Sun Opposition Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Zodiac Chart

In every astrological chart, aspects are the angles that form between planets, stars, asteroids, and other factors. One of the five main components is an opposition. When the Sun is in opposition to another astrological body, it indicates that both bodies are involved in the aspect under discussion. The other crucial elements are:


What Is an Opposition in Astrology?

When two planets are 180° apart, or directly opposite one another in a 360° chart, this is known as an opposition. If the two planets are exactly 180° apart, then the opposition is exact. If they are separated by less than 1° from 180°, then it is powerful. In the event where the two planets are within 10° of being 180° apart, the aspect is still regarded as an opposition. Nonetheless, the aspect’s strength decreases with increasing distance from 180°.

What Does an Opposition Mean in Your Natal Astrology Chart?

In astrology, an opposition typically indicates a more difficult aspect. It stands for the strain that exists between the two bodies. You may feel as though you are divided between two things or options, or that you have two sides to yourself. According to the natal chart, this is most likely a low-level, ongoing, internal battle that will result in a great deal of learning and development over time. Throughout your lifetime, as different planets transit the oppositional issue, you can experience “episodes” of it resurfacing.

What Does the Sun Mean in Astrology?

One of the most significant and well-liked astrological concepts is the Sun. When someone says, “I’m a Virgo,” they are referring to their zodiac sign. Because of the luminary’s significance in the natal chart, sun aspects can occasionally be greater than other aspects.

According to astrology, the Sun stands for your inner self, your general disposition, and your life’s purpose. Its positioning within one of the twelve mansions symbolizes your place of glory in the world. Positively aspecting planets in conjunction, trine, or sextile with the Sun blend their energy with your core essence, and the Sun illuminates those planets. When planets are in more difficult aspects to the sun, such as squares or oppositions, you could feel as though something is threatening your core identity or pulling you in several directions.

Why The Natal Sun Can Only Conjunct Natal Mercury and Natal Venus

Because certain planets cannot have specific aspects with the Sun in the natal chart, the Sun is a unique celestial body.

Mercury cannot be in opposition to the natal Sun. Mercury is always located within two signs of the sun in the natal chart. A conjunction is the only significant relationship that Mercury and the Sun can have in a natal chart. It is unable to form an opposition, sextile, trine, or square with the Sun. All those features, nevertheless, are possible in a transit or synastry chart.

Nor can the natal Sun be in opposition to the natal Venus. In the natal chart, it is also within two signs of your sun sign. Similar to Mercury, natal Venus cannot share any major aspects with the natal Sun, with the exception of conjunction; however, these aspects may be present in a transit or synastry chart.

Sun Opposition Aspects in Astrology

Take whichever component of astrology resonates with you and discard the rest. The way any aspect of astrology manifests is debatable, but don’t be shocked if you feel “called out.” Every aspect or placement in astrology can appear in a variety of ways, and there are numerous ways to interpret it. Instead of using these descriptions as the final word on who you are, use them as a tool to help you understand yourself better and to find out more about potential internal conflicts.

Aspects in astrology also need to be examined in relation to the house and sign in which they are occurring. That will tell you what aspects of your life this conflict might arise in and how it might manifest for you.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Mercury

It is impossible to have this opposition, as was previously stated.

Solar natal opposite Venus natal

Another thing that is impossible in astrology is the natal sun opposite the natal Venus.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Mars

There is something quite Uranian about having your Sun opposite your natal Mars, yet with the signature fire and passion of Mars. You are not the type of person to follow the herd or accept less than you are worthy of. Even if it takes decapitating your nose out of hate for your face, you’ll march to the beat of your own drum!

Be mindful of your anger as it has the potential to overwhelm you. Your rage and passion can take center stage when paired with the Sun’s light, resulting in conflict that you naturally don’t back down from. To those who are averse to conflict, this gives the impression that you are harsh. You’re cool with it. The saying “I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m someone’s double shot of whiskey” most likely describes your mindset.

But as you get older, you might find that there are other, more constructive methods to resolve disputes than throwing caution to the wind. You may network more and advance in your career by developing your diplomatic speaking and self-representation skills.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Jupiter

Even Jupiter has a more difficult side, but it’s hard to picture any bad aspects with abundant, optimistic, and expanding Jupiter. Light appears on its indulgent side when it is facing the Sun. There are numerous potential manifestations, depending on the indicators and their locations. It’s possible that your excessive optimism causes you to overpromise and underdeliver. You consistently disappoint others because you are unable to see what you can actually accomplish.

Mental health problems may result from this. It’s possible to have such exaggerated optimism that you feel defeated when events unavoidably fall short of your expectations.

You might also be hedonistic and overindulgent when it comes to buying, eating, drinking, using drugs, or any other pleasure in life. This may result in problems with money, health, and employment. It is quite easy to get into over your head and accumulate a ton of credit card debt. That being said, Jupiter’s luck seems to hold up even in difficult situations. Even when you go too far, you manage to constantly come up short. On the other hand, if you had greater balance, your life would be far less stressful.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Saturn

Your natal Sun is opposing your natal Saturn, which means that your inner self is constrained and limited, which can occasionally conflict with your desires. It’s likely that you feel self-conscious and that people are criticizing you, even when they aren’t. This probably results from your own high expectations of both other people and yourself. You are very critical of yourself and guard your genuine self closely, not because you value it but rather because you are afraid of how other people will see you.

You are probably introverted, quiet, and shy. Nonetheless, you do let a select group of close friends and family members to see the true you. You need a lot of time to develop those close relationships. Additionally, you don’t think you deserve or give yourself enough pleasure. As with everything Saturnian, these Sun opposing Saturn aspects will likely become a little easier after you pass your Saturn return and you will likely acquire some valuable lessons.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Uranus

If your birth Sun is opposing your birth Uranus, you harbor a rebellious heart, but you’re scared to admit it. You’re afraid that flaunting your original (and most likely brilliant) thoughts and viewpoints would lead to instability in your life. Perhaps it will jeopardize your friendships or career. It’s possible that your progressive opinions differ from those of individuals around you. To protect other relationships, you could choose to hide them. As you get older and travel the world, you’ll discover more and more people who are like you, and you’ll gradually learn to be authentic. However, you might experience grief and fear as you work to come to terms with your genuine beliefs being hidden.

A big ego can result from this feature. It’s true that your uniqueness makes you exceptional. All individuals are unique in their own manner, though. Even when you keep your ideas to yourself, you can think that those who have different beliefs are less intelligent than you. Your ego may play a role in preventing you from being vulnerable with other people. You worry that they won’t live up to your high standards in addition to your anxiety of their judgment.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Neptune

Due to the Sun’s natal position opposite Neptune, you are prone to self-destructive fantasies and getaways. Your dreaming may even cause you to lose your sense of self. You genuinely just don’t remember things as they happened, especially when they pertain to your early years. It’s not that you lie or exaggerate. There may be conflict amongst siblings and old pals as a result of this.

You also struggle with boundaries. It’s easy to adore everyone that crosses your path. Because you are in your brain so much, it is simple for you to picture the idealized aspects of a connection or relationship, so you might adore them to the detriment of yourself (your Sun!). This is one aspect of your boundary concerns. When problems arise, you could resort to riskier escape routes like drink and drugs.

To conquer this opposition’s challenge, you must firmly establish your grounding in reality. Take up a movement exercise like tai chi or yoga. Furthermore, let your whole self be seen. Because you like to imagine and go away, your genius gets hidden a lot.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Pluto

Pluto is the planet of sexuality, power, underworld things, death, and mystery. It is a “higher octave” of Mars, according to certain astrologers. You will notice power issues in your life while your natal Pluto is in opposition to your natal Sun. There are two possible reactions to this. Either you can become the person in charge that everyone fears, or you can become a victim and think that everyone is trying to harm you. Regardless, depending on where the Sun and Pluto are in your chart, this placement may cause conflict with people in your immediate vicinity at work, in friendships, or in romantic relationships.

With this positioning, it’s simple to get into negative mental habits. You probably think negative thoughts and pass harsh judgment on other individuals even while you’re joyful.

The positive aspect of this placement is that it makes you a person of stability and intensity. You most likely desire to get to know individuals on a deeper level and detest trivial conversation. Because Pluto’s energy tugs at your own essence, this opposition also encourages you to go within. You’re curious about what drives you.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Chiron

Even more severe than typical is the Chironic wound for people who have the Sun opposing Chiron. Chiron is the symbol of your deepest wound from this life, yet it’s also the place where you can help others heal. Thus, your deepest wound here is in conflict with who you really are. Your ego is impacted by your wound every time something triggers it. Therefore, you must avoid these triggers at all costs because, depending on where your Chiron is located, they may drastically shorten your life.

Compared to the normal individual, you have an added layer of spice from chronic difficulties. In the Chiron area, you could feel helpless, but things will improve if you continue to work on them. Recall that although working on your wounding in therapy or counseling may cause you greater pain initially, you will eventually acquire coping mechanisms to manage your Chiron wounding.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Black Moon Lilith

When your Black Moon Lilith, which represents your relationship to shame and the taboo, is aligned with your Sun, which represents your ego, you may find it difficult to grow up in a more traditional setting. You will fly your freak flag as soon as you reach an adulthood when you understand that you are entitled to any freedom you choose. You refuse to be impacted by the suppression from your past. But this can also lead to sour relations with relatives and acquaintances from the past.

Even though you are a very sexual person, you won’t realize it until much later in life. Alternatively, you could learn about it sooner and only take part covertly.

You also have a desire to be recognized for your excellence because of this element. You have a strong sense of self-worth, particularly as you age. You are too smart to allow other people to limit you. But not everyone is cut out for your confidence.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Ascendant

You dislike being the center of attention as your natal Sun is in opposition to your natal Ascendant, which is a rising sign. You would rather let other people take the lead. This is due to the fact that your outside appearance contradicts your ego and your ability to shine. On the other hand, you find people who shine brilliantly attractive, and you like to help them. You often become engrossed in your relationships with significant or strong individuals. It’s simple to develop a “sidekick” personality and put other people’s demands ahead of your own.

But you will learn how to stand up for yourself throughout your life. You genuinely love being of assistance, so you’ll probably always be in that capacity, but you’ll also learn how to take care of yourself and satisfy your need to help others.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal North Node

Your natal Sun is also conjunct your natal South Node if it is positioned opposite your natal North Node. It’s difficult to learn your lessons in this lifetime with this placement. The proximity of the Sun to the South Node encourages you to easily slip into familiar habits. You might repeatedly find yourself in the same predicaments. Though it might take you a bit longer than others, you can still learn your lessons. To determine what you need to work toward in this lifetime, the first step is to get more knowledgeable about the signs and homes of your North and South Nodes.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal South Node

Your natal Sun is also conjunct your natal North Node if it is positioned opposite your natal South Node. The sun’s opposite of the North Node has the same effect as this. It is easier for you to move away from negative patterns and toward your purpose in this lifetime because of this antagonism. You feel as though you truly know yourself in this situation, but you must be careful to maintain your humility and own up to your mistakes. Avoid being rigid by overly committing to the parts of yourself that you believe you understand. To follow your North Node route, give yourself permission to feel who you truly are.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Midheaven

Your inner self is at odds with your profession and public persona since your Sun is aligned with your natal Midheaven. Celebrities do not often find themselves in this position. When someone with this placement does become well-known, it’s usually just momentarily before they go into the background or, worse, before they become notorious for something startling. For you, this resistance is a fight. You detest the spotlight, but deep down you want to be recognized for your contributions and thoughts.

You may run into some issues at work. You can feel so frustrated by it that you wish to start working for yourself or become a stay-at-home mom. Otherwise, you can give up on your professional objectives and choose a completely unimportant type of work that you don’t care about at all. In order to avoid feeling bad about your own accomplishments, you might choose to just clock in and out without thinking about work.