving companions. They don’t have a reputation for being particularly active and spend much of the day relaxing. But if they’ve determined they have a human, they’ll follow that individual all over the house.

Since Scottish folds don’t perform well alone, it’s best to keep them in groups. They begin to exhibit overt symptoms of depression if they feel too alone.

There is debate about whether or not Scottish fold cats should be bred. Some believe that diseases that no animal should have to suffer are caused by the genetic aberration that gives them their appearance. Even while they are currently recognised as a breed in the USA and the UK, this does not guarantee that it will remain so.

Benjamin Button is the youngest cat of Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift won the 2023 Person of the Year award from Time Magazine. Benjamin Button is pictured with her on the cover.

Benjamin Button is the main character in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The ragdoll, Benjamin Button, was acquired by Swift in April 2019. 2018 saw his birth in December.

Taylor Swift acquired this specific cat after seeing him perform live in a music video. The reason he was there was because he was available for adoption, and she fell in love with him. Benjamin Button’s deep purrs and laid-back manner won Swift over even in the midst of a frantic shoot.

Since Benjamin Button was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in 2023, he is likely the most well-known of Swift’s cats. The cover photo of Taylor Swift, who won Person of the Year, has her with her cat slung around her shoulders.

Why Is the Ragdoll Cat Breed Special?

Ragdoll cats are amiable and gorgeous. They have pointed coats and blue eyes. The reason they go limp and completely relax when handled by their owners is why they are dubbed ragdolls.

Some ragdoll cat owners make jokes about their pets being the kittens of the cat world. They are known for being obedient to their humans and for getting along with nearly everyone and everything they encounter.

The early 1970s saw the official recognition of the ragdoll breed. Alley cats, who eventually bred to acquire preservable features that their owners guarded, were the original ragdoll cats.

Is Taylor Swift a Cat Lady?

It’s true that Taylor Swift loves cats. She employs her beloved pet cats in her business life in addition to loving them as priceless possessions. The majority of cat owners concur that having three pets is sufficient to become a true feline.

She frequently travels the world on her commute in a cat backpack and has been spotted out and about in the city with a cat in her arms. She has a history of focusing her Christmas card designs on her cats, and she has acknowledged that she is completely devoted to them.